1. the watchman

    enemy of the state.

    we are in dangerous territory here. Trump is testing his power. He fired Comey. Then announced to the world that he did it because he wanted to shut down an investigation into his administration. Congress does nothing. They are completely silent during a time they should be raising holy hell...
  2. CEngelbrecht

    Says a lot about the state of this country "Our leaders are scum, so we might as well be too."
  3. GordonGecko

    Trump Delusional State #78- Claims money for Border Wall in budget deal..there isn't

    Trump tries to claim border wall win in budget deal - POLITICO Have to ask he A. a bald-faced liar who thinks his Fans will believe any bullshit he feeds them, even when Media they trust (Fox, Breitbart, etc) are telling them that it's bullshit? B. actually believes...
  4. D

    Tillerson eyes cutting 2,300 jobs at State Department

    So much for Trump wanting to create jobs in this country and keep our national security secure. As Tillerson's boss he should be more than willing to oppose the drastic cuts proposed especially during a very critical time when we face uncertainty with enemy countries. That can only go to show...
  5. L

    Goodbye State & Local Tax Deduction

    It's about time, goodbye and good riddance to this deduction. State and local governments express concerns about Trump tax plan
  6. cpicturetaker12

    BLOG put on STATE DEPT website about Mar-A-Lago wasn't 'REVIEWED'

    Gee, do you think?? Hell, maybe Guccifer or PUTIN or a Macedonian teenager put it up. Or was it just an incompetent STATE employee who was oblivious about putting up 'ad copy' on the United States State Department website! Fucking idiots? Or in your face crass commercialism? Mar-a-Lago blog...
  7. HayJenn

    State Department Promoting Mar-a-Lago

    President Donald Trump isn’t the only one promoting his private Mar-a-Lago club as the “winter White House.” His foreign policy team is doing it too. The State Department and at least two U.S. embassies — the United Kingdom and Albania — earlier this month circulated a 400-word blog post...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Venezuelan STATE run OIL co. gives $500K to TRUMP INAUG & the RUSSIAN connection

    Russia, Russia everywhere at every turn. I looked this up because of some dumbass post about Rachel Maddow and her tying Venezuela riots in the streets to the contribution and how that was FAKE NEWS--said BREITBART!! The story is much more interesting, probably even more true than Rachel...
  9. D

    Florida state senator to publicly apologize for racial slurs

    Seems that it's always something with Republicans! It will be interesting to see what transpires on this issue. ---------------------------------------- Florida state senator to publicly apologize for racial slurs - ABC News By The Associated Press
  10. Bourne

    Anti-Trump petition to stop UK state visit passes 1m signatures

    Trump is such an incompetant international embarassment. Our closest ally in Europe now has, at last count, 1.8 million people petitioning to forbid Trump from making a state visit. Add to that, Trump and his "land of Oz" crew demand that Trump be ferried in the Queen's carriage as part of his...
  11. Singularity

    In incredible act of political hubris -- even for him -- against State Dept statement

    Trump has called Turkey's now-certified dictator Erdoğan and offered him public congratulations on seizing more power via a referendum international observers have denounced as a sham. This despite international condemnation in concert with the observers, including an announcement from the State...
  12. TennesseeRain

    North Korea State Media Warns Of Nuclear Strike If Provoked As U.S. Warships Approach

    North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed toward the western Pacific. U.S. President Donald Trump, who has urged China to do more to rein in its impoverished neighbor, said in a...
  13. BYG Jacob

    New York to implement tuition free college for state universities Good for them.
  14. Blueneck

    State of Emergency extended

    I didn't even know one had been declared. From Sean Spicer's press briefing yesterday: :think: What is the reason for this? What I mean is does anyone know how it affects how the...
  15. D

    North Carolina lawmakers reach deal to repeal the state's 'bathroom bill'

    The NCAA should make very sure that the repeal does not in any way, shape or form continue to discriminate against transgendered individuals due to some clause in the compromise. They should not be so quick as to simply accept the deal and go to their state. After all, there are plenty of other...
  16. bajisima

    UPS liable for shipping untaxed cigarettes in New York State

    Interesting case.. On Friday, Judge Forrest held UPS liable to the City and State of New York for shipping millions of dollars worth of untaxed cigarettes from Native American reservations to locations elsewhere in the state. The order comes after a bench trial held last September, where UPS...
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    McCain: Trump admin must fill State Dept. jobs

    McCain: Trump admin must fill State Dept. jobs. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is calling on President Trump to fill senior State Department posts that have remained vacant more than two months into his presidency. Speaking at a forum in Brussels on Saturday, McCain said it was essential to appoint...
  18. L

    State Senator Ralph Shortey resigns amid child prostitution charges

    Oh look, yet another anti-gay Republican gets caught with an underage teen boy. See ya in orange, jerk. Oklahoma Sen. Shortey resigns after being charged | News OK Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma Sen., Accused of Child Prostitution |