1. J

    Two black women killed by white supremacists (Separate Incidents)

    Conservatives sweep this white terrorist behavior under the rug while screaming "but muh illegals!" And they wonder why most blacks, most Hispanics and even now most ASIANS (!!!!!) vote Democratic?
  2. HenryPorter

    Murders by American White Supremacists double in 2017 White Supremacists Killed 18 People in 2017, Double the Number From 2016, New Report Finds So much MAGA. So much winning. I expect this to continue to rise for the...
  3. Sassy

    White Supremacists, You Won't Like Your DNA Results
  4. chaos

    Psycho Trump and his white supremacists toadies

    What a bunch of snowflakes.
  5. bajisima

    NH chairman calls rural, disaffected workers white supremacists

    Not going over very big here in New England. Calls for his resignation now. The chairman of New Hampshire's Democratic Party has come under fire for comments suggesting some unregistered voters in the state are white supremacists. Ray Buckley was responding over the weekend to news that a...
  6. HayJenn

    White Supremacists Joked About Using Cars to Run Over Opponents

    Leaked chat room conversations reveal expectations of violence — along with detailed planning and intelligence gathering on left-wing adversaries. Nearly a month before a car driven by an alleged neo-Nazi plowed into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12, white...
  7. L

    Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Has Meltdown After Trump Condemns White Supremacists In Char

    “President Trump, please, for God’s sake, don’t feel like you need to say these things. It’s not going to do you any good.” By Hayley Miller Former KKK leader David Duke was none too pleased that President Donald Trump on Monday finally got around to condemning extremist groups by name ―...
  8. the watchman

    White House adviser says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much.

    No one is quite sure what Sebastian Gorka, officially a deputy assistant to President Trump, actually does at the White House. This hasn’t stopped him, however, from being a near constant presence in the media. Wednesday, Gorka appeared on Breitbart News Daily, the radio show of his former...
  9. the watchman

    Stephen Miller’s strange insult of a reporter is very familiar to white supremacists

    At a White House press briefing Wednesday, senior Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller belittled the sonnet inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, delighting white nationalists who have frequently disparaged the poem. But that wasn’t the only insult with a racial subtext Miller used...
  10. Howey

    Are White Supremacists Ashamed?

    After all...they hide their identities behind white hoods and anonymous forums like this one...why wont they admit who they are? Come out come out! Show pride in who you are!
  11. PACE

    White supremacists rejoice - with Briebart hire - We've taken over the Rep Party!!!!

    David Duke Show Celebrates Trump?s Breitbart Hire: We?ve ?Taken Over the Republican Party!? | Mediaite Get a Carvel Cake fellas,,,, Regards Pace
  12. Babba

    Trump's Ties to White Supremacists

    It seems a lot of his retweeting are dog whistles for racists. This is a very interesting analysis of his tweets. Donald Trump's Social Media Ties to White Supremacists - Fortune
  13. BDBoop

    Donald Trump's Social Media Ties to White Supremacists

    Donald Trump's Social Media Ties to White Supremacists - Fortune Certainly throws a spanner in ye olde "HE'S NOT A RACIST" bullshit statements. Trump is “giving us the old wink-wink,” wrote Andrew Anglin, editor of a white supremacist website called The Daily Stormer, after Trump retweeted two...
  14. the watchman

    White Supremacists Are Broadcasting From Inside Trump Rallies.

    Edwards said he and his co-hosts have attended three different Trump rallies in recent months: One in Illinois, one in Arkansas, and the rally in Memphis. With press credentials from Trump, the white supremacists feel "every bit as legit" as members of the traditional media, he added. snip...
  15. boontito

    Trump's Unwelcome Support: White Supremacists

    Trump's unwelcome support: White supremacists - New Hampshire voters may be stunned to hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; it's from white nationalists with a simple, disturbing message. "We don't need Muslims. We need smart, educated, white people," according to...
  16. HadEnough2

    White Supremacists Backing Donald Trump

    Can't say I'm shocked. How about you? Meet The Members Of Donald Trump?s White Supremacist Fan Club Trump Responds To Praise From White Supremacists: 'Everyone Likes Me'
  17. DebateDrone

    :: Even White Supremacists Say Church Shooting Bad ::

    Even White Supremacists don't want anything to do with mass racial killings. Maybe they should work a little harder to make that message clearer. Do White Supremacist and the Stormfront crowd just have a bad rap? Are they just misunderstood. Or are they just FOS? White Supremacists...
  18. boontito

    Five Ways To Know You're Speaking To White Supremacists

    I sympathize with the Representative Scalise's plight of not knowing who he was speaking in front of and how it might look over a decade later. With that in mind, here is a great little tip sheet so no one falls into this same trap: Five ways to know you?re speaking to white supremacists I...
  19. Oscar99

    White Supremacists killing Texas lawmen

    Are white supremacists killing Texas prosecutors? all of their victims, are white.
  20. Tedminator

    White supremacists react to Sikh massacre

    White supremacists react to Sikh massacre | SPLC 08/07/2012 By Ryan Lenz Message boards and forums across the racist radical right have erupted in the days following Wade Michael Page’s deadly rampage at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, with some racists calling the skinhead gunman “brother,”...