1. Davocrat

    Suddenly right-wingers are concerned about bad language

    Currently circulating on Facebook is the David Hogg F-bomb clip. The president brags of grabbing pussy and has three women in litigation over affairs. The NRA wants 18-year-olds to have AR15s. The president calls his opponents expletives. What's wrong with this picture?
  2. bmanmcfly

    Why is steel suddenly important?? Also, Documentation of russian steel being made below standards... consider, if you have weak steel in your tank / aircraft...
  3. Darkman

    RIP: Israel: Radical Haredi leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach dies suddenly

    Radical Haredi leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach dies suddenly Extremist Jerusalem Faction group headed by Auerbach now appears bereft of any leader and appears set to lose influence. By Jeremy Sharon February 24, 2018 21:42 > Haredi protestors shut down Jerusalem roads for...
  4. Isalexi

    Women suddenly coming forward

    People are accusing women who now have the courage to come forward about their sexual abuse, of lying. They keep asking why did they keep it to themselves for so long? They kept it to themselves for so long because they weren’t believed and they didn’t have a support system. Today I was...
  5. PACE

    Sessions suddenly remembers discussing a Russian deal

    Well, well, well, just as scrutiny on Capitol Hill refocuses on him!
  6. kmiller1610

    Based on Trump's established behaviors alone, why is he suddenly acting militarily?

    This does not seem to fit his campaign rhetoric or isolationist promises, so why is he doing it? This is a speculation and interpretation thread (that is my intent anyway).
  7. Minotaur

    Republicans suddenly sweating election in deep-red Kansas district

    Some of the elections are drawing near so for now keep an eye on these two: The 6th Congressional District of Georgia special election for the U.S. House of Representatives on April 18, 2017 as well From the article: "Vice President Pence is stepping into Kansas's special House...
  8. L

    George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Suddenly a Best-Seller

    By KIMIKO de FREYTAS-TAMURAJAN. 25, 2017 George Orwell’s classic book “1984,” about a dystopian future where critical thought is suppressed under a totalitarian regime, has seen a surge in sales this month, rising to the top of the Amazon best-seller list in the United States and leading its...
  9. TennesseeRain

    Marco Rubio Calls Out Republicans For Suddenly Being Fans Of WikiLeaks

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) issued a stern warning to his Republican colleagues this week over their newfound love for the website WikiLeaks. “These leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and I will not indulge it,” Rubio told ABC News in a statement...
  10. Djinn

    Suddenly Awkward Trump Tax Tweets

    Seven tweets that don't seem to carry the same message, now that we know that Trump has been avoiding paying federal taxes for the past 18-odd years: Collected from here.
  11. PACE

    North Carolina senate race suddenly gets tight for the RW incumbent

    North Carolina Senate Contest Suddenly Turns Tight - WSJ
  12. L

    Why American Companies Suddenly Love Workers

    Something interesting happens when the labor market tightens: Chief executives sing the benefits of higher wages, in unison. DEREK THOMPSON JUL 18, 2016 snip For one multinational corporation to have a conversion moment on wages and benefits might be an insignificant anecdote. But all...
  13. BDBoop

    Don’t look now, but Barack Obama is suddenly popular

    They must be polling the wrong people. Click here for full article. Next up, pronouncements that Gallup has a liberal bias.
  14. GordonGecko

    The Unfairness of the Universe...don't know why I suddenly remembered this line-

    "I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, 'wouldn't it be much worse if life *were* fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?' So now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe."...
  15. meridian5455

    Pelosi suddenly cares about separation of powers

    “As leaders of Congress when the ACA was passed, the signers of this brief know that this Republican lawsuit is a meritless claim – one that shouldn’t even be entertained by the courts in the first place. For the courts to wade into such an inter-branch political dispute would displace the...
  16. the watchman

    suddenly racist.

    imagine someone , who doesn't have a racist bone in their body. Imagine, they've displayed the confederate flag proudly until now publicly in some manner. How would you feel to suddenly be viewed as a racist? Even though you're not. your thoughts?
  17. Davocrat

    FOX News: suddenly gay marriage is good!

    "Hey, we better get on the marriage equality bandwagon now, or people will think we're a bunch of turds!" This is sweet. You won't believe your ears.
  18. NiteGuy

    Suddenly, Capital One's "What's in YOUR wallet" slogan just seems cruel.

    Wow, no one could've predicted that the total lack of transparency, accountability, traceability, and regulation by a government entity capable of imposing penalties would've turned out badly.
  19. Minotaur

    JFK Is Suddenly A Conservative?

    He was and has been over the years the lone Democrat President every conservative hated from past history so how would he fit in as President today? He'd be as hated as President Obama and Obamacare for the health of all Americans. In fact in his time he was the President who almost wasn't a...
  20. nonsqtr

    House Democrats are suddenly concerned too

    Nancy Pelosi - Nancy Pelosi of all people - to the rescue! :f_yikes: Things must be really bad in Democrat-land. :drama: Uh oh.... dissension in the ranks? Looks like it to me. You?