1. Frecks1710

    Trying to keep up with modern technology

    Simple, my husband wants a bigger screen tv. Not so simple; it does not fit in the 9 year old wall unit. So off we go for a new wall unit, new wires, and a sound bar. I miss my old tv with the antenna ears, 5 stations, and a simple on/off button. And we enjoyed it more...
  2. Darkman

    Israeli official bets advances in anti-tunnel technology will secure Gaza border

    Israeli official bets advances in anti-tunnel technology will secure Gaza border Washington Post-10 hours ago Advances in anti-tunnel technology have provided the Israeli military new means of heading off attacks from Palestinian militants based in the Gaza Strip, an Israeli military...
  3. Macduff

    Face swap technology applied to video. (there's no nudity, but some of the images might be a little iffy for work) This is the internet so of course the first application of this technology is going to be used for porn. But think about the...
  4. PACE

    Smart Technology and the hazards therefore

    the first white hat hackers have hacked into smart thermostats, now imagine a hacker hacking your smart home and setting your house on fire with your own stove, or better yet, using the primitive wifi prophylactics in smart appliances to link back to your personal info. Yeah, nothing comes...
  5. Southern Dad

    Technology & Cooking

    Two Christmas presents that I have received this year have really excited me. Over the last six months, I have transitioned from eating out most meals to cooking at home. I love tech in the kitchen. Are there any favorites out there of other tech for the kitchen? I got an Instant Pot Smart...
  6. FrankCoil82

    Are Americans afraid of technology?

    Enough with the sharks in tornadoes! Give us spaceships, badass characters, and cool technology! Cool technology like super soldiers, life extension, genetic engineering, and directed energy weapons! Or are Americans afraid of technology?
  7. thrilling

    Technology Scams.

    Whether you 1: Receive a phone call from a "support specialist", 2: you get a pop up, or hear a voice telling you to call a number Both in order to remove a virus or malware. Usually from India. No need to do it. It is a scam.
  8. S

    Amazing futuristic technology for your mayonnaise

    LiquiGlide slides into consumer space Wow! When is this coming to a grocery store near me? See more videos here (scroll down).
  9. PACE

    GIS technology and oceanography

    GIS technology has been long used on land to map, however, the GIS oceanographic initiative which has been developed will marry science, conservation, and energy in a new way; A lot of marine biologists are using GIS in their research, to not only discover new areas, but to identify...
  10. PACE

    Retrofittable "smart gun" technology

    News Flash: NRA isn't opposed to it.... Naturally...... :) Obama pushing controversial smart guns - The Daily Journal: Local Money talks, rhetoric walks. This is only the start.
  11. DebateDrone

    If It Turns Out That Terrorists Are Now Using Encryption Technology, Then What?

    What good is the massive data mining now? If terrorists can use readily available encryption apps to keep below any radar...what good is all the data mining now?
  12. bajisima

    Stephan Hawking: Technology has made inequality worse

    Interesting controversy..Stephen Hawking warns that great technological advances can leave most people "miserably poor," others in high tech disagree. "The well-known British physicist and author said technology is partly to blame for the rise in income inequality. The tech community has...
  13. meridian5455

    The New York Times showed off its handy-dandy Jew Tracking technology!

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if I could keep track of all the Jews, all in one place?” Well, the wait is over. The New York Times is here to help. Guess they didn’t appreciate being called out on their thinly veiled anti-Semitism, because the article looks a...
  14. Detective Mike Logan

    Technology predictions :the GOOD & BAD

    This is great stuff. the best and worst predictions in terms of how technology will progress. Some 'experts' are spot on and some laughably get it wrong. Teslas 1926 prediction about wireless phones is a good one to watch out for. The best (and worst) technology predictions of all time
  15. bajisima

    CVS-IBM partnership for technology based healthcare

    Will this end up a good thing or an invasion of privacy? How many people should be involved in ones healthcare? CVS Health and IBM announced Thursday they will join forces to improve health care management services to patients with chronic diseases with the help of advanced technology...
  16. bajisima

    Japan robot hotel uses technology to lower labor costs and rent

    Kind of creepy, how human they look!! "The English-speaking receptionist is a vicious-looking dinosaur, and the one speaking Japanese is a female humanoid with blinking lashes. "If you want to check in, push one," the dinosaur says. The visitor still has to punch a button on the desk, and...
  17. Detective Mike Logan

    NASA creates WARP-drive technology?

    COULD THE DREAM BE POSSIBLE?? Is NASA one step closer to warp drive? - CNET
  18. Blueneck

    Green energy is not a failure

    Good for them. What Apple Just Did in Solar Is a Really Big Deal - Bloomberg Business Add to this what Tesla is doing, and I'd say the future for renewables is looking pretty bright. This new Tesla battery will power your home, and maybe the electric grid too - The Washington Post
  19. R

    Some technology that can help alleviate the questions about Police Shootings:

    #1. The Body-Cams. Just makes too much sense. Every cop in America should be wearing these within 5 years, tops. Not only does it give audio/visual that can greatly aid in knowing exactly what goes on, it could provide: Evidence in court cases, training videos, and no telling what else...
  20. bajisima

    Finnish students succeed by not using technology

    Is it time for the US to take a cue from the worlds best students? Is it time to get rid of the computer in the classroom? According to Finland, it just might be. Finnish students use clunky calculators and cut graphs out using scissors and paper. They take notes using pencil and paper...