1. Madeline

    Another Underfed Bottle Blonde Gets Fired Off A TV Show

    WTF watches the "Today" show? I wouldn't even leave this crap running for my cat, if she was home alone every weekday morning. Among the 1,001 reasons I hate these "white noise" tv shows is the rash of starvation victims who play hostesses on them, who look as if the SMELL of food would make...
  2. the watchman

    does CNN and MSNBC think viewers are stupid?

    just sayin. It's getting harder and harder to stomach the coverage. Today, on both networks, they were busy trying to convince viewers that they are the ones they should trust to tell them the truth. We shouldn't trust anything that Trump says. Or so they say. Why? Because they said so...
  3. C

    New Poll: 55% of democrats believed Russia tampered

    with votes in the 2016 election. I swear, what a bunch of bat shit crazy loons. A perfect look at just how utterly out of touch your party has become. I love it... Poll: Majority Of Democrats Believe A Straight-Up Conspiracy Theory | The Daily Caller Actual poll...
  4. HayJenn

    I Can Be Stupid, as Well

    WASHINGTON—When Jean-Claude Juncker arrived at the White House on Wednesday, he had no idea how the meeting with President Donald Trump would end.When asked on his flight from Brussels whether he was ready, after having pored through piles of documents stacked in blue folders, the European...
  5. Arkady

    Is Trump stupid?

    I'm curious whether people here think Trump is really as stupid as he sounds, or if he's consciously tailoring his speech to infantile levels in order to appeal to the conservative base. I'm honestly not sure. His speech patterns, which involve endless repetition of short phrases...
  6. Friday13

    This is what happens when your restaurant is also called ‘Red Hen’

    Haters gonna hate, and to #trumpcult it doesn't matter who. Trump, of course, had to weigh in with one of his spectacular moronic comments (see last section of quote). #trumpcult too stupid to know which "Red Hen" to hate.... This is what happens when your restaurant is also called ‘Red Hen’
  7. BDBoop

    Trump is too stupid to tweet - or so say his daughter and staff

    Guess they finally realized he's implicated himself repeatedly. So NO! Oh, don't be silly. Dear me, no. That was not him tweeting.
  8. Goofball

    David "Camera" Hogg attacks John McCain. liberal icon attacking another liberal icon. This should be good.
  9. Darkman

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes

    March 4, 2018, at 9:08 a.m. Israeli Arab Motorist Rams Security Men in North Israel and Is Shot: Police JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli Arab motorist injured three security personnel in a ramming attack in northern Israel on Sunday and was shot and wounded, police and the...
  10. Spookycolt

    Liberals admit they are stupid

    Don't show fake ads on social media or we will believe it and do what they say. That is essentially their argument. That is just sad.
  11. EnigmaO01

    How can anybody be so utterly stupid and naive?

    This in regards to Trump. No doubt a faithful follower of Faux News. Got this on my Facebook page: I am so relieved and grateful that we have a president that wants to put America First and is not for open borders and worldwide socialism - he is not going along with the United Nations agenda...
  12. J

    Billions of dollars on a fence at our border is Stupid , here's a cheaper way.

    If this is important ,which few in this country believe ,with darn near our whole population wanting these people to have a way to join our population legally, that includes a majority of the right wing also. Or simply go to the places that hire these people and fine the living hell out of...
  13. C

    I have a stupid question...

    Considering that not a single legitimate climatologist has used the misnomer "global warming" for over a decade, and, instead, for very good reason, has talked about Climate Change, why do so many of the climate change deniers still insist on using the archaic, and incorrect MMGW ("Man Made...
  14. O

    Stupid, stupid Senate Democrats

    Forcing Sen Al Franken to resign, doing exactly what Republicans wanted. For what? To get the moral high ground when child molester Roy Moore joins them? For what? To have the moral high ground while Trump's history of sexual harassment and sexual assault are overlooked? Stupid, stupid...
  15. HayJenn

    More Stupid From Trump

    Donald Trump is visiting Japan right now, and as he is wont to do, took a moment to drum up some foolish statement about the auto industry, which he objectively does not understand. Speaking to a group of business leaders in Tokyo, Trump reportedly said: “Try building your cars in the United...
  16. the watchman

    trump obviously thinks the american people are stupid.

    Exhibit "A"..... Trump lawyer weighs in on Mueller, possible pardons in Russia probe Exhibit "B"..... Exhibit "C"..... Huckabee Sanders Claims 'Real Collusion Scandal Has To Do With Hillary Clinton' | Crooks and Liars...
  17. Spookycolt

    Stupid liberals

    Liberals Love Trump's Tax Plan... When Told It's Bernie Sanders' Plan Liberals simply hate anything that comes from Trump. These people hate Trumps tax plan, obviously simply going by what they've been told, but when they are told the details and that its from Sanders they love it...
  18. NightSwimmer

    How stupid was it...

    ...for Republicans to whine about Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator, when Donald Trump is the duly elected leader of their political party? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it was an 11.
  19. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Never ceases to amaze me, how stupid humans can be

    Fear of Vampires in Malawi Leads to Five Deaths, Forces Out U.N. in 2017, are you kidding me? I know its an impoverished country, very uneducated, but seriously? We have humans that build all this amazing technology around us, and we have the biggest idiots in the world that think people...
  20. Spookycolt

    You are not going to believe how stupid these democrats are!

    This is just beyond ridiculous. It shows how the ignorance of the liberals is and how their Russian narrative is completely out of control. After you are all done laughing at these idiots you either hang your head in shame as a democrat or shake it in disbelief if you are a republican...