1. ptif219

    Gay Americans are arming themselves to stay alive

    How will the democrat anti-gun agent address this? Seems the democrats must now choose if they can support gays that carry guns.
  2. NightSwimmer

    Stay tuned for the next version of the Stormy Daniels story

    Trump contradicts lawyer Rudy Giuliani over Stormy Daniels US President Donald Trump has said his new lawyer will "get his facts straight" about a legal case involving claims of an affair with a porn star. Rudy Giuliani this week contradicted Mr Trump's statements distancing himself from...
  3. bajisima

    Macron says he convinced Trump to stay in Syria

    French President Emmanuel Macron said he convinced U.S. President Donald Trump to stay in Syria and commit “for the long term” but the White House declared its policy had not shifted. “Ten days ago, President Trump said the U.S.’s will is to disengage from Syria. We convinced him that it was...
  4. Madeline

    Big Data Is Here To Stay

    Amidst all the hysteria about "data harvesting" engaged in on behalf of the Trump campaign (apparently in violation of U.K. law), we are ignoring the elephant in the living room. Customer loyalty programs and related data sources create endless opportunities for targeted advertising and...
  5. Macduff

    Parkland deputy heard shots inside Stoneman Douglas building, told cops to stay away:

    Remember how Scott Peterson said through his lawyer that he thought that the shots were coming from outside the building...
  6. Darkman

    Disgraced Parkland deputy heard shots inside school building, told cops to stay away

    Disgraced Parkland deputy heard shots inside school building, told cops to stay away Disgraced Parkland deputy heard shots inside school building, told cops to stay away
  7. HayJenn

    SCOTUS denies stay in Pa. gerrymandering case

    Very good news..for PA and other gerrymandering cases up before SCOTUS he Supreme Court has denied a stay in a case requiring Pennsylvania to redraw its congressional map before the 2018 midterms, according to multiple reports. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in January that the...
  8. D

    DC appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban

    DC appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban - ABC News By The Associated Press ==================================================== When what D'Trump does is wrong the courts will call him out on it and rule the other way. It is unconscionable to want to do away with...
  9. Spookycolt

    Stay away from the mall

    With Trumps booming economy the malls are packed to the brim with people and we are likely to see records spent for Christmas shopping this year. Thank you so much Trump for bringing this nation back to prosperity! Good times indeed!
  10. D

    GOP's Susan Collins to stay in Senate, ditches governor run

    GOP's Susan Collins to stay in Senate, ditches governor run - ABC News By David Sharp, Associated Press ================================= I'm sure glad Susie listened to me! LOL. KUDOS to Senator Collins! She can indeed do so much more by staying in the U.S. Senate than to serve a...
  11. Minotaur

    Time Out To Say: Stay Safe Texas Posters

    Don't take chances. Our thoughts are with you.
  12. bajisima

    62% of Americans want Confederate monuments to stay

    NPR/PBS/Marist poll found that 62 percent of Americans believe Confederate statues should remain in place as historical symbols. Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say they supported keeping statues that honor Confederate leaders. Two-thirds of whites and Latinos said these...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Tell you what, have Trump tell this AIRMAN he can't stay in the military any more...

    On your mark get set go. Let me know when, I wanna watch!! (From those LEFTIST radicals at the ... MILITARY TIMES) Your Air Force Transgender airman: ‘I would like to see them try to kick me out of my military’ By: Stephen Losey   22 hours ago After President Trump’s surprise...
  14. Saladin3

    England tells trump to stay out....Not Welcome

    No surprise....trump is a total ass hole...Hated world wide...There would have been demonstrations and possible riots...Good to see the English people to tell trump to fvck off and stay away REPORT: Snowflake Trump Cowardly Cancels Trip To England Because British People Don?t Support Him | THE...
  15. T

    Trump Will Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S., Reversing Campaign Promise

    Wow, good for whomever thought of this. Indeed, going back on his cmapaign pledge to deport everyone, Trump will now allow dreamers to stay, a move sure to please some and anger some of his core. Whilst I appreciate that Turmp is doing this, I do have to laugh at how much he is willing to...
  16. GordonGecko

    Trump hints he may stay in the Paris climate pact- Thanks, Ivanka* *(See? Who says I never say anything nice about her? :) )
  17. bajisima

    Millenial men want stay at home wives?

    Fascinating study. Millennials have long been heralded as the generation of gender equality. It was supposedly the most important issue to us, overall, in the last election. According to a survey spanning 40 years, young people overwhelmingly believe women should be considered as seriously as...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    MILL$ for Barron & Mom to stay in NYC for school, TRUMP FREEZES MILITARY CHILD CARE!!

    Well, this didn't make it on the radar screen, or at least not that I've heard. I mean who gives a shit, right? Not that many kids? Likely ENLISTED ranks kids? And we gotta cut somewhere? Those slots on base are coveted. The teachers are qualified, the programs are top notch. And what...
  19. G

    Tillerson Forced to Stay at Sanitarium in German Village for G-20

    Tillerson Forced to Stay at Sanitarium in German Village for G-20 On his first trip abroad as U.S. secretary of state, Rex Tillerson was forced to stay at a sanitarium in a German village known for its hot springs, 30 minutes from where other world leaders gathered. Diplomatic security agents...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Schiff says stay tuned: More FLYNN/Russia disclosures coming in the next few days...

    Well, it's obvious we have people that watch and read NEWS here but stay tuned! (Of course 30% watch FOX and other shit sources but that's another thread). So Adam Schiff of CA who has been getting a lot of facetime over these cascading disclosures says MORE is coming down the pike. I promise...