1. BoiseBo

    Jon Stewart made a surprise cameo with Colbert last night!

    Thought about putting this in humor, but it's beyond that. Jon becomes decidedly serious toward the end. Puts the feelings that 2 out of 3 Americans have about Trump into verbal poetry. Gleeful cruelty and dickishness? LoL :1thumbup...
  2. BDBoop

    Jon Stewart to Donald Trump on immigration

    I really miss him sometimes, but then I love Noah Trevor so all in all, it works.
  3. BDBoop

    Jon Stewart Doesn’t Buy the Outrage About Samantha Bee’s Ivanka Trump Dig

    And since he puts it this way, nor do I. We've all known this for a very long time, but having him verbalize it was a major light bulb moment for me. Rock on, Jon! God, I miss him. :(
  4. bajisima

    Trump weighs pardons for Rod Blagojevich and Martha Stewart

    After sparsely using his pardon powers, President Donald Trump kicked such moves into high gear on Thursday, announcing a pardon for controversial conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza, expressing interest in commuting the sentence of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and even...
  5. MaryAnne

    Cory Stewart,US Candidate For Senate

    Should have never gone on CNN with Chris Cuoma. Chris is killing him. Candidate for Senate in Virginia. Heather's Mother does not want to talk with the President. She is now getting death threats.
  6. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Jon Stewart Rips Apart Trump: New Official Language of the United States Is Bullshit’

    Jon Stewart Rips Apart President Trump: ‘The New Official Language of the United States Is Bullshit’ :applouse::applouse::applouse::applouse:
  7. vikingbeast

    Stewart's Take

    Indeed! Jon Stewart Finally Went Long About The Election And Donald Trump | The Huffington Post
  8. B

    Advice to Liberals From Jon Stewart

    Take heed friends. If you continue with the accusations of racism and bigotry, you're digging yourselves a deeper hole. Remember, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. Jon Stewart Defends Trump Voters In New Interview? - Patriot Update
  9. TennesseeRain

    Jon Stewart Shows How To Win A Twitter War With Donald Trump

    Long before Donald Trump used Twitter as a weapon against his political enemies, he used it to attack comedian Jon Stewart. It didn’t go well for Trump. Speaking at the Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York on Tuesday night, the former “Daily Show” host explained his feud with Trump, and...
  10. Lunchboxxy

    Jon Stewart returns to take down Trump

    StewBeef in all his glory took over the Late Show last night to give a classic Stewart rant. And it was fucking glorious.
  11. MaryAnne

    Jon Stewart and Colbert

    On Trump.
  12. PACE

    Jon Stewart will cover GOP convention with Steven Colbert

    Trump owes him big time.... This oughta be HIGHLY AMUUUUUUUUSING.... HE'S BACK! Jon Stewart Returns To Television, Will Cover GOP Convention With Stephen Colbert (DETAILS)
  13. BDBoop

    Stewart on Trump

    Jon Stewart is back with some strong words for "man-baby" Donald Trump - Vox The video was cued up to the start of him talking about Trump. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Man, I've missed him.
  14. MaryAnne

    Jon Stewart

    To HBO Jon Stewart's hiatus, well-earned but short-lived, is over: He's signed an exclusive four-year contract with HBO, to produce "short-form digital content" (our fave!) for HBO Now. The deal also includes a first-look option for traditional TV series and films (please, oh, please?). He...
  15. TennesseeRain

    Jon Stewart and 9/11 Responders Walk The Halls Of Congress

    WASHINGTON -- When Jon Stewart and more than 100 9/11 responders walk the halls of Congress Wednesday, they'll have plenty to say to lawmakers about renewing the bill passed five years ago to help peopled sickened after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That bill -- the James Zadroga...
  16. R

    Jon Stewart: Goodbye to the Last Honest Newsman

    stewart was a comedian and i'll say i enjoyed a many of his segments as he poked fun at others. to say he's the last honest newsman is folly. maybe the op was trying to be funny with the title but i doubt it.after all it is the rollingstone. -------------------------- At the end of one of the...
  17. S

    Jon Stewart vs. Arby's

    For years, Stewart has made Arby's the butt of his jokes, but Arby's doesn't really have a beef with the guy . . . Despite All The Jabs, Arby’s Thanks Jon Stewart With Two Tribute Commericials :smiley_big_grin:
  18. meridian5455

    Jon Stewart's question for Obama was the most hurl-inducing, cultish question ever

    During his final appearance Tuesday night on the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart as host, President Obama was treated to a softball interview in which the retiring Comedy Central host worried: “Are we [the media] demanding too much of you?” Stewart clearly seemed to sympathize with Obama over his...
  19. Lilly

    Jon Stewart on Donald Trump

    :smile: Jon Stewart Wonders 'What The F**k Is Wrong' With Donald Trump No one does it better.
  20. meridian5455

    Jihadi-loving POS Lynne Stewart is up to her old tricks

    From the Manhattan Institute’s Matthew Hennessey in the New York Daily News: Disbarred terror lawyer Lynne Stewart was granted compassionate release from federal prison in December 2013. Her doctors argued then that her “incurable, terminal” breast cancer gave her no more than 18 months to live...