1. Devil505

    A gun owner's suggestion to limit gun deaths

    Most mass shootings in this country involve firearms designed to accept high capacity/quick change magazines lower the legal capacity of magazines (10 rounds should do it) and attach thumbscrews to slow down the ability to quick change them. Cheap/sensible suggestion that takes no...
  2. Davocrat

    Cheaper suggestion: don't be an asshole

    Pruitt has to fly first class because that curtain between him and coach is all that stands between him and middle fingers. ---------------------- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt said he sometimes flies first class on airplanes due to decisions by his security...
  3. RNG

    A suggestion to curtail illegal immigration

    A friend of mine and I came up with what we think is a foolproof three step way of minimizing illegal immigration from Mexico and Central/South America. The illegals who come to the US for the money. First, enforce the use of e-verify. Secondly, put long teeth in the sanctions part. The big...
  4. Davocrat

    NEWS FLASH: Pence has intelligent response to deplorable suggestion for revolution

    I'm impressed by Pence's no-bullshit response here to a deplorable woman. Still don't want him as the VEEP, but at least he's not as stupid as Trump. Newton, Iowa (CNN)Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dissuaded a female supporter Tuesday from starting a revolution in the wake of a Hillary Clinton...
  5. libertariat720

    The NEW movie suggestion thread

    So I hear a lot of grumbling, mostly from my parents and they're friends, that even though there might be some good movies popping up here and there now and again these days... "They don't make 'em like they used to sonny!" Well, here is a thread to suggest new movies (last 10 years or...
  6. meridian5455

    Hillary has a suggestion on how to spend Powerball winnings How very Hillary! She’s “share the prosperity,” but only with her own campaign. What a dumb answer. That's what foreign dictator money is for.
  7. Devil505

    Suggestion to moderate/peace-loving Muslims of the world

    Since the jihadists are causing worldwide fear and hatred aimed at all Muslims, why aren't the moderate Muslims of the world doing more to police themselves? When was that last time we heard of an attack being thwarted by fellow Muslims who had infiltrated one of these gangs and stopped their...
  8. meridian5455

    Obama's weekly remarks and he had a suggestion

    Let's put politics aside - Barack Obama. You first, Obama.
  9. BruceTLaney

    A Movie suggestion for the right: ( Pride )

    It is based on true life events in England and will show how some conservative close minded fools would rather cut their nose off to spite their face before they accept a helping hand from the Gay and Lesbian community and how the perception of the gay community changed with the Miners of Wales...
  10. B

    CPAC in Missouri: Laughter At Suggestion That Obama Is Going To Hell Small transcript from the video: Pretty lame. And the response was not thundering, it's not like just tons of people were cheering that Obama go to Hell or something like that, so this is not like many of those whacky Right-Wing Faux-Outrage threads...
  11. Rasselas

    An armed cop in every school: NRA chief's suggestion

    Wayne LaPierre, president of the NRA, today suggests that our response to Newtown should be an armed police officer in every school:
  12. Right Wing Fanatic

    Suggestion for gun control nuts

    For all the Liberals who are terrified of the concept of legally qualified, law-abiding citizens carrying guns, I have a suggestion for you. Wear a “Gun Free Zone” sign around your necks or as a patch on your clothing. This will ensure and guarantee you that no one will ever, carry...
  13. Devil505

    Post Reading Suggestion

    There are a few members here who will mis-characterize someone's words, claiming they said something they never did, & try to score points off a what is in essence a lie. This is the tactic of a weak debater & can easily be spotted: If such a post does not include a copy of the claimed quote...
  14. Devil505


    How about adding the "My Posts" button to the top title bar all the time? (even when you're looking at the New Posts list) I tend to be looking at the "New Posts" list most of the time when browsing.
  15. Devil505

    Forum Suggestion

    How about adding a new icon (bottom left of page) where members could click it & goto the New Posts section. Already there is "Home", "Scroll To Top" & a few others)
  16. M

    Off-the-cuff suggestion prompts discussion on what to do with abandoned neighborhoods

    Off-the-cuff suggestion prompts discussion on what to do with abandoned neighborhoods in Flint This will be standard in this country, because boys and girls, this is what happens when there are no good jobs. It is pretty simple, but some of you fail to see it, or just take a side, like say...
  17. O

    A modest suggestion to you all

    Some of you believe as I do that little good will emerge from the coming Administration and the next Congress. Some of you seem to believe that we are on the cusp of a Golden Age. My suggestion involves the possibility that my faction proves correct. Please understand that for most of you...
  18. E

    A reading suggestion for you.

    »»Folks,this is just a reading suggestion for you :- Did you read "In the Arena-Joe Klein"´s article called "Obama Challenge-and America´s" in "Time" magazine?...I will not quote excerpts because the folks at "Time" do not like it when people do it without written permission,but if you have...
  19. T

    Iraq Suggestion

    Apparently the evil American empire has once again come to the conclusion that most people do not want these ideas of free enterprise and representative democracy. Such a political ideology belongs to 17th century philosophers not the future. However, America has maintained a great deal of...