1. knight

    This pretty much sums them up...

  2. J

    This sums up so much about the rights hatred of everything , Speaks volumes.

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  3. KnotaFrayed

    This about sums it up......

    Not sure how this got buried way back when, but it seems even more appropriate now, than ever....... And from The Blaze, no less..... Best description ever of what we have seen go on. The new themes for America should be "Take Back the Sanity", "Bring Back Intelligence"....... The...
  4. Spookycolt

    An inspirational little skit that sums up life for us believers.

    I hope you enjoy it, it sums up what we go through and struggle with but how Jesus is always there in the end. Its very moving.
  5. meridian5455

    Obama's Cuba photo OP sums him up pretty well

    I'm remember when US Presidents opposed communism. “Go fuck yourself, America” - Barack Obama It is, of course, ironic that a scholar like Obama was unaware that Che Guevara considered blacks to be inferior. "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or...
  6. meridian5455

    One disgraceful photo sums up Hillary perfectly
  7. meridian5455

    Author Toni Morrison’s remarks on racism sums up the liberal mindset

    Author Toni Morrison, who once famously referred to Bill Clinton as America’s “first black president,” is quoted in a recent interview describing events that will signal the end of racism in America. "People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race,” the 84-year-old told The...
  8. KnotaFrayed

    He sums up pretty well the mixed up "culture" some have developed in this nation...

    It's encouraging to see some people lay out what might be described as hypocrisies of some in so many words. Interesting that what he's talking about is not just homosexuality, but a plethora of other "attitudes" of some that don't make much logical sense and as a result give a pass to some...
  9. R

    Kenctucky fan sums up what is wrong with his University:

    Too much of that "REsearch" goin' on.... Them kids need to be learned about BASKETball, and FOOTBALL. You know...the IMPORTANT stuff.....
  10. whitedog

    SI article sums up Lance's BS nicely

  11. meridian5455

    I think this pretty much sums up the protests in the Middle East and elsewhere Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
  12. Stefan Bandera

    Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience:

    Paul Ryan’s Private Sector Experience: Driving the Weinermobile in College*Pensito Review Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience: Paul Ryan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience...
  13. muffins

    Bilderman (TrimTabs) sums things up nicely ...

    The private economy isn't big enough to support the current, and promised future spending by government.;feature=colike
  14. L

    100's of thousands donate large sums monthy for others healthcare

    Several interesting things to learn from this: 1) In one organization alone over 100,000 people are donating $285 every month for the health care needs of others. Collectively this organization donates more than 60 million dollars per year. And it is not the only one. In fact, if you think...
  15. P

    This pretty much sums it up.

    The Free Market Clapper
  16. T

    This just about sums it up for me.

    I read this Ghandi quote over the weekend, and it truly puts into a few sentences what I think of Christianity. I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. Mohandas Gandhi Mohandas Gandhi Quotes
  17. T

    The title about sums up my feelings about the surge

    Baghdad faces security test as "surge" units leave - Yahoo! News just the headline thats all
  18. T

    This quote sums it up

    It's been said by some that if you are not behind the president you are not patriotic. Ironically, I was listening to D.L. Hughly, and he quoted Mark Twain. I looked up the quote and here it is. Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. Mark Twain Quotes