1. Svengoolie

    Beach bum eats lobster tails funded by foodstamps & owns a Cadillac refuses 2 work

    Despite new cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Jason Greenslate – the ‘food stamp surfer’ who shot to infamy last year for proudly declaring he eats lobster and sushi and won’t get a job – continues to get food stamps. And, what’s more, the 29-year-old guitarist says his...
  2. michaelr

    PPIP: Heads or Tails?

    PPIP: Heads or Tails? There is a thread on the board that depicts the economy is better now, of course that assessment is incorrect, but in that thread is an important question. The question is "is the market a good indicator of the economy?", that is perfectly legit, and I thought a good...