1. Friday13

    ‘He created Omarosa’: How Trump’s protegee turned his tactics against him

    He DID 'create' the current incarnation of Omarosa...should be very interesting to watch this battle of wills between 'the master' and his 'apprentice'. ‘He created Omarosa’: How Trump’s protegee turned his tactics against him
  2. cpicturetaker12

    SUN, "God's" day, TRUMP tweet-RANTS about Mueller's Nazi STORMTROOPER tactics

    This is NOT a sane man. He's out of his mind. And, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton--WHY? I get that this is a RE-hash, by why? Seriously, something big must be coming down. He's bordering on a nuclear meltdown. ‘Stormtrooper tactics’: Trump compares his own Justice Dept. to Nazi assault...
  3. the watchman

    dishonest debate tactics.

    time to have a discussion about this. Rather than try to cover them all I thought it might be useful if members just gave examples of debate tactics that have frustrated them. Please try to be nice to each other. I'll start. Just had this discussion with a couple of users. It's the tactic...
  4. Friday13

    Trump's bully tactics not accepted at G20

    He couldn't shove his way to "front and center" for this photo... In G20 Photo, Trump Couldn?t Shove His Way to the Front And Center of World Leaders
  5. L

    Trump Embraces One Of Russia's Favorite Propaganda Tactics — Whataboutism

    March 17, 20175:02 AM ET DANIELLE KURTZLEBEN President Trump has developed a consistent tactic when he's criticized: say that someone else is worse. This week, when the Congressional Budget Office estimated that Republicans' health care plan would leave 24 million additional people...
  6. Minotaur

    The tactics used on Hillary - Real Fake News

    Yes that is what many swallowed and passed around causing the most qualified candidate to be nothing more than a meme for the gullible. Someone to hate. Grandma who worked her life helping people was now the evil devil to people who followed Trump and (Bernie in some cases). Going from being...
  7. thrilling

    Nevada GOP in court today for voter intimidation tactics.

    A federal judge Tuesday ordered representatives from the Donald Trump campaign and the Nevada Republican Party to appear at a hearing in his courtroom Wednesday afternoon in a lawsuit filed by Nevada Democrats accusing them of the engaging in voter intimidation tactics. U.S. District Judge...
  8. zitiboy

    A List Of Political Debate Tactics

    Name calling: debater tries to diminish the argument of his opponent by calling the opponent a name that is subjective and unattractive; for example, cult members and bad real estate gurus typically warn the targets of their frauds that “dream stealers” will try to tell them the cult or guru is...
  9. thrilling

    Uber. Scorched earth tactics.

    What is the end game for Uber? From Ubereats, to finding loopholes in countries worldwide so they can operate within the local rules, to causing gridlock protests from cab drivers in major cities, to Uberpool, to self driving cars and self driving trucks. All the while pissing off the people...
  10. Devil505

    The...Lefties using Righty debate tactics thread

    Here's where we Lefties get to argue like our Righty friends: 1. Revise history 2. Tell absurd lies and then double-down on those lies 3. Deny, deny deny. Why should we Americans vote for Trump who was a KKK Grand Grand Wizard, killed a girl by driving off a bridge in Chappaquiddick when he was...
  11. Jets

    Verbal Tactics For Law Enforcement

    https://youtu.be/CO0SugEg2eM https://youtu.be/S06jEwRI34A Police officers should embrace these ideas. IMHO
  12. G

    Bernie Sanders accuses an Arizona sheriff of ‘un-American’ tactics

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Thursday called a controversial Arizona sheriff a bully and accused him of engaging in "un-American and uncivilized" law enforcement tactics. Sanders's comments at a campaign rally here were directed at long-serving Maricopa...
  13. B

    Hillary Clinton Used Similar Tactics to Trump, Against Obama in 2008

    Donald Trump Utilizes Racism, but Hillary Clinton Used Similar Tactics Against Obama in 2008*|*H. A. Goodman just different and shit, huh.
  14. excalibur

    Court Denies Stall Tactics in Hillary Email FOIA

    The State Department tried to stall by seeking a coordinated case (coordination motion). Denied. http://www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/JW-v-State-Coordination-denial-Order-for-docs-01511.pdf
  15. BDBoop

    The link between police tactics and economic conditions cannot be ignored

    The link between police tactics and economic conditions cannot be ignored | Rep Keith Ellison | Comment is free | The Guardian A recent study by the American Civil Liberties Union found that blacks and Native Americans in Minneapolis are nine times more likely to be arrested for low-level...
  16. jackalope

    Crime in NYC drops even as tactics draw criticism

    I associate "broken windows" with Mayor Giuliani, I think most people think it was an effective strategy. Other than 'broken windows', going after the squeegee men is probably the next most famous example. I understand what critics are saying, when they talk about minorities being targeted for...
  17. Detective Mike Logan

    What are the best tactics in war??

    i'm obsessed with the concept of military strategy and tactics in warfare? how comes sometimes an army of 200 men can defeat an army of 1000 men. are some ethnic groups more Spartan-like and genetically disposed to fighting wars??? no one is foolish enough to believe that. the answer must like...
  18. G

    Seems the Teaparty has changed tactics.

    With just a short 7 months to go until election time just how far will the far right Teaparty push to egg on a confrontation with the Government? We will see as the months pass and they have less and less time to legitimately convince the public they can be trusted with rational thought.
  19. michaelr

    Letter from Congress calls ATF sting tactics 'almost unimaginable'

    Letter from Congress calls ATF sting tactics 'almost unimaginable' Well, they are not sting operations, and once one gets their head around that it becomes almost logical. This "government" loves a crisis, especially this treasonous administration. They are arming criminals across the country...
  20. Cicero

    Tea Party’s shutdown tactics pose new challenges for GOP

    By Noah Bierman and Tracy Jan | Globe Staff October 18, 2013 WASHINGTON — As Congress’s grueling fiscal impasse neared its end Wednesday, Senate Democratic leaders graciously thanked Republican leader Mitch McConnell and praised him for his courage in brokering a bipartisan deal...