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    Job Losses and Oil Surge Spread Economic Gloom

    NY Times Advertisement If anyone denies we are in a recession they are way out of touch with reality.
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    Venezuela's Petroleum Imports Surge

    Venezuela's biggest cash cow is faltering. Could this be an indictment of Chavez's Bolivarian Socialist utopia and a meltdown of the Venezuelan economy? I believe so. Free Preview -
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    "Irans Goodwill" Is The Reason For Surge Success

    Nancy Pelosi has credited the surge success to the goodwill of Iran. My gawd, she doesn't even have the decency to give our own military & coalition forces the credit for the successes they have had. Whether one is against this war or not, to give Iran the credit is beyond the pale, &...
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    The title about sums up my feelings about the surge

    Baghdad faces security test as "surge" units leave - Yahoo! News just the headline thats all
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    The Surge Hasn't Worked?

    Not too long ago, there were many reasons to get down on Iraq. I mean the decision to dismantle the Iraqi Army was a mistake. The Coalition Provisional Authority and its de-bathification laws were a mistake. At the end of 2006, it seemed that something had to be done to reclaim the momentum...
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    The Myth of the Surge

    The Myth of the Surge Hoping to turn enemies into allies, U.S. forces are arming Iraqis who fought with the insurgents. But it's already starting to backfire. A report from the front lines of the new Iraq So much for all the "Surge is Working!" BS. All we did was put a temporary cap on the...
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    Times article spurs cash surge for John McCain presidential campaign

    Thanks NY Times! And now the DNC has their chief roach Howard Dean scuttling around to try to continue the baseless attack on McCain. The desperation is almost thick enough to cut with a knife. Go get 'em Howard. YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaw. And McCain? Well his cash flow has increased...
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    Surge to Nowhere 73.html?hpid=opinionsbox1 Don't buy the hawks' hype. The war may be off the front pages, but Iraq is broken beyond repair, and we still own it. How much farther can the bar be lowered? We may be lucky to have the kind...
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    The Secret behind Obama's Surge

    Why is Obama winning? 1. He has not had to spend much time at all on the issues. The less he has to talk about issues, the less he reminds people of the shit government has to deal with. "Change" is not an issue. He is lucky/smart for staying away from discussing issues in depth. 2. He...
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    Surge Working?

    U.S. forces, Iraqi civilian deaths drop - Conflict in Iraq - Could this be true?
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    U.S.-IRAQ: Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge

    WASHINGTON, Sep 12 (IPS) - In sharp contrast to the lionisation of Gen. David Petraeus by members of the U.S. Congress during his testimony this week, Petraeus's superior, Admiral William Fallon, chief of the Central Command (CENTCOM), derided Petraeus as a sycophant during their first meeting...
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    70% Of Iraqis Call Surge A Failure

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | US surge has failed - Iraqi poll US surge has failed - Iraqi poll About 70% of Iraqis believe security has deteriorated in the area covered by the US military "surge" of the past six months, an opinion poll suggests. The survey by the BBC, ABC News and NHK of...
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    Contractor Deaths "Soar" Despite Surge.

    We already know that Iraqi civilian deaths have DOUBLED this year despite the surge. Contractor deaths are also way up. Yet, everyday we hear that security is better in Iraq under the surge...
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    The Surge is working!!!!!!

    At least 1,809 Iraqi civilians killed in August Toll, second-largest since U.S. troop buildup began, lower than before surge BAGHDAD - Civilian deaths rose slightly in August as a huge suicide attack in the north two weeks ago offset security gains elsewhere, making it the second deadliest...
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    Levin...Liberal Democrat: Praises Surge

    Sens. Warner and Levin Travel to Iraq, Praise Surge Results Monday, August 20, 2007 AP Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., left, and John Warner, R-Va. WASHINGTON — After a brief trip to Iraq, Sen. Carl Levin said Monday that the Iraqi Parliament should vote no confidence in the government of...
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    More Proof the Surge is Working...

    BAGHDAD BABYLON Hope and Despair in Divided Iraq By Ullrich Fichtner in Iraq When describing Iraq, the word "peace" is seldom used. Truth be told, the Americans have restored order to many parts of the county. But Iraq remains fractured, and where new schools are built today, bombs could...
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    Durbin on Surge: Military doing their best and making real progress.

    From the August 8 edition of CNN's American Morning: ROBERTS: Senator Durbin, the Brookings institution scholars Michael O'Hanlon and Ken Pollack were over there recently, wrote an editorial in The New York Times in which they said, "Yes, there is progress, and the progress is significant enough...
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    Silent Surge in Contractor "Armies"

    By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor Wednesday 18 July 2007A key support for US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, civilians have little oversight and, back home, little help.There are two coalition armies in Iraq: the official one, which fights the war, and the private one, which...
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    Moving Forward in Iraq - The "surge" is working.

    Moving Forward in Iraq The "surge" is working. Will Washington allow the current progress to continue? BY KIMBERLY KAGAN Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT In Washington perception is often mistaken for reality. And as Congress prepares for a fresh debate on Iraq, the perception...
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    New Evidence the Surge is Working

    Al Qeada's surge tactic in Iraq is progressing relatively unfettered with the murder of four US-friendly Sheiks at a meeting of the Anbar Salvation Council yesterday. The suicide bombing, in a heavily guarded hotel in the heart of Baghdad, may frustrate ASC's efforts to quell rising internal...