1. Madeline

    Defamation Suit in Texas v. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones has broadcast much dreadful, diabolical, disgusting misinformation about the Sandy Hook massacre, including but not limited to, the event was a hoax, nobody died, and it is a liberal conspiracy to create a public support for gun control that is purposefully designed to eliminate 2nd...
  2. John T Ford

    San Jose Facing Law Suit Over Trump Rally Violence

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - The City of San Jose is facing a class action lawsuit over how it handled protests outside a Donald Trump rally last month. On Thursday it was announced that 14 Trump supporters are suing the city, claiming it didn't do enough to prevent or stop the violence. Those...
  3. bmanmcfly

    Weinstein rape now a Rico suit Unfortunately, the document is not allowing me to copy segments. Anyway, so, now what started as a rape case against Weinstein is now alleging that the Weinstein company, Disney, miramax and more were involved...
  4. excalibur

    Human Rights Activist Files RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS Founders

    Could not happen to a nicer group of scoundrels. Human Rights Activist Files RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS Founders
  5. Southern Dad

    Democratic Party files federal lawsuit alleging conspiracy by Trump Campaign

    We are almost to the midterms and we are still dealing with the 2016. I wonder what their desired relief is in the lawsuit. A do over?
  6. D

    Target to pay $3.7 million to settle suit alleging employment discrimination against

    Target to pay $3.7 million to settle suit alleging employment discrimination against blacks, Latinos By Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter Poza ==================================================== If the law gives those folks another chance and doesn't keep them incarcerated then stores should...
  7. D

    Massachusetts man files defamation suit against InfoWars

    Massachusetts man files defamation suit against InfoWars By The Associated Press ==================================================== That should be interesting to say the least! Let's see what transpires.
  8. excalibur

    Gun retailers’ suit against Massachusetts AG can move forward

    Judge: Gun retailers’ suit against Massachusetts AG can move forward
  9. MaryAnne

    Suit Filed

    On Electoral votes! Breaking: ?Legal Team Led by David Boies and LULAC Files Lawsuits Challenging Winner-Take-All Approach to Selecting Electors in Presidential Elections? | Election Law Blog
  10. excalibur

    New York Court Upholds Dismissal of Defamation Suit Against Trump

    Nuisance lawsuit dismissed.
  11. aboutenough

    Former Atlanta fire chief claims discrimination in civil rights suit

    Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and his wife Carolynn Cochran leave Richard B. Russell Federal Building after his hearing on Friday, November 17, 2017. Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Mayor Kasim Reed and the city, saying he was...
  12. Devil505

    Bob Mueller should investigate DOJ's suit against Time Warner merger.

    This smacks of Trump abuse of impeachable offense. I have no doubt that Trump's infected fingers caused this change of thinking about this vertical merger within the DOJ.
  13. T

    Trump Vote Fraud Commission Member Files Suit Against Panel

    Shocker! Remember when the president stated that millions of folks voted illegally and all for Hillary? Then to support the delusions of the president a panel was formed to study such things? Yeah, it turns out of of that panel's members was, in his view, being denied the documentation he...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    The "grabber" has been subpoenaed for documents in sexual-assault allegation suit

    Apparently this has been wending its way through the process stuff. This came out yesterday. Won't it be ironic if TRUMP won't be able to assert executive privilege because of the importance of his presidential duties--citing precedent of Bill Clinton's case? Trump Subpoenaed for Documents...
  15. MaryAnne

    Suit Filed

    Do you think Trump's opponent in the next election can sit all these women in the front row? Donald Trump Takes Hit From Gloria Allred Over Ex-?Apprentice? Contestant?s Suit |...
  16. MaryAnne

    Benghazi Suit Dismissed

    Suit against Hillary Clinton over Benghazi deaths and emails is dismissed - POLITICO
  17. D

    In preemptive move, Paxton files suit to uphold constitutionality of 'sanctuary citie

    This latest egregious law signed by Abbott continues to show that Texas has little regard for the Hispanic Community that is not at fault. This new law, in effect, gives police the power to harass any person they stop by asking for papers. So much for the Constitution's Fourth Amendment with the...
  18. D

    Lesbian couple wins housing discrimination suit in Colorado

    Another VICTORY for LGBT Rights In Housing Right Next to the Previous One With Regard to Employment! A Federal Court has once again affirmed the rights of LGBT Citizens and courts are making more and more rulings that recognize the rights of those citizens who, after all, are innocent and just...
  19. Singularity

    New suit: Even after Ailes left, disregard for sex harassment and retaliation common

    And unlike Gretchen Carlson, Julie Rogisnky was a Fox News contractor -- not a fulltime employee. Therefore, she is not bound to accept internal arbitration as Carlson was. Discovery could be explosive.
  20. cpicturetaker12

    FOX hit with another big sexual harassment suit, Aisles, 'F me for a big promotion'

    It's funny I read an article this weekend where FOX was expecting more lawsuits. Perhaps it was an inoculation for this morning. Though the article specifically stated SUITS (plural). Aisles again. I feel sure more are coming against OREILLY as well. Remember, the FEDERAL attorney...