1. the watchman

    Can Trump fire Mueller or not?

    White House: Trump believes he has power to fire Mueller all this time MSNBC has had "legal experts" on saying that Trump can't fire Mueller. Same with CNN and even Fox News. Now, all of the sudden they're changing their tune. All because Sarah Sanders says that the WH has been advised that...
  2. PACE

    Trump's healthcare plan: Obamacare on STEROIDS!!!!!

    Now,,, now let's all get in line, and I'll draw circles on the floor, and those that "HATE" Obamacare can repudiate trump, and those that just "HATE" Obama can embrace trump....... Come on,,, let's play...
  3. Amelia

    The spirit of the law versus the letter of the law versus parsing on steroids

    Anymore in Washington, nothing seems to matter at all. The spirit of laws is violated by people playing games with the letter of the law. And then even the letter of the law is said to not matter because people find some acrobatic way to reinterpret it. Whatever the people with the bully...
  4. Djinn

    Question about steroids

    Just curious... The news always has stories about baseball players who use performance-enhancing drugs. Why is it that one rarely hears such news stories about basketball, football, or hockey players?
  5. The Man

    ODing on steroids?

    Apparently possible. Dmitry Rotanenko, a 20 year old sailor from Azov, Rostov oblast, Russia He had always wanted big muscles. His bride-to-be Tatiana and mother Oksana say lately he had become obsessed, wanted to build his body to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime years. Tatiana...
  6. Cicero

    Bushonomics on Steroids: Romney's Tax Plan Is Still Severely Impossible

    Bushonomics on Steroids: Romney's Tax Plan Is Still Severely Impossible Oct 19 2012, 9:08 AM ET Matthew O'Brien Mitt Romney says his new tax plan adds up. It doesn't. It means higher taxes for the poor, huge tax cuts for the rich, and huge deficits. Call him George W. Romney. Well, of...
  7. nonsqtr

    is Obama just Bush on steroids?

    Here's the question: is Obama just Bush on steroids? I'm not talkin' about "ideology", I'm not even talkin' about what either of those clowns said on the campaign trail. I'm talking about what they actually DO - what their RESULTS are. Now: honest question - name something Obama's done...
  8. L

    Legalize Steroids?

    I just got a message from a friend trying to sell me steroids to improve my game for football. From what I see, there is no reason for the banning of steroids: if I want to do them, I want to do them. Now the banning of steroids in athletic leagues is understandable. You don't want another team...