1. C

    Wal-Mart Says Tariffs Will Increase Consumer Prices

    They have two choices basically: Accept lower profits for their shareholders, or increase costs for consumers. Which do you think they'll choose? There is a third option, they could just get rid of as many workers as possible. Surely that won't hurt local economies in the Midwest, right...
  2. Friday13

    Betsy DeVos's yachts fly foreign flags because paying taxes isn't 'America first'

    Another typical Droomp "swamp creature"... Betsy DeVos's multimillion yachts fly foreign flags because paying taxes isn't 'America first' Forget Old Glory — Why Betsy DeVos’s Family Yacht and Others Fly Foreign Flags
  3. bajisima

    SC rules online retailer can collect sales taxes

    Online shopping will soon become more expensive, after the U.S. Supreme court ruled Thursday that states can require Internet retailers to collect sales taxes. The justices broke with 50 years' worth of legal rulings that barred the states from imposing sales taxes on most of the purchases...
  4. orangecat

    Liberal Taxes Explained
  5. excalibur

    Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Owes Over $5 Million In Back Taxes

    The TDS crowds new hero. Https://
  6. bajisima

    Should electric and hybrid cars pay a fee to make up for lost gas taxes?

    Interesting debate going on in various states including here in New England. The New Hampshire House has approved a plan to charge a sliding fee to vehicles based on their efficiency, starting with those that get as little as 21 mpg, to compensate for paying less gasoline tax. The bill...
  7. excalibur

    State and Local Income, Sales and Property Taxes All Hit Records in 2017

    And it is still not enough, as government at all levels is spending like drunken sailors. State and Local Income, Sales and Property Taxes All Hit Records in 2017
  8. L

    Pennsylvania says bankrupt refiner owes $3.8 billion in taxes: filing

    MARCH 19, 2018 / 10:58 AM Jarrett Renshaw 3 MIN READ NEW YORK (Reuters) - The state of Pennsylvania wants a federal judge to halt the bankruptcy of Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES), arguing the refiner owes an estimated $3.8 billion in fuel taxes, according to a court filing on Friday...
  9. HCProf

    2018 Taxes

    I received this email from one of my employers this week. This is exactly what I expected resulting from the tax cut. You may have noticed lower federal income tax deductions and a corresponding increase in net pay in your recent paychecks. The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) changed...
  10. DemoWhip

    Anti-LGBT Group ‘Focus on the Family’ Files as Church to Avoid Taxes

    Anti-LGBT Group ‘Focus on the Family’ Files as Church to Avoid Taxes by Michael Fitzgerald ==================================================== If that's going to be the case then I submit to you that the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center should also consider...
  11. Idiocracat

    Probably another reason Trump won't release his taxes

    Class act. Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence
  12. aboutenough

    Trump Tax Cuts Force Blue States to Deal With Harsh Reality: High Taxes Are Unpopular

    The GOP-led tax overhaul signed into law by President Donald Trump has forced high-tax blue states to consider lawsuits and even calling for tax cuts of their own. Democrats in New Jersey and California are considering allowing people to make charitable donations instead of paying certain taxes...
  13. Friday13

    Trump and taxes

    But he says he gets no benefit from the odious GOP tax scam bill... Trump will personally save up to $15 Million a yearunder tax bill, analysis finds Is there anything he won't do to not pay taxes? Trump got Million$ in tax breaks on Mar-a-Lago Report
  14. J

    Lets put this into perspective. I have to laugh when the right talks about Taxes.

    I love the question, so how much of my money should be going to taxes. Like they have you over the barrel. Thats a laugh since the effective fed tax rate in the US is 9.5%, I have to ask, what do they think is a fair amount to pay in fed taxes to live in the richest country in the world...
  15. Eve1

    Provision in new bill, if your last name is Trump you pay zero taxes forever

    Just curious if this came out as a real provision in the new tax bill how many Trump supporters would argue its OK because.... insert some bull shit reason here...?
  16. L

    Doomesday Climate Cult calls for new food taxes

    40% on beef, wow!
  17. J

    A American patriot just got caught trying to get into President small hands taxes

    That would have quickened the downfall of scum bag and save this country millions but if it will take a long investigation to get this piece of slime in jail then I will gladly wait. Either way he is dumped in the crapper where this type of slime should be.
  18. Dangermouse

    How Will Your Taxes Grow?

    WAPO has a calculator
  19. DemoWhip

    AARP: 5.2 million seniors could see taxes increased by GOP bill

    AARP: 5.2 million seniors could see taxes increased by GOP bill | TheHill By John Bowden ==================================================== The AARP has brought forth much important information for all those who could be affected by the Republican Travesty Tax Bill. Be sure you...