1. Coyote

    Saturday Surprise

    Aw man, the coolest family of Witnesses just stopped by to invite me to an event next weekend. A (single? idk) mom, her daughter, and son. I told them I was busy (because we are) with friends coming in from Oklahoma that weekend, but they are welcome to drop by anytime, come inside and chat if...
  2. R

    The October Surprise, Meuller's indictment of the President.

    Of course this is speculation. It will happen in mid October in order to influence the election in favor of the Democrats.
  3. BoiseBo

    Jon Stewart made a surprise cameo with Colbert last night!

    Thought about putting this in humor, but it's beyond that. Jon becomes decidedly serious toward the end. Puts the feelings that 2 out of 3 Americans have about Trump into verbal poetry. Gleeful cruelty and dickishness? LoL :1thumbup...
  4. Babba

    ICE whistleblower interrupted by surprise visit from government agents

    And you wonder why some of us call ICE the Gestapo.
  5. bajisima

    Will Cynthia Nixon be the next surprise for progressives?

    NY Papers are all discussing this today, is Gov Cuomo sweating it out? In a victory that shocked not only the Democratic Party, but also the entire political spectrum, 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated veteran Congressman Joe Crowley in the New York primary. When Sex and the City...
  6. ptif219

    Dem lawmakers make surprise visit to ICE detention center

    The democrats did not follow procedure and get permission. Where was their outrage when Obama did it. Just more hate Trump and democrat double standards and hypocrisy
  7. T

    Trump's Surprise Idea to Add Moscow to the G7

    Chief lobbyist for Russia/President Trump seems to have an idea. Inviting Russian back into the G7, bringing it up to the G8. He also calls himself Russia's worst nightmare, which seems odd as he gives it up to Russia at every possible turn. Seemingly totally unaware of why Russia was thrown...
  8. DemoWhip

    Surprise: Mike Pompeo Recognizes LGBT Pride Month

    Surprise: Mike Pompeo Recognizes LGBT Pride Month By Trudy Ring ==================================================== Surprise, Surprise! Secretary of State Pompeo appears to be turning over a new leaf on LGBT rights. That is undoubtedly welcome news to many. No one can say that he...
  9. DemoWhip

    After surprise expulsion of Russian diplomats, State Dept. tells Putin he can send in

    After surprise expulsion of Russian diplomats, State Dept. tells Putin he can send in replacements By Jen Hayden ==================================================== Why of course! Wasn't that, after all, to be expected? The intense love affair between Trump and Putin and their two...
  10. Friday13

    Surprise tax cuts ($31 Billion) in funding bill

    "Deficits don't matter"...legacy of Darth Cheney...but only in a GOPer controlled admin/congress. There's a surprise in the government funding bill...MORE TAX CUTS
  11. cpicturetaker12

    REFERENCE TABLE: CHIP FUNDING BY STATE (RED states get more--no surprise)

    CHIP is for health care funding for kids under 19 (some states, lower age) not covered by private sources of HEALTH INSURANCE. There are 3 major variations on the theme (that's the most simplistic explanation). MOSTLY federally funded. MOSTLY state funded. A hybrid of federal and state...
  12. DemoWhip

    A year after his surprise election, 65 percent say Trump's achieved little (POLL)

    A year after his surprise election, 65 percent say Trump's achieved little (POLL) - ABC News ​By GARY LANGER ==================================================== Numbers don't lie because they directly reflect what is at the pulse of the American public. Trump has been doing poorly...
  13. Friday13

    Amazon delivery surprise...

    Amazon order includes free shipment of marijuana
  14. the watchman

    Melania Trump addresses bullying in surprise trip to Michigan

    Melania Trump addresses bullying in Michigan - CNNPolitics
  15. HayJenn

    Democrats Win Surprise Election

    REPUBLICANS PUT TRANSPHOBIA on the ballot in Iowa on Tuesday. Iowa voters resoundingly took it down. The three-county House district had been veering away from Democrats in recent years. After going for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, voters handed the district to President Donald Trump with a...
  16. Spookycolt

    Surprise, Surprise.....Comey is writing a book

    Not that he said anything damaging against trump in the first place but with the amount of money he's being offered I think any reasonable person can conclude that he probably would be inclined to embellish his story a little bit. This little fact basically makes his whole testimony suspect...
  17. vikingbeast

    No Surprise Here

    Hell, all you have to do is talk to people to know this is true. A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon | WGBH News
  18. Minotaur

    CNN: Trump says great, great surprise in healthcare bill coming...

    CNN showed the video of Trump making that statement and one can only wonder what the revision may be. He often drops off fake news for the media so this may be one of those moments. If a "great, great surprise" is really coming however, my theory is that the new healthcare bill will be this...
  19. GordonGecko

    Surprise, surprise...Jason Chaffetz won't investigate Flynn in the House-

    GOP chairman: Oversight won't investigate Flynn | TheHill Remember, this is the SAME guy who promised ENDLESS investigations of Hillary if she won. :)
  20. Singularity

    And in the biggest surprise of the political year to date, Marco Rubio caves

    Lol, or not. He's done this for years. Takes an impassioned stand, grills his opponent, demands an accounting... Then Rubio realizes he has to actually defend his actions and uphold what he believes in after the cameras are off. Oops. Rubio to vote for Tillerson | TheHill