1. KnotaFrayed

    "Diplomacy" and "hostility" Trump style.........

    Trump, once again, talking out of both sides of his mouth and being more "diplomatic" and entrusting of Russia, than America. "I’m here today to continue the proud tradition of bold American diplomacy. From the earliest days of our republic, American leaders have understood that diplomacy and...
  2. Friday13

    Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron

    Nothing I can add to this...anyone want to try? Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron
  3. HadEnough2

    Dick's Sporting Goods Will Stop Selling Assault Style Rifles

    Dick's Sporting Goods bans sales of assault weapons after Parkland, Florida school shooting Dick's Sporting Goods bans sales of assault weapons Glad to see this. If our Government can't get their act together and do something it's glad to see the Private Sector step up.
  4. Dittohead not!

    Welcome to third world style politics

    right here in the good old USA, where the Congress can't come up with a budget. The best they can do is partisan gamesmanship and sniping, but can't do their Constitutionally required duty of formulating a budget. Republicans like to say that the Democrats want to help illegal aliens, but...
  5. The Man

    GTA Russian style

    More pics here: Russian Man Rams Shopfront in Armored Vehicle, Steals Wine lol Interesting that he stole wine, NOT vodka. A classier, more refined kind of thief. And in Murmansk, of all places...
  6. The Man

    Identity Politcs, Russian style

    Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Peoples of Idel-Ural Come Together to Fight Putin's Language and Nationality Policies For what it's worth, this wasn't a huge demonstration, just 200 or so people, actually All these entities are actually rather marginal within their respective regions and...
  7. The Man

    Flying car, Russian style :D Russian Man Fined for Taking Car on a Hot Air Balloon Ride Brave innovator hampered by overbearing bureaucracy... Typical Russia... lol
  8. cpicturetaker12

    'Slip in/out of hotels armed & undetected with our classy business style rifle bag'

    Anyone else think you can get them monogrammed with your initials? Complements your luggage and your business attire. I'll bet they have them on retractable wheels looking just like any other piece of luggage upon check-in. Advertised for its SPEED for ACCESS to your weapon. Irony. This is...
  9. Sassy

    Mattress Mack rescues in style

    So cool! People are laying on $12,000 beds like oh my, this is the best shelter ever! He sent out trucks to rescue people and bring them to his fancy furniture stores. They are eating fancy food too. Restaurants and other businesses and individuals have flooded them with donations. Prime...
  10. C

    Substance vs Style

    Only 28% of Americans support new spending to build Trump's wall. Only 12% of Americans supported the Senate Healthcare plan that died. Only 29% of Americans supported withdrawal from the Paris Accords. On the other hand, 35% really liked how Trump handled the Charlottesville incident. Now...
  11. the watchman

    Video shows how Anthony Scaramucci matches Trump’s speaking style almost perfectly

    Video shows Anthony Scaramucci matches Trump?s speaking style almost perfectly - Business Insider :smiley_ROFLMAO:
  12. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Guard ceremonies at Windsor Castle scrapped amid fears of Berlin style terror attack!

    Weekend Changing of the Guard ceremonies at Windsor Castle scrapped amid fears of Berlin style terror attack. The military ceremony has long been a draw for tourists from Britain and abroad but they will now not take place during the busiest times of the week. Last July 86 people were murdered...
  13. John T Ford

    Is it Time for a Liberal TEA Party Style Revolt

    It is apparent the Democratic Party is finished in it's current incarnation. B. Hussein Obama has dealt a fatal blow to the party causing a loss of over 1000 seats across the Country in just 6 short years leaving the party powerless with less seats held since the 1920's. The party is in...
  14. MaryAnne

    Charity, Trump Style

    This is for all of you who post about the Clinton Foundation. In case you wonder Farenthold is a Republican. Read this and weep. David Fahrenthold Strikes, Exposing Donald Trump's False Philanthropy
  15. Spookycolt

    Bronco Style

    This is the way men talk, so much so that they have definitions of what men talk about. I agree its disgusting but its a fact of life and blaming Trump for words is simply ridiculous. You don't have to agree with it and I don't but it is locker room talk...
  16. Rasselas

    A Trump style indictment of Trump

    Here's how Trump would handle the emails scandal if he were running against himself. It has all his language ticks and passive aggression...
  17. Friday13

    Campaign Chaos...Trump's Management Style

    In campaign chaos, Donald Trump shows his management style
  18. Wrangler

    Why does Hillary wear Kim Jung Hun style clothing??

    The clothing makes her look like a Communist, is she really a Communist or maybe she wants to be one??
  19. PACE

    Three young muslims killed in Indiana, execution style

    3 young Muslim Americans killed in mysterious 'execution-style' murders Suppositions???
  20. Southern Dad

    Negotiator-In-Chief Fails Korea Style

    Yet again, President Obama demonstrates his wonderful negotiating skills. Punked again. That's an example of his leadership skills.