1. DebateDrone

    BREAKING NEWS : President Trump Issues New Statement On Rand Paul.

    Breaking News. President Trump issues a new written statement on Sen. Rand Paul's for praising his position on Russia. The President says he incorrectly tweeted out this message: “Thank you randPaul, you really get it!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, The President says that...
  2. Goofball

    Women's march statement on "extremist" SC nominee failed to fill in name.

    What a bunch of knee-jerk morons. They didn't even know who the nominee was, yet he is "extremist" and he means a "death sentence to thousands of women". What a bunch of blithering idiots.
  3. Friday13

    Trump thought the NK statement was a denuclearization agreement

    The heart of the problem is that Droomp doesn't 'think'. Trump thought the NK statement was a denuclearization agreement
  4. B

    Indpls church puts holy family in ‘ICE detention’ in bold statement about immigration

    They won't change any minds, but it won't be from lack of trying.
  5. DebateDrone

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ..ON FATHER'S DAY

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ? The Right Scoop If only someone could get a message to her to inform her that it's her husband pulling the strings. Melania is almost free. Pray for her.
  6. Goofball

    Trey Gowdy statement on IG report.

    I predict once the Dims read this Trey will no longer be their hero. Back to being a hack moron.
  7. Singularity

    Yulia Skripal allows photos taken, signs statement on nerve agent attack

    However, she left out ascribing blame, saying she wants to eventually return to Russia. She's deluding herself. She can never go home in safety. We must consider, she's been through a lot. Good to see she at least looks fairly healthy.
  8. Mister B

    Is This A True Statement?

    Mitch McConnell: I think the strike [ordered by Trump] was well-planned, well-executed, was certainly more than a pinprick and sends a message not only to Assad that using chemical weapons again is something he cannot do with impunity, but I think it also reassures our Sunni Arab allies that...
  9. Chief

    Jill McCabe makes a statement’s-time-to-set-the-record-straight/ar-AAvobbS?ocid=spartanntp The whole thing is a good read. I hope Trump supporters will read it with an open mind.
  10. the watchman

    Ben Carson Removes Anti-Discrimination Language From HUD Mission Statement

    WASHINGTON ― Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is changing the mission statement of his agency, removing promises of inclusive and discrimination-free communities. In a March 5 memo addressed to HUD political staff, Amy Thompson, the department’s assistant secretary for public...
  11. Djinn

    NRA Makes Powerful Statement on Florida School Shooting

    Find it on the official website of the NRA:
  12. EnigmaO01

    Did we ever get any kind of statement out of the Whitehouse on Hawaii

    where people were scared out of their wits? Any statement of support or anything? I'm not seeing anything. Or did I miss it? Is the Whitehouse closed during weekends? Does our president give a flying fuck? I mean I see he tweeted about Clinton again but I saw nothing on Hawaii. Maybe it...
  13. Eve1

    Mueller was prompted to release a rare statement to the press Re Trump team emails

    This is going to get good. Mueller knows more than Trump’s lawyers thought he knew and they are panicked. From the link below: Short and Mnuchin were speaking after Axios reported on Saturday that Mueller has gained access to thousands of emails sent and received by 13 senior Trump aides...
  14. boontito

    GOP Senator Jeff Flake Makes Anti Roy Moore Statement With Personal Check

    Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who's been adamantly opposed to Republican Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore, posted a photo Tuesday of a check with his signature on it that was addressed to Moore's Democratic rival, Doug Jones. Flake's Twitter account posted the image of the $100 check along with...
  15. T

    Trump, Putin issue joint statement on fighting ISIS in Syria

    Hmmm, looks like Vlad got his money's worth in trying to get Trump elected. Indeed, it appears that our president is simply presenting his backside for the buggering, issuing a joint statement with Putin about ISIL, affirming our commitment to defeating what was inevitably going to be...
  16. PACE

    with regards to the sometimes offered statement that African Americans were better

    under slavery, I'd like to not just react to the ridiculousness of that statement but actually dissect it. So there are arguments that African Americans fared much better under slavery: These Politicians Praise Slavery And just to keep the dialogue clear, Michelle Bachman and the...
  17. PACE

    Junior's statement to the Senate Intel Committee
  18. cpicturetaker12

    In a joint statement, 41 AND 43 just took down 45!!

    Just BREAKING! Will put up the statement as soon as it's up!
  19. D

    Trump dictated son's misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer: Sources

    These are most interesting NEWS thus, this must be thoroughly checked out to ascertain why this happened. ---------------------------------------- Trump dictated son's misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer: Sources - ABC News By Kevin Dolak and Katherine Faulders
  20. HayJenn

    Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer

    The strategy, the advisers agreed, should be for Donald Trump Jr. to release a statement to get ahead of the story. They wanted to be truthful, so their account couldn’t be repudiated later if the full details emerged. But within hours, at the president’s direction, the plan changed. Flying...