1. Puzzling Evidence

    From the department of redundancy department, another racist people suck thread

    Hi, eyem not racist, but most people online are. Racist will show up in this thread to deny their own racist bent. You can tell the racist from the cool people (like you and me) because they always deny their own racism. I'm not racist, because eye can't oppress anyone. See how that works? I'm...
  2. D

    WTF Wal Mart?- not even a damn chair for your [mostly elderly] cashiers? You SUCK!

    WTF Wal Mart?- not even a damn chair for your [mostly elderly] cashiers? You SUCK! By macknacat58 ==================================================== Not working? Then we can safely say that all managers, executives and others who mainly sit behind a desk all day are also Not Working...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Report: CNN removed Stephen Miller from set on Sunday

    I saw the spat with Tapper yesterday. His 'suck up' to Trump was off the charts. What I didn't know till now, he wouldn't leave the set, then he wouldn't leave the property so security was sent in and he had be escorted out. Report: CNN removed Stephen Miller from set on Sunday...
  4. Davocrat

    Making America suck, Rand Paul should rethink his stupid rhetoric

    Give me a fucking break. Will any of these clowns rethink their whole "second amendment solutions" meme? Read about it here: A Year Ago, Rand Paul?s Account Tweeted That 2nd Amendment Exists ?To Shoot at the Government? (UPDATE) | Mediaite
  5. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Pussy Hat Goes on the CatWalk! PinkHatCatWalking! Most shows suck! But not this!

    The Pussy Hat Comes to the Runway MILAN — Over the weekend — as attention turned to the Oscars, speculation grew as to just how political the awards ceremony would get, and various members of the fashion flock peeled away from the crowd and flew off to Los Angeles to help with that...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Are you watching the ROYAL SUCK UP??

    I love you guys. He has about as much in common with CPAC as I do. Well except they are likely the SAME INCOME LEVEL as I am. I, I, I, I, I, I, I .... Just LIED right to their faces. I didn't want to come last year? Really asshole?? 2016 Trump speech roils CPAC Marco Rubio's supporters...
  7. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Pope feels, it's better to be an atheist than a bad Christian!? WOW! gods do suck!

    Pope suggests it's better to be an atheist than a bad Christian! If you're a Christian who exploits people, leads a double life or manages a "dirty" business, perhaps it's better not to call yourself a believer, Pope Francis suggested in a homily on Thursday in Rome. "So many Christians are...
  8. aboutenough

    Suck it up buttercup Iowa lawmaker proposes bill punishing school coddling anti Trump

    ‘Suck it up, buttercup!’: Iowa lawmaker proposes bill punishing schools coddling anti-Trump students Following Donald Trump’s win in Tuesday’s presidential election, many high school and college students were having a tough time dealing with the reality of the results. There were reports of...
  9. Wonderer

    St. Louis-area Muslims post 'HEY ISIS, YOU SUCK' billboard

    St. Louis-area Muslims post 'HEY ISIS, YOU SUCK' billboard By Kristen Taketa St. Louis Post-Dispatch Oct 5, 2016 <Excerpt>: St. Louis Muslims are assuring people, in case they're still unclear: Muslims are against ISIS as much as anybody else. A new billboard on Manchester Road...
  10. Wonderer

    Embrace the Suck

    It will come as little surprise (to some, anyway) that I'm a subscriber to Jonah Goldberg's weekly newsletter known as "The G File". I enjoy it most Friday afternoons. Today's edition is so very much right on the money for me, I feel compelled to share an excerpt, though unfortunately, I can't...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    The SUCK UP meeting: Trump and & Ryan "ENCOURAGED" (? Who's sucking up to whom)

    Fucking freak show. Now the freak show has LITERALLY been taken to Capitol Hill. Is this really my country?? I'd bet my next breath, RYAN is terrified of TRUMP! HE KNOWS Trump will continue to make an ass of himself--he is intrinsically unable TO STOP HIMSELF! Ryan's 'encouraged' after...
  12. Madeline

    Why Does Obamacare Suck So Badly?

    It is my opinion that Obamacare is a horrible, horrible law that should never have seen the light of day. Yet I support universal care -- in fact, I consider it to be essential to our future. So how come I don't see Obamacare as a kinder, gentler version of universal care, "good enough" at...
  13. godlessheathen

    Why Do Kids Today Suck?

    Let me start by saying, I'm only 25. I don't know if kids were the way they are today 30 years ago. It just seems like our kids are dumb. Where's the malfunction? Is it the available technology? Are newer parents shit? What's the problem here? I doubt kids have even read "Holes"...
  14. B

    Official Dallas Cowboys SUCK thread

    Did I mention the Cowboys suck???
  15. Monk-Eye

    Ass Clown Erdogan Encourages Turks To Suck Off Superiority of Arab Idiocy

    " Ass Clown Erdogan Encourages Turks To Suck Off Superiority of Arab Idiocy " Erdogan: women are not equal to men Is the left really enthralled with forwarding invitations and acceptance for their own destruction by fictional ishmaelites ?
  16. kmiller1610

    Why does Obama suck so badly as a Negotiator?

    He's above it all, or so he thinks.
  17. Monk-Eye

    Fictional Ishmaelites Suck Swine Dicks

    " Fictional Ishmaelites Suck Swine Dicks "
  18. M

    Today's cartoons suck

    They're not challenging, the animation is bad, they lack complexity and teach kids nothing. I mean, seriously, Spongebob Squarepants? Really? I guess it's a sign of the times. Today's kids are morally bankrupt and lack the attention span of a fly, so it's no wonder why something like Animals of...
  19. Oscar99

    Southern Conservative states suck more $$$ than they put in

    Why do Republican states receive more Federal money than they give if they are conservative? | Answerbag Ezra Klein - The red state ripoff How is it possible, that Southern Conservatives that hate dependency, hate welfare-whores, hate govt. assistance and hate govt. intervention, get much more...
  20. jackalope

    Walker and his thug republican gang really suck

    They are shutting down WiscNet b/c they don't think the gov't should compete with the gov't. Oh, yea, also forcing them to "return $37 million in federal grants meant to expand broadband Internet access in the state". Walker et al are TERRIBLE for Wisconsin !!!!!