1. knight

    Trump sucks worldwide

    These numbers don't look too good for Dumb Donald, and this was months ago, before he had a chance to fuck up a lot... Trump Unpopular Worldwide, American Image Suffers | Pew Research Center
  2. the watchman

    so apparently Justice League sucks.

    don't usually pay that much attention to critics. They get it wrong too often. But, they gave Thor good rating and it turned out to be pretty good. Recommend going to see it. But, see, Ben Affleck is in the new DC release. He tends to bomb at the box office when it comes to being a "super hero"...
  3. Davocrat

    Let's face it. 2017 sucks.

    Trump supporters get no respect. Trump detractors cringe every morning when they turn on their computers. Trump's having a lousy time doing stuff he hates. Liberals hate younger left wingers. We have mass killings and shoot-outs in the streets. Nazis and white nationalists chant anti-semitic...
  4. Rasselas

    Breitbart sucks.... bad its traffic is down 53% since the election. They are the dog that caught the car...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    OK people! Navy jets flying around HERE (and the weather SUCKS)

    We never hear military jets flying around here. What's more the visibility sucks. Just 2. I'll keep an ear out. Weird. No backup to post, just an observation.
  6. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Women Make Up Majority of U.S. Law Students for First Time! Life sucks for men?

    Women Make Up Majority of U.S. Law Students for First Time. For the first time, women make up a majority of law students, holding just over 50 percent of the seats at accredited law schools in the United States. The number of men and women enrolled in Juris doctorate programs has been nearly...
  7. Babba

    Damn! The Media Sucks

    Everyone is so worried about HRC's ties to Wall Street and such and the news media completely misses this. Once Again, the Media Gets It Wrong on the Clinton Foundation ? Inside Philanthropy Why don't we know about that? Damn liberal media!
  8. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Donald Trump rally crowd breaks out into 'Paul Ryan SUCKS' chant!

    A crowd gathered for a Donald Trump campaign rally in Wisconsin on Monday evening broke out into a chant against House Speaker Paul Ryan, who hails from the state. “Paul Ryan sucks!” chanted the Green Bay crowd as a local GOP official spoke onstage. Donald Trump crowd chants 'Paul Ryan sucks'...
  9. meridian5455

    Happy Socialism Sucks Day

    Anarchists celebrated May Day in Seattle Sunday night by destroying property and injuring at least five police offices, all while recording each other’s brave stand against capitalism on their iPhones. That was then, and this? This is “Socialism Sucks” day — and it’s not confined to Seattle...
  10. G

    Donald Trump Acknowledges His Campaign Team Kind of Sucks

    Remember when Donald Trump declared, ad naseum, that he’d hire only the “greatest minds” as president? Well that’s not going so well. The New York Times reports Trump had a closed-door meeting this week with Reince Priebus and several other top Republican National Committee members, during which...
  11. C

    Um...I thought that "everyone" knew Obama sucks???

    Then how is it that he has a 52% approval rating?!?! The Republican party can't say that. They can't say they even come close to that. Nor can a single Republican candidate. I don't understand... How is this possible?
  12. meridian5455

    Left wing donut lickers at Salon list the reason that they think America sucks

    Left wing donut lickers at Salon list the reasons that they think America sucks 11 things the rest of the world does so much better than America - An alternate title would could have been: "America: Not Nearly leftist Enough Yet"
  13. mrmike

    Hillary sucks it up and takes a Van to Iowa

    This PR op is no doubt intended to try to show she's one of the "common people". Of course, at this point they're hiding as much of this tour as possible and her handlers will carefully select what is shown and said (as they should rightfully do so). Will she drive the Van? Pump gas? Eat...
  14. B

    More On Why Obamacare Sucks

    How Obamacare fails the poor and middle class - Just some more reasons why this clusterfuck has to go.
  15. Babba

    No Wonder the Economy Sucks

    This single chart goes a long way to explaining our anemic economy. We need to remedy this if we ever hope to have a decent economy again. What this means is that not enough money is flowing through the economy.
  16. meridian5455

    Obamacare sucks!

    Thanks Obama. You know nothing about the insurance industry, but you think you can write a decree that affects the entire industry and everyone in this country. You are a dumbfuck.
  17. The Man

    "Enemy" sucks!!!

    We just got back from the movie theater... Went to see Jake Gyllenhaal's new flick, "Enemy". A 'thriller' supposedly. More like a waste of our combined $19 and two hours of our lives... Still don't understand what the hell I just watched... Two guys who look the same sleep with each others...
  18. meridian5455

    Time change sucks! - End Daylight Savings Time!

    History & info - Daylight Saving Time idea from Benjamin Franklin We need to pick one time and stick with it. This changing the clocks twice a year is a stupid waste of time.
  19. Babba

    Dennis Rodman Sucks

    I saw this interview on CNN this morning and almost blew a gasket. The freak and his entourage need to cut the bullshit. Anyone who could be "friends" with that sick SOB, Kim Jong-un, has his priorities seriously messed up. I understand that for a lot of the guys with him it's about cultural...
  20. M

    Really sucks to be this dude....

    Man seen toppling boulder claims 'debilitating injuries' - Man seen toppling boulder claims 'debilitating injuries' from car crash in recent lawsuit Los Angeles (CNN) -- One of the men who toppled an ancient boulder in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park last week filed a personal injury...