1. Raoul_Duke

    One example of why Keynesian "stimulus" doesn't, well, stimulate...

    If I am repeating myself, good, because we can't go through this often enough. A local social service agency that operates a summer camp for at risk youths was forced to suspend operations for a couple of summers because they charge (a subsidized rate) fee so they can have a reasonable...
  2. Babba

    Stimulus" failed? What stimulus?

    Our Historic Austerity?in 1 Crazy Chart - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic This is the illogic of righties on economics. To their minds it's a good thing that governments have laid off all kinds of people. But those lay offs are probably the single biggest reason we can't return to full...
  3. N

    Fed finally tapers its stimulus

    Fed finally tapers its stimulus - CNNMoney
  4. bajisima

    Federal reserve begins to pull back stimulus

    The Federal Reserve announced today that they will begin tapering the stimulus by 10 billion a month. Everyone hope the economy truly is better. BBC News - US Federal Reserve pulls back on stimulus effort
  5. michaelr

    Fed expected to maintain pace of economic stimulus

    Fed expected to maintain pace of economic stimulus Stimulus? Things get worse and here in New OrwellianVille, it is called stimulus. Oh well, the government gets to pretend it isn't defaulting on its debt. It is just to bad that they give away $85 billion per month in new t-bill to acquire...
  6. Raoul_Duke

    Perfect example of why "stimulus" doesn't work...

    I toured a social service agency this morning that serves the underprivileged in our city's East End. In response to a question about how government funding changes had affected her agency, the ED gave this example: The used to operate a summer camp for kids. It costs them like $1400 to run...
  7. Daktoria

    Regulated Stimulus - Why?

    Can anyone explain what the value of regulated stimulus is? I've never really understood how someone can support both regulating and stimulating the economy at the same time. It sounds like someone just enjoys torturing people like someone's going to tickle them, but then punish them when they...
  8. Raoul_Duke

    No sustained growth in corporate revenues despite trillions in "stimulus..." And yet the "Keynesians" are still claiming their snake oil works...
  9. Raoul_Duke

    The folly of monetary "stimulus..."

    As the Yen devalues it should raise the nominal value of Japanese assets such as stocks. What it won’t do – at least anytime soon – is to change the output of the Japanese economy. While existing output may show up as a higher volume of Yen, it probably won’t change the volume of actual, you...
  10. S

    Americans for stimulus.

    Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals Now the trick is to overcome the gerrymandering and bullshit generation done by the conservatives and centrists who sound like "Very Serious People", and to see elections reflect the drive to see the economy recovered. Hard stuff, when...
  11. R

    Why Obama is pushing for stimulus in 'fiscal cliff' deal

    that's a damn good question. does that make any sense to anyone? it doesn't me. i'd call it a poison pill. ------ President Obama's opening offer in 'fiscal cliff' talks includes $255 billion in stimulus spending – tax cuts, incentives, and more. It could be a bargaining ploy or a bid to...
  12. MGunner

    Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs

    Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs - Washington Times More brilliant success from the Moron in Chief....
  13. Daktoria

    Why Keynesian Stimulus Fails

    Keynesian economics depends on aggregate demand, but the very problem of economic stagnation is referring to aggregates in the first place. By focusing on aggregates, society gets caught up in a bystander problem. Individuals hold back, banking on someone else in society (from the mere mass of...
  14. michaelr

    Transportation Secretary to Stimulus Critics: ‘Baloney! The Stimulus Worked’

    Transportation Secretary to Stimulus Critics: ‘Baloney! The Stimulus Worked’ hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha /rant
  15. michaelr

    Dollar Falls Most Since 2011 as Central Banks Bump Up Stimulus

    Dollar Falls Most Since 2011 as Central Banks Bump Up Stimulus Bump up stimulus? WTF does is that even supposed to mean? They have been 'bumping up stimulus' for four consecutive years and the economy has never been worse. Of course the dollar is dead paper walking, that's the idea. I got...
  16. meridian5455

    Study: Number of 'able-bodied' adults on food stamps doubled after stimulus change

    A new government study found that the number of able-bodied adults on food stamps nearly doubled after Washington used the stimulus law to lift a key work requirement. The report from the Congressional Research Service was sent last week to House Republican Leader Eric Cantor. It comes as House...
  17. zam-zam

    Your (Stimulus) Taxdollars At Work.......

    Money well spent? Some might not think so........ The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two popular MSNBC cable...
  18. Cicero

    Stimulus, not spending cuts, is the way to boost the economy, Ryan apparently agrees

    Romney in 2008: Stimulus, not spending cuts, is the way to boost the economy By Greg Sargent I’ve been working my way through Michael Grunwald’s excellent book on Obama’s stimulus, “The New New Deal,” and here’s another choice nugget: In 2008, Mitt Romney attacked spending cuts as the wrong way...
  19. Blackbeard

    360 view of Obama economic stimulus

    NASA's Curiosity Rover Gets a Good Look Around Mars -- 360-Degree Panorama -
  20. meridian5455

    New Romney ad accuses Obama of directing stimulus cash to supporters

    New Romney ad accuses Obama of directing stimulus cash to supporters | The Ticket - Yahoo! News Outsourced stimulus money? Say it ain't so!