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    The Mexican Presideent sucks!

    Mexican leader assails border fence plan - Yahoo! News The Mexican president is an asshole. Fuck him. Of course he wants no fence on the border, how else will he get rid of all his poor people? He says the border should be a place for opportunity. For who? Americans who ar just dying to...
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    U.S sucks!

    We are the dominant power. And what the hell do we do! we throw around our power and flaunt it worthlessy. And I want you guys to check this out. WATCH THIS MOVIE I love it!!!!:D wacth the first one too!:D
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    Liberal Academia/The Liberal Press Sucks!

    Hey guys, pick up a copy of the latest New Yorker. Remember the Duke students that the Liberal Press hoped to frame for raping that black woman at a lacrosse party? Well, these dumb schmucks aparently got the wrong guys. Mike Nifong, the DA down there was up for re-election, and needed a lot of...
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    Politics Sucks

    It makes me depressed about what the world is going to be like ina few years, and where it is going.
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    Hillary Clinton Sucks

    I have actually convinced several people in New York to NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she runs for president. I think it's working. It looks as though the Left's attempts to jam Google with Path to 9/11 failed. The top three site results all promote and praise Path to 9/11.