1. D

    Sean Spicer confirms Trump’s pro-LGBTQ stance during convention speech was all a scam

    Sean Spicer confirms Trump’s pro-LGBTQ stance during convention speech was all a scam By Bil Browning ################################################################################ So much for Trump protecting the LGBT Community since Spicer has now revealed that it was all a...
  2. Macduff

    ‘Morning Joe’ Mika Brzezinski under fire for stance on alleged sex harasser Halperin

    ?Morning Joe? co-star Mika Brzezinski under fire for stance on alleged sex harasser Halperin | Fox News Wow. She really is as stupid and selfish as she seems.
  3. RNG

    tRump's pro-business, pro-American stance

    One of his unrelated overnight brain farts: He really does hate WaPo, doesn't he.
  4. T

    Report: Federal climate findings counter Trump's stance on climate change

    Remember when Trump called climate change a Chinese hoax? Looks like our own government is in on it. Indeed, according to our scientists, in our govenrment, the planet is indeed warming dramatically. Report: Federal climate findings counter Trump's stance on climate change - CBS News A new...
  5. T

    Trump: I haven't softened my stance on China

    Indeed. Despite not declaring China currency manipulators, which he said he would do, and seemingly doing nothing about the trade deficit, which he said he would change, Trump claims he has not softened his position on China. Which seems odd because he clearly has. Yes, the orange man not...
  6. D

    NCAA Signals It Will Continue Pro-LGBTQ Stance

    The NCAA is to be highly commended for its continuing non-discrimination policy that favors the LGBT Community and for not doing business in states that discriminate against them. Texas, a very backward and draconian red state is now in the process of enacting just such a law in their state and...
  7. D

    Trump's Anti-Immigrant Stance Sparks Protests Across US

    It's not as easy for Trump to just want to wave a magic wand and all those immigrants he wants gone to go. There will be protests after protests and their voices can only become louder in this country fighting for equality in the land of opportunity...
  8. Spookycolt

    Republicans ready to launch wide-ranging probe of Russia, despite Trump’s stance

    Very unexpected. Apparently Trump has a lot of work still to do with republicans. Republicans ready to launch wide-ranging probe of Russia, despite Trump?s stance
  9. thrilling

    Do these specific people having guns make you want to rethink your stance on guns?

    November 22nd, 2016. Stray bullet hits neighbor?s home | Crime and Courts | A Maedrine Street man said he accidentally shot through the wall of his neighbor’s home while attempting to place a firearm into a lock box. Putting a gun in a lock box folks.
  10. GordonGecko

    The Reckoning has occurred- Trump tells Lumpy he IS softening his immigration stance

    Trump made the remarks during a taping Tuesday afternoon of a town hall in Austin with Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Is there any part of the law that you might be able to change that would accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law-abiding, have kids here?” Hannity...
  11. excalibur

    Trump's "Sound Money" Stance Scares The Mainstream

    Yep, the powers-that-be are scared.
  12. D

    Trump Contradicts Previous Stance on Guns at Pulse Nightclub

    Which direction is the wind blowing today, Don? Why the flip-flop? Donald Trump: Guards at Orlando Club Should Have Been Armed, Not Clubgoers - ABC News
  13. Singularity

    Trump in '05: 'I ... take the unpopular stance [outsourcing] is not always terrible'

    It's actually not an inherently bad argument. "Set emotion aside and look at the big picture" usually has validity in any conversation: I understand that outsourcing means that employees lose jobs. Because work is often outsourced to other countries, it means Americans lose jobs. In other...
  14. the watchman

    Palin Says Son's Arrest Linked to PTSD, Obama's Stance on Vets.

    Sarah Palin suggested Wednesday that her son's arrest on domestic violence charges this week stemmed from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and - in part - the president's lack of "respect" for veterans. Addressing what she called "the elephant in the room" during a rally in support of Donald...
  15. PACE

    NRA activist supports President Obama's stance on gun violence

    NRA activist's surprising stance on Obama's action - CNN Video The feet, they be of clay.
  16. meridian5455

    Ted Cruz Campaign Stance The Ted Cruz for President campaign pulled the trigger on an Internet fundraiser Tuesday that capitalizes on President Obama’s push for tighter gun control mere hours earlier. “Obama wants your guns,” reads...
  17. bajisima

    Will Sander's pro recreational marijuana stance help him or hurt him?

    This is getting a great deal of attention here in NH and other states that have very "pot friendly" residents. Bernie Sanders is in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana whereas Hillary Clinton says no. It was the number one question for both at recent events here. "Vermont Sen...
  18. B

    John Diehl sexting scandal; let's compare his stance to his sexts!

    Let's have fun contrasting John Diehl's public opinions on sex and gender with his sexts with a college freshman More fun at the link! So much fun. :)
  19. Spookycolt

    Clinton defends change in gay marriage stance in tense interview

    This lady is really digging a hole for herself....even liberal interviewers are tearing into her. Here she is again playing defense for something stupid she said. I mean this is NPR tearing her up...if you can't handle them as a liberal you are in serious trouble. You really want...
  20. Use Caution

    DeGeneres and Leno boycott Beverly Hills Hotel over Sultan’s anti-gay stance.

    Queues of limousines and crowds of photographers are usually the main obstacle to getting into the Beverly Hills Hotel, but since the owner introduced fundamentalist laws to the state he rules, protesters have displaced paparazzi at the entrance. The Sultan of Brunei, the owner of the...