1. HayJenn

    States regulators call Trump's health plans "junk"

    The Trump administration's new policy of expanding the sale of “short-term” insurance plans as a cheaper alternative to ObamaCare is quickly running into opposition from state regulators.The Department of Health and Human Services is urging states to cooperate with the federal government, but...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Up to 80K TRANSGENDER Americans could be blocked from voting--MOSTLY in RED STATES

    Gee, why doesn't the LIST of states surprise me?? Tens of thousands of transgender Americans may be barred from voting in the midterms — and it may keep Congress red ] NOOR AL-SIBAI 10 AUG 2018 AT 20:54 ET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - AUGUST 21, 2017: Transgender pride flag...
  3. HayJenn

    States sue Trump admin to block 3D-printed guns

    Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) is planning to file a multi-state lawsuit Monday to block the Trump administration from allowing criminals and terrorists to access downloadable plans for 3D-printed weapons that are untraceable and undetectable. Washington, along with six...
  4. bajisima

    In 20 years 50% of Americans will live in 8 states

    In 30 years, 70% will live in 16 states. Imagine what this will do to politics?? Eight states will have just under half of the total population of the country, 49.5 percent, according to the Weldon Cooper Center’s estimate. The next eight most populous states will account for an additional...
  5. bajisima

    States slow to prepare for hacking threats

    Well this is comforting.. U.S. intelligence officials and security experts have spent years urging states to shore up their elections’ digital defenses, and the latest indictments from special counsel Robert Mueller drew fresh attention to Russia’s cyberattacks on the 2016 presidential...
  6. L

    Trump calls the European Union a 'foe' of the United States

    By Maegan Vazquez, CNN Updated 11:34 AM ET, Sun July 15, 2018 Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump named the European Union, Russia and China as foes to the United States during an interview at his golf club in Scotland. "I think we have a lot of foes," Trump told CBS News in an...
  7. John T Ford

    Liberal States Impose New Individual Mandate

    "Last year’s sweeping Republican tax bill killed the federal tax penalty for individuals who refuse to get health insurance as mandated under ObamaCare. But as that penalty disappears for Americans in January, a growing number of liberal states are moving to enact their own individual mandates...
  8. Arkady

    The Best and Worst States

    David Brooks, a conservative New York Times columnist, has been struggling lately to wrap his mind around the fact that the Republican party he has championed throughout his career has become antithetical to the values he has promoted. His latest column puts that in the starkest terms, by...
  9. bajisima

    SC rules online retailer can collect sales taxes

    Online shopping will soon become more expensive, after the U.S. Supreme court ruled Thursday that states can require Internet retailers to collect sales taxes. The justices broke with 50 years' worth of legal rulings that barred the states from imposing sales taxes on most of the purchases...
  10. excalibur

    Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States

    And the left wants more of them. Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States | Breitbart
  11. DebateDrone

    World Cup 2026: United States, Canada and Mexico Win Bid to Be Host

    Awesome!!! The New US President can use the Cup to repair all the damage caused by Trump. 2026 World Cup - US-Mexico-Canada joint bid wins FIFA hosting vote Thank You FIFA for making North America Great Again.
  12. excalibur

    Nearly A Dozen More States Win An Injunction Against Obama’s WOTUS Rule

    Winning. Nearly A Dozen More States Win An Injunction Against Obama’s WOTUS Rule Nearly A Dozen More States Win An Injunction Against Obama?s WOTUS Rule | The Daily Caller
  13. the watchman

    Supreme Court: States can purge voters who don't vote or respond to warnings,

    WASHINGTON -- Failing to vote can lead to getting knocked off voter registration rolls, a divided Supreme Court ruled Monday in a decision that likely will help Republicans and harm Democrats. The court's conservative majority ruled 5-4 that Ohio did not violate federal laws by purging voters...
  14. excalibur

    Why the DOJ won’t defend the health care law in Texas v. United States.

    Indeed. Why the DOJ won’t defend the health care law in Texas v. United States. NFIB v. Sebelius Comes Back to Bite Obamacare
  15. D

    Senators announce bill to protect states' legalization of marijuana

    Senators announce bill to protect states' legalization of marijuana By ALI ROGIN ==================================================== Looks like there's going to be a new name appearing on the American horizon and her name is MARYJANE to become more popularized. She is coming fast...
  16. Eve1

    How are the California primaries and the other 8 states doing?

    The Democratic Party’s ambitious midterm plan to regain control of the House of Representatives faces its biggest test yet in Tuesday’s California primaries – where candidates are tripping over each other for the chance to flip Republican-held districts. The big question facing the party...
  17. Dittohead not!

    Who would contribute the most to the United States?

    The inner city dweller: He puts up with gangs, crime, crummy schools, drug dealers, and poor housing. He is a free citizen of the United States, free to leave and go anywhere in the country. He already speaks the language of the country, and there is no INS agent trying to send him back. He...
  18. L

    Amazon Reveals Top 10 Most Entrepreneurial States: Utah Takes the Top Spot with Calif

    Study ranks states based on the number of small and medium-sized businesses per capita that use Amazon to grow their businesses and reach millions of customers around the world Half of the items sold on Amazon worldwide are from small and medium-sized businesses snip “It is exciting to...
  19. MaryAnne

    A Tale Of 2 States

    And their respective economies. This is one you can not ignore. Minnesota Vs. Wisconsin...
  20. the watchman

    Poll: Independent voters in swing states say Mueller is more trustworthy than Trump

    A large number of independent voters in key swing states see special counsel Robert Mueller as more trustworthy than President Trump, according to a new survey by the Republican firm Firehouse Strategies and the data company Optimus. The survey, released Friday, shows that 44.7 percent of...