1. Rasselas

    Supply and Demand curve eludes Trump, who moves to depress wages

    So the Trump administration is so concerned about non-Americans coming to take American jobs, they are inviting 15,000 foreigners to come take seasonal jobs. What kind of fools does Trump take his supporters for? First class. U.S. allows more seasonal workers as Trump pushes 'hire...
  2. T

    Rick Perry on supply and demand economics: Supply it, then demand will follow

    Good fucking lord. Texas sized genius right there. Rick Perry explains supply and demand. Not surprising, he seems to not know a thing about it. Folks, this fellow is in charge of all the nuclear material in the US. Rick Perry on supply and demand economics: Supply it, then demand will...
  3. The Man

    Vital ISIL supply route cut off

    Syrian Army, Russian Marines cutoff ISIL’s Raqqa-Homs supply route Russian Marines in Syria, at Khmeymim base So, by the way, now I know, this is the uniform the Marines use over there And these guys are Ground Forces (Army) And then, there are Spstsnaz Rambos who...
  4. Kontrary

    Losing biodiversity in our food supply

    How Biodiversity?Not Toxic Monocultures?Sustainably and Efficiently Feeds the World | Alternet More than seven thousand species have fed humanity throughout history: compared to now But today, just thirty crops provide90 percent of the calories in the human diet, and only three...
  5. meridian5455

    Student demands LIFETIME supply of Kit Kats due to lack of wafer

    A student is demanding a lifetime supply of KitKats under the threat of legal action after she bought eight of the chocolate bars and none of them had the the trademark wafer inside. Saima Ahmad, 20, bought the multi-pack from a supermarket for £2 last month, and has now written to...
  6. Æthelfrith

    Supply Side Economics

    This story has been doing the rounds for some time: "Recent reports show that far from costing the country money, Her Majesty the Queen actually brings in £10 million a year. Instead of trying to abolish the Monarchy, why doesn't the government turn all the unemployed into monarchs, thus...
  7. boontito

    Supply Rocket Bound For Space Station Explodes Over Virginia

    Commercial supply rocket explodes at liftoff CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A commercial supply ship bound for the International Space Station has exploded moments after liftoff. Orbital Sciences Corp.'s unmanned rocket blew up over the launch complex at Wallops Island, Virginia, just six seconds...
  8. M

    Why are gas prices going up when supply is so high?

    Nice to see someone challenging the oil companies and their practice of refinery maintenance during high demand times and to some extent as indicated in the article, whether they are even down for maintenance at all. This article raises some good questions about supply and demand and should...
  9. Blackbeard

    Unemployment truth....expertise in short supply

    Skilled Jobs Are Difficult to Fill - Never discussed is our employment pool in this country. It's often easy to find people, it's hard to find good people. Here we have jobs not requiring a college degree...with a great company.......Ferrie is having trouble filling open...
  10. michaelr

    US Money Supply Surges Surges 33% in 4 Months - Gold To Follow?

    US Money Supply Surges Surges 33% in 4 Months - Gold To Follow? These ass holes. Look peeps...ugh....i was chatting with a neighbor yesterday, man this guy, he is a nice guy and all, but he is hooked...was really hooked with this weird fascination with Obama, and an ubber partisan. I mean to...
  11. michaelr

    US Money Supply Plunges At 1930's Pace And Housing Index Dives

    US Money Supply Plunges At 1930's Pace And Housing Index Dives People really shouldn't forget history. Look at the "Roaring 20s, and then the Depression", then look at the last decade and today. The parallels are strikingly familiar, well except the inflation factor. Forget it, relive it...
  12. D

    M3 Money Supply: What is it? Does it Matter: Why is Europe Concerned?

    I'm not even sure what the M3 Money Supply has to do with measuring the state of the economy. I found an article in the UK. The brits and europe certainly see the M3 U.S. money supply as very alarming. In fact, the U.S money supply level are reducing at a pace not seen since 1939. Comparing...
  13. michaelr

    US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus

    US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus I told you people, they will cut the supply. The plan is, two trillion. Well here it is, and get ready for a conflating economy with inflationary costs.. And the idiots who studied economics said it couldn't be...
  14. michaelr

    Oil Prices Slip Before Supply Data

    Oil Prices Slip Before Supply Data Oil fell to $50.00 because of lack of demand. The demand hasn't really gone up as world wide manufacturing and shipping are still real low, I mean low. I have a thread that shows the ghost fleet of the recession, and if memory serves properly, it is larger...
  15. Z

    New supply route into Afghanistan map

  16. S

    Southeast Gasoline Supply Shortage

    I'm sure everyone has been reading about it, seeing video of the lines, interviews with people saying how they have been sitting in line for over an hour. They quoted a woman in USA Today saying she had waited in line for an hour and a half to fill up her car so now she was going to go and park...
  17. D

    supply and demand

    I know how it works and everything, but what i cannot understand is why a store does not set the product at a very high price initially, sell all that they can, then lower it slighty, sell a few more, and keep lowering it slightly until all of the product is gone. Then, they are making the...
  18. M

    Oil hits record over $80 on tight supply

    Thats it I've had it, I'm going to the livestock auction tomorrow and getting a horse. Oil hits record over $80 on tight supply
  19. S

    Failed power supply leads to faulty mosfet diagnosis

    A faulty 30 volt 40 amp continuous drain mosfet , 17 milliohm ( metal oxide field effect transistor ) caused my power supply to smoke last week. It's a N channel high output switching transistor used in low tolerance high output power supplies. New part's on order ( SSM40N03P ) but Im forced to...