1. Goofball

    Walmart steps in it. Selling 'Impeach 45' apparel.

    Not smart when a corporation goes blatantly political. Walmart boycott campaign launched after outcry over 'Impeach 45' clothing | Fox News
  2. Friday13

    David Koch Steps Down From Company, Political Groups

    One less Koch...good, or bad? Was health the real reason? David Koch Steps Down From Company, Political Groups
  3. cpicturetaker12

    ROSEANNE STEPS IN IT! But Valerie Jarrett? "An ape"? WTF?

    Valerie Jarrett is a little tiny small boned featured woman born in Iran. I didn't know she WAS BLACK till this stupid ass post. I had to look it up! I like Roseanne the SHOW, she's kinda wacakadoodle--BUT taking aim at VALERIE JARRETT? Give me a fucking break. What memos did I miss about...
  4. M

    Biden steps in it...again

    Biden makes yet ANOTHER speaking gaffe. Again. Still. As usual. This time it's racial. Yesterday he described women in the Detroit area as "women from the hood". He just CAN NOT keep from saying stupid things! And, he wants to be my latex salesman? I mean, he wants to be my...
  5. R

    Clinton slips twice walking down steps.

    Almost falls. Is she really this frail? The other part of her visit to India is about her comments about why she feels the election was lost. Still in denial IMO.
  6. Havelock

    CEO of the HSUS steps down after allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), has resigned after allegations of inappropriate conduct with female subordinates. “The Humane Society investigation interviewed 33 witnesses, including Pacelle, outlining complaints from a former intern who said Pacelle...
  7. Friday13

    Anti-abortion activist head of HHS Family Planning steps down

    WTF was she doing in that position? Oh yeah...tRump appointee... Anti-abortion activist abruptly steps down as head of HHS Family Planning Division
  8. Dr.Knuckles

    Young man steps up to stop hate crime

    A little local story to warm your chestnuts. When a Muslim teen was verbally, physically and then sexually assaulted by a total stranger on the Vancouver...
  9. bajisima

    9th Circuit federal judge steps down amid sexual harassment allegations

    Federal appeals court Judge Alex Kozinski announced his immediate retirement Monday amid a judicial investigation into allegations he was sexually inappropriate with former female staffers and other women. “I cannot be an effective judge and simultaneously fight this battle,” Kozinski said in...
  10. DemoWhip

    Republican Rep. Franks, set to resign in January, steps down immediately

    Republican Rep. Franks, set to resign in January, steps down immediately - ABC News By John Parkinson and Adam Kelsey ==================================================== And that, as they say, Is That!
  11. bajisima

    Russell Simmons steps down amid rape allegations

    Russell Simmons has stepped away from his companies following a second allegation of sexual misconduct, though the Def Jam founder again denied ever being violent. "Rachel Getting Married" screenwriter Jenny Lumet — the daughter of filmmaker Sidney Lumet — wrote an essay published by The...
  12. ptif219

    Democrat John Conyers steps down from senior House judiciary role

    When will democrats call for these congressman accused of sex crimes to resign? It appears Conyers time may be limited and the same is true for Franken How is it the democrats here have been silent on this all day...
  13. PACE

    Robert Mercer severs all ties to Briebart, and steps down from his hedge fund

    Selling all interests in Briebart to his daughter, Rebekah..... Boy, they are all the same, aren't they? Robert Mercer is leaving his hedge fund and selling his stake in Breitbart - Business Insider
  14. M

    Cam Newton steps in it

    Said he thinks it's "funny" when women talk about football. Said that to a female reporter in a news conference. She did not like it. The NFL did not like it. Other players were apparently split on the issue. Apology forthcoming? I think so.
  15. L

    China Sees Opening Left by Trump in Europe, and Quietly Steps In

    LONDON — Much of the world’s attention at the Group of 20 economic summit on Friday and Saturday will be on President Trump’s first meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, with strenuous efforts to decipher the nature of the long-distance bromance between them. But the leader...
  16. jacobfitcher

    Elon Musk steps down from WH councils

    Trump Paris fallout: Elon Musk steps down from WH councils Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is following through on his threat to step down from his positions on advisory councils in the White House after President Trump announced Thursday that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate...
  17. GordonGecko

    Trump steps up calls for Border Wall as Gov't shutdown looms-

    Trump steps up calls for Mexican wall as shutdown looms | TheHill Yes, Donald, that's the ticket.....sell the failed War on Drugs as a "reason" for building your boondoggle "wall." :) BTW, I think we all know why Trump is getting panicky about the possibility of no funding for his...
  18. bonehead

    Gimme Three Steps

    okay, it's a song title (Lynryd Skynryd) but, it's a serious thread even If I do like the group. here's the deal. what are the three most important things our government needs to tackle for the citizens? here's my list: 1) universal healthcare 2) education 3) jobs now, the rationale...
  19. MaryAnne

    Democrats Protest On Steps Of USSC!

    On TV now.
  20. aboutenough

    Here’s What Could Happen if Hillary Clinton is Indicted or Steps Down

    1. If Clinton is indicted before the election The FBI merely said that they are reopening their investigation to examine new emails that came to light. They have yet to even determine whether the emails are actually evidence of criminal activity, let alone decide whether or not to prosecute...