1. the watchman

    George Stephanopoulos coolly backs Sarah Huckabee Sanders into corner trump/shutdown

    George Stephanopoulos coolly backs Sarah Huckabee Sanders into a corner over Trump's hand in the shutdown and yes, I recognize that this source is taking sides. Still. Your thoughts? Me personally, I think that was a pretty stupid thing for her to say.
  2. L

    COMPLETE INTERVIEW: George Stephanopoulos Interviewes Donald Trump On "This Week" Trump says he has "a great temperament…a winning temperament".
  3. L

    This Week with George Stephanopoulos: Bernie Sanders
  4. Raoul_Duke

    The President is being interviewed by Stephanopoulos...

    He just asked him about the trend where 90% of the income gain is going to the top 1% and he responded that he is addressing it by his tax increases on the rich. Well, Mr. President - that didn't work now, did it? It's always a zero sum game with these Marxists - "we will solve this by taking...
  5. Six

    Stephanopoulos makes a good point

    Obama is the one trying to "redefine tax " not Stephanopoulos. When presented with a Websters Dictionaries definition he still cant admit that it's a tax in every sense of the word.
  6. L

    Stephanopoulos hammers Pelosi on drilling.

    Stephanopoulos tears fellow Dem Nancy Pelosi a second asshole. This was great: Stephanopoulos to Pelosi: Why No Up or Down Vote on Drilling? |