1. excalibur

    CDC Survey On Defensive Gun Use Was Never Publicized

    CDC Survey On Defensive Gun Use Was Never Publicized CDC Confirms Defensive Gun Use Prevalence | The Daily Caller
  2. excalibur

    Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump’s wall in new survey

    Because walls work. Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump’s wall in new survey
  3. Spookycolt

    Get set for sex robot revolution, survey says

    Apparently this is on its way, it will be the new porn, robots you can have sex with. Who thinks this will catch on and I wonder what parts will be robotic or if it all will be. Get set for sex robot revolution, survey says | Fox News
  4. RNG

    New survey of American religious affiliations

    A new survey done by the Public Relations Research Institute on the religious affiliations of Americans has been publish. This post is excerpts from an Axios story on it. Both the Axios story and the original PRRI publication are linked below. Of interest to me...
  5. Sassy

    Alt-right survey

    Hey, Jews are 71% human according to the respondents. I get a 57% human rating for being a feminist. Hillary Clinton ranks the lowest, at 54%.
  6. Davocrat

    Top words to describe 45 in May survey

    Yeah, it's about what we'd expect. Ho-hum... Voters in the US gave Donald Trump the thumbs-down in a new poll this week, which recorded a near-record low approval rating for the President. The telephone poll of 1,078 voters, conducted by Quinnipiac University, recorded a big decline in...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Quick survey: Whats the temperature where you are??

    Just curious. I'm talking to customers for 4 days with temps, that as a Floridian I go, at one point does it matter how far BELOW 0 it is?? The AC's off but all the fans are on. I just saw a news story about the frigid WEATHER as I was looking out at our roses off the back porch. They're...
  8. RedCloud

    The tonsorial survey

    has Trump leading by 1%. In the first debate Trump had slightly less hair than he normally had. In the second debate he would not have gained a second look because of his haircut. I suspect that in the third debate (if there is one), he will be slightly balding. Seriously and without...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    (Holy S) Politico delegate survey: TRUMP LACKS THE VOTES

    Okay guys, I do NOT know their rules. (I don't know my own arcane DNC rules). But this is most interesting. I know at least one LAWSUIT has been filed (a 'conscientious objector' so to speak). I know the RULES COMMITTEE, kinda like ours, sets their own rules and agenda for each convention...
  10. meridian5455

    Parents complain after teacher hands out 'privilege' survey

    TAMPA, FL (WTSP) - A Florida principal launched an investigation into a survey handed out to middle school students in Spanish class. Some parents complained after their children were asked to complete a form titled, "How much privilege do you have?' Students routinely fill out forms every...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    PLEASE answer this quick survey...

    Please indulge this poster! Just answer honestly. You can only pick ONE out of each pairing. No this does not have a link. I'll supply all the narrative later. No peeking for what this is all about. It's interesting. (Yes, of course, it has application in our political discourse). (If...
  12. ptif219

    More than two-thirds of Obamacare enrollees unsatisfied with coverage: survey

    Once again we see everything from Obama is a lie. Obamacare is nothing like what Obama promised. instead we have substandard healthcare and huge increases in out of pocket costs Obamacare enrollees less satisfied than people with other types of coverage: survey - Washington Times
  13. J

    Cannabis should be legal and tobacco illegal, says new survey

    Cannabis should be legal and tobacco illegal, under-30s tell new survey - News - Student - The Independent prohibition never works. But the statistics between the two are startling: Cannabis - 0 deaths from overdose in the history of the world Tobacco related deaths - Worldwide >6 million...
  14. meridian5455

    Survey says Chick-fil-A is America’s favorite fast food chain

    America's favorite fast food chain is... - Jun. 30, 2015
  15. bajisima

    Census bureau considers dropping race from survey

    As part of its final research push before finalizing its 2020 wording, test-census forms will be sent to 1.2 million households later this fall in without any references to “race” or “origin.” Instead, the forms will ask: “Which categories describe person 1?” Respondents will then be able to...
  16. texmaster

    Survey: School bullying problem recedes; whites more likely targets than minorities

    The good news is there are fewer students reporting being bullied so hopefully that means there are less. And yes to my far left liberal fans, I'm a racist for posting this. /sarcasm WASHINGTON — Fewer students say they are being bullied at school. Those who are bullied are more likely to be...
  17. ptif219

    Survey: Hiring by US businesses slows sharply in April

    Still no jobs still a stagnant economy Obama has failed and he does not care This is what happens when you vote the rich democrats that lie about who they are. News from The Associated Press Then there is this News from The Associated Press
  18. BDBoop

    Survey Finds A Solid Majority Of Young Voters Want Democrats To Keep The White House

    Survey Finds A Solid Majority Of Young Voters Want Democrats To Keep The White House Of course I'm happy, why wouldn't I be? I'm sure all manner of naysayers will be along shortly to explain why the article is incorrect. It's not. :)
  19. bajisima

    2014 annual General Social Survey is out

    The prestigious annual General Social Survey reporting on what and how Americans feel is out and their findings have been released. -Majorities of Americans want more spending on Social Security, assistance to the poor, alternative energy sources, crime and drug addiction. But that doesn't...
  20. B

    The Latest Meteorologist Survey Destroys The Global Warming Climate 'Consensus'

    The Latest Meteorologist Survey Destroys The Global Warming Climate 'Consensus' - Forbes Hey, wtf do a bunch of meteorologists know about climate, right? GASP! Oh, THAT'S what a bunch of meteorologists know about climate. Charlatans! All libturds who disagree, let's have a show of hands...