1. The Man

    Three terms for Putin?

    Putin Three-Peat? Russian Duma Gets Proposal To Scrap Presidential Term Limit We shall see how the public there will react to this. Possibly, because this is coming from Chechnya, of all places, some of the Slav far right might actually get pissed off lol Overall though, most will swallow it...
  2. excalibur

    Doing Better With Trump Than Obama's Entire Two Terms

    Heh. CNN Poll: Majority Think Country Is Doing Wel | The Daily Caller
  3. L

    Oath terms of service

    Wow, why would anyone agree to let a third party examine and analyze every piece of personal information you have? https://www.oath.com/our-brands/
  4. vikingbeast

    Coming to Terms

    How many of you farting robots who voted for Trump THINKING he's a conservative; THINKING he would usher in a real alternative to the status quo; THINKING he's actually a Republican, pulled your head out of your ass and realized he's not or has not and will not be or do any of the above? It is...
  5. PACE

    New Bill in German proposes to expel foreigners who speak in anti-semitic terms

    or do not recognize the right of Israel to exist This is coming from Merkel's party along with the Christian Social Union https://www.jta.org/2018/01/08/news-opinion/world/german-bill-would-allow-expulsion-of-migrants-who-espouse-anti-semitism
  6. S

    Increase Congressional terms to 3 years.

    Increase Congressional terms to 3 years: I don't believe that 2 year congressional terms of office has provided us with U.S. congressional representatives more responsive to their constituents, but rather they're more dependent upon their campaign contributors. I perceive increasing their terms...
  7. the watchman

    In terms of the anthem, Silver expects NBA players

    President Donald Trump’s comments and tweets about NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem – and the league’s response, from owners to players – has dominated headlines since last weekend. They have also led to plenty of discussion about what, if anything, NBA players will do...
  8. Davocrat

    Have any Tea Party legislators limited their terms yet?

    Serious question. Should we be seeing a lot of turn over in the primaries with so many politicians ran on term limit platforms? Anybody made good on these promises? Or does it changed based on their handlers' assessments?
  9. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Can you understand the logic of Universality, in terms of all of us ending in heaven?

    Can you understand the logic of Universality, in terms of all of us ending in heaven? Hell is obviously an invention of the church. Universalists Gnostic Christianity and other Universalist Abrahamic cults do not see God as a loser of the souls he calls the light of the world. The light of...
  10. The Man

    Prison terms for bride kidnapping

    Prison terms proposed for bride kidnapping in Russia | Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI). Good, this shit needs to be cracked down on. Nice also to see a Muslim republic like Ingushetia themselves ask for it, instead of the feds forcing it upon them. Means they know they have a...
  11. G

    Sanders on Clinton: ‘In terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking’

    While Sen. Bernie Sanders walked back his comments this week that opponent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president, he still has questions about her overall "judgement". “She may have the experience to be president of the United States. No one can argue that,”...
  12. Hax Templar

    Increasingly Retarded Terms for Conservatives

    Whenever I think political opinions or forums are getting too depressingly dumb for me to continue reading them, someone writes something hilarious. I haven't been keeping track of the funnier terms I've read on here but usually the MSM can outdo forum posters when it comes to acting like...
  13. Amelia

    Etymologies - common terms with sexual, gendered, racial, ethnic (etc.) origin

    First example: "hysterical" That originally referred to neurosis in women and was attributed to dysfunction of the uterus. It is considered likely that "hissy fit" derived from "hysterical". Though it's also possible that "hissy" refers to a hiss of dissatisfaction.
  14. mrmike

    Hillaryous Super Volunteers & the "List" of forbidden terms

    And it begins... We are watching you? - Hillary Clinton "super volunteers" and the list for forbidden terms. So...how many of them are residing here on PH? rotflmao! Yep...it's going to be a fun time watching the Hillary Stasi Brigade go after anyone who doesn't toe the line or rubs her the...
  15. ProgressivePatriot

    The Mid Terms Are Upon Us

    ......and the Republican Party Is Falling Apart As Conservatives Threaten to Stay Home and Not Vote : We can and must hold the Senate! Their civil war is taking it's toll! :apple:
  16. Use Caution

    Terminally Ill 29-Year-Old Woman: Why I'm Choosing to Die on My Own Terms, w/ A pill.

    Terminally Ill 29-Year-Old Woman: Why I'm Choosing to Die on My Own Terms, w/ A pill. For the past 29 years, Brittany Maynard has lived a fearless life – running half marathons, traveling through Southeast Asia for a year and even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. So, it's no surprise she is...
  17. mrmike

    Terminology and Racism: New forbidden terms?

    Just a general question in fairness to all of you regardless of your political leaning, race, creed, religion, national origin or if you're a cat or dog person. Do you feel these two terms (words below) are specifically racist and each are on par (equate) with someone using the "N" word? 1)...
  18. Monk-Eye

    Including Uncertain 14th Amendment Terms to US Immigration Legislation

    " Including Uncertain 14th Amendment Terms to US Immigration Legislation " Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Birth by circumstance of location is part of a traditional concept known as manifest destiny ; clearly , individuals without a...
  19. Froggy

    What are all the terms the bible calls people who have sex outside of marriage?

    Trying to make a list...also the punishments.
  20. A

    Pro-Life Statements in Gun Control Terms

    Insert "2nd Amendment," "guns," "high capacity magazines," and "assault rifles" where appropriate. Relax. Nobody is taking away your right to choose. We're just limiting abortions to the first trimester. You can have all the abortions you want in the first trimester. Last time I checked...