1. O

    A Gun Control Success Story in Hawaii

    Tempers flared in Lelani Estates when a (former) homeowner, John Hubbard, confronted a group of people he thought were sightseeing in his neighborhood. So he threatened them with a revolver, firing shots over their heads. But they were also local residents, checking on their own property. And...
  2. Darkman

    Iran 'may no longer feel constrained' against Israel after Hezbollah election success

    Iran 'may no longer feel constrained' against Israel after Hezbollah’s election success, analyst says...
  3. bajisima

    Is new leadership necessary for dems 2018 success?

    Agree or disagree? Congressional Democrats seem poised to make major gains in the midterm elections this year. However, capitalizing on this energy will require serious consideration of policy strategy and vision for the future of the party. First and foremost, the Democrats must promote...
  4. Friday13

    Trump takes credit for success of Olympics

    Both of his shoulders must be permanently dislocated from patting his own back. There cannot be a bigger ego with no evidence to back up his claims. Trump: "Without me Olympics would have been a total failure
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Watch the DJIA on the day Trump brags about his success....

    Right now, it's not doing what someone would want to write home about...... Market summary > Dow Jones Industrial Average INDEXDJX: .DJI - Jan 30, 1:05 PM EST 26,046.93Price decrease 392.55 (1.48%) I'm not a hedge funder, betting on things going to hell in a hand basket, I am all for slow...
  6. Amelia

    How Trump Turned Kaepernick's Protest Into a Success

    The Atlantic: How Trump Turned Kaepernick's Protest Into a Success
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Bob Dole (Manafort buddy) releases glowing letter about Trump's European success!!

    Sorry, but something stinks about this whole thing! This borders on obsequious. A speech by Trump "for the ages"? Has anyone ever heard Trump give a speech yet, that was 'one for the ages'?? Unless of course, since Trump that phrase has utterly negative connotations. Bob Dole lauds Trump’s...
  8. O

    Was Trump's overseas trip a success?

    Grandiose, eh? With no basis in reality. So, to recap: 1. the French think Trump's a dictator, 2. the Germans think he's unreliable 3. the British think he can't be trusted with intel. 4. The Israelis think he gave away their secrets, 5. Saudis think...
  9. GordonGecko

    New Gallup Poll- Trump's overseas trip a huge success for him at home-

    Nawww....just funnin' ya. Gallup Date- 5/21 - 5/23 Polled- 1500 A Approval- 39% Disapproval- 55% Spread...-16 W-SDRWPR
  10. T

    Trump, in New TV Ad, Declares First 100 Days a Success

    So what is it, 1200 days until the next presidential election? 1300? Ye the president is releasing campaign ad of sorts. At least the president's campaign is paying for this overt propaganda. The contents? easy. Nothing really, yet amazing claims of success in the first 100 days of the...
  11. the watchman

    Trump says his first 100 days have been a historic success. History disagrees.

    President Trump is fond of his first 100 days. “I don’t think that there is a presidential period of time in the first 100 days where anyone has done nearly what we’ve been able to do,” he said recently. To give you a sense of how ridiculous this is, let’s start with the two Hundred Days champs...
  12. Madeline

    Success In Cleveland: The Rise of Belt Magazine

    Anne Trubek, founder and editor of Belt Magazine About Belt Magazine | Writers and editors live in the Midwest. Books are printed at printers located in the Midwest. Any writer can be published, in either the magazine or one of the books (most of which are anthologies.) Longform writing...
  13. boontito

    Sweet success: How the Hadhads went from refugees to employers in 1 year

    A beautiful story of despair turned into hope. Sweet success: How the Hadhads went from refugees to employers in 1 year - Nova Scotia - CBC News "We just explored every option to be integrated as fast as possible," said Tareq Hadhad.
  14. bajisima

    Will the left be able to replicate the Tea Party's success?

    It is March, nearly two months into the Trump presidency and the left’s grass-roots protest against it. “The resistance,” as it’s called in some corners, kicked off with a by-the-thousands flurry — women’s marches around the country, airport protests, town hall inundations. But the next round of...
  15. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump says buy American, but Ivanka's fashion line made in China! MAGA! Success!

    President Trump made a sweeping promise on Inauguration Day: "We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American." Apparently, his daughter Ivanka didn't get the memo. Ivanka's eponymous clothing line has taken in scores of shipments of Trump-branded shoes, bags and blouses...
  16. 1

    Does the success of Bernie Sanders show the dems need to go far left?

    I personally believe his success was more to do with him running against Hillary Clinton who was disliked even by many Democrats rather than a huge desire for the party to go far left but some say otherwise and say that people like Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison are the people who need to...
  17. zitiboy

    New studies: Obamacare a success

    " The New York Times highlighted a new study showing states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) saw noticeable improvements in public health outcomes relative to states that did not enact the expansion -- adding to mounting evidence debunking right-wing media paranoia...
  18. vikingbeast

    Trump Success

    I think I'm swinging back to my original proposition - Trump's in there finishing off what's left of the GOP for his old pals the Clintons. There CAN be no other explanation for this madness.
  19. Wrangler

    Is traditional government's fault for Trump's success?

    Same crappy political solutions to the same problems leading us to no where, using the same crap of mechanism that doesn't work. Time for something new. o Out with the old and in with the NEW!! Enough is enough, don't you think??
  20. ptif219

    Early results of Common Core show little success

    Common Core is a bad system and now we have proof Early results of Common Core show little success