1. The Man

    Russian and Brit subs "cat & mouse" near Syria

    UK sub in cat-and-mouse pursuit by Russian ships before Syria strikes - Business Insider
  2. T

    Trump tells Duterte of two U.S. nuclear subs in Korean waters: NYT

    One does have to wonder a bit. When you have a man child as president, with a seeming inability to stop the most incredible thoughts in his head becoming verbal reality, should he be entrusted to such sensitive information? Why on earth would he tell the president of the Philippines where our...
  3. The Man

    Russian subs off to Syria

    Russia sending three submarines towards Syria in preparation for major assault on Aleppo | The Independent EXCLUSIVE: Russian submarines on their WAY to Syria | World | News | Daily Express This is because Assad's army and the Iranians and their Iraqi and Afghan Shiite mercenaries are not...
  4. The Man

    Turkish subs shadow Russian cruiser

    Crewman with machine gun aboard Russian missile cruiser RFS "Moskva" Turkish submarines began tracking Russian guided missile cruiser ?Moskva? off Syrian coast I hope the Turks know what they are doing... This isn't shooting down a defenseless old bomber from behind. The "Moskva" could...
  5. B

    Women earn role on US subs

    Women can now serve on US submarines after Congress raised no objection to the navy lifting a long-term ban. More...
  6. Amit

    Russian Subs Patrolling West Coast

    Russian Subs Patrolling West Coast Yeah, this stuff happens all the time. US military does this shit all the time to other countries. They are in international waters so who cares. I do see this as a story the MSM will try to sensationalize, though
  7. S

    Holy Shit !! Nuke subs go down

    This absolutlely floors me. Two nuclear submarines, one French the Other British colide and sink. Up to 16 trident missles along with nuclear reactors on the ocean floor. Im guessing war games or maybe the old " crazy Ivan " may have caused this. Any Navy vets in here ? British and French...