1. DebateDrone

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ..ON FATHER'S DAY

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ? The Right Scoop If only someone could get a message to her to inform her that it's her husband pulling the strings. Melania is almost free. Pray for her.
  2. DemoWhip

    Out Lesbian Julia Fahl Defeats 27-Year Incumbent NJ Mayor in Stunning Upset

    Out Lesbian Julia Fahl Defeats 27-Year Incumbent NJ Mayor in Stunning Upset by Andy Towle ==================================================== Yes, it certainly appears that quite a few members of the LGBT Community are making great progress in elections nationwide. Ms. Fahl's victory...
  3. Goofball

    Kim makes stunning Nuclear concessions to Trump.

    Trust, but verify. Looks like an outstanding start in the region for Trump's diplomacy.
  4. DemoWhip

    Christianity Today issues stunning rebuke of Trump & Roy Moore supporters

    Christianity Today issues stunning rebuke of Trump & Roy Moore supporters By Bil Browning ==================================================== It was high time that someone...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    USAToday editorial's STUNNING REBUKE of Trump! 'Not fit to clean Obama's toilets or..

    I mean seriously. WOW!! I mean WOW! See what you think.... Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom? The Editorial Board, USA TODAYPublished 7:30 p.m. ET Dec. 12, 2017 | Updated 8:47 p.m. ET Dec. 12, 2017 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says President Donald Trump's latest tweet about her was a...
  6. L

    The stunning difference between Trump's reaction to the Las Vegas shooting and the NY

    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Updated 5:27 PM ET, Wed November 1, 2017 (CNN)On October 1, a man shot and killed 58 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas -- the largest mass murder in modern American history. On October 3, President Donald Trump was asked about the...
  7. DebateDrone

    Stunning revelations on NBC's Meet The Press [06-18-2017]

    So much was testified to by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that most slipped the mind. When Chuck Todd asked Sen. Marco Rubio questions concerning what Sessions said in his testimony ...that Sessions was never a member of Trump's cabinet, did not receive any briefing on Russia's...
  8. Madeline

    Stunning Polls Show Bernie Soaring While Trump Crashes

    Stunning polls show Sanders soaring while 'TrumpCare' crashes | TheHill
  9. Madeline

    Siberian Pre-Schooler Displays Stunning Courage

    Girl, 4, evades wolves as she walks on a frozen Siberian river in minus 24C temperatures to get help for gran - Mirror Online I thought my 4 year old was brave if she could look at the waitress and say hello when we went out to eat! This child is amazing. I hope her remaining family can...
  10. the watchman

    In stunning exchange, Trump refuses to answer question from CNN reporter bad idea. Is Trump going to ban CNN from the WH press corp now?
  11. Spookycolt

    South Korean president is impeached in stunning fall

    Interesting development in South Korea. Had Hillary been elected that would have been two female leaders impeached in a short amount of time. South Korean president is impeached in stunning fall
  12. L

    Bridgegate's 10 Stunning Plot Turns, From Christie To Trump

    May 17, 2016 · by Andrea Bernstein and Matt Katz 8. Meanwhile, prosecutors compiled a list of everyone involved in the conspiracy -- not just those indicted -- and a judge ordered the list released in response to a suit from news organizations. snip 9. But an unnamed public official...
  13. NightSwimmer

    Obama Pardons Turkey in Stunning Abuse of Executive Power

    This week, President Obama will pardon a turkey in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The Office of Legal Counsel has released a 4,000-page memorandum setting forth the constitutional and statutory justifications for this controversial executive action, rooted largely in the authority granted...
  14. bajisima

    Vaticans stunning shift on gays and lesbians

    "Using strikingly open language, a new Vatican report says the church should welcome and appreciate gays, and offers a solution for divorced and remarried Catholics who want to receive Communion." "At a press conference on Monday to present the report, Cardinal Louis Antonio Tagle of the...
  15. Babba

    The Stunning Drop in Infrastructure Spending

    The Stunning Collapse Of Infrastructure Spending In One Chart This is so incredibly shortsighted. You people who wail about how your children and grandchildren are going to be paying off our debt should be a whole hell of a lot more worried about the crumbling and outdated infrastructure...
  16. Taylor2012

    Santa Cruz County residents with health insurance find rate prices stunning

    Just more bad news about the disaster that IS Obamacare. This guy's premium went from $512/month to $1,150/month, which is more than double. Welcome to the Obamanation, folks. Ain't it fun! Destruction of the middle class before our very eyes. Elections really do have consequences...
  17. R

    STUNNING Historical Discovery! Stunning Historical Discovery By Peter Kirsanow October 1, 2012 4:15 P.M. Cambridge, Mass.--- Celebrated historian Bertram Oxley has uncovered a memorandum from former Japanese Emperor Hirohito to...
  18. R

    Stunning vortex appears on Saturn’s moon, puzzles scientists

    It's always cool to see stuff like this. 30 earth years are equal to appox. one year on Titan. Massive whirlwind could mark the changing of seasons NASA's Cassini orbiter has already taken some stunning photos of Saturn and its moons, but the latest snapshot from the multi-billion-dollar...
  19. P

    Stunning: New York Times Shocked To Find Palin Has Anti-Establishment Principles

    What a positive, uplifting article on the power of Palin. It was a great speech..and this author pointed out the finer points of the plan. The NY Times picks up on this theme, recognizing that in vilifying Palin liberals have closed their minds to Palin’s ideas, which are liberal in the...
  20. V

    Simply Stunning: Sarah Palins Influence and Endorsements More Powerful Than Obama's

    She is getting more powerful and she is putting people on the map. It is just amazing that Obama has no political power compared to her and she is just a citizen. Remember all those ‘experts’ who told us with great authority that stepping down as governor of Alaska would be the end of her and...