1. the watchman

    How Trump is testing the limits of "White Privilege"

    so , everyday we wake up to a president that's blatantly flaunting and is, in fact, boldly proclaiming that he's above the law. To this, the response from his base, as well as a sizable portion of his party, is to go along with it; either in silence, or a cult-like admiration. Now, ask...
  2. The Man

    Drug testing for 8th graders

    Moscow Launches Drug Testing Program for 8th Graders The morality crusades continue...
  3. RNG

    Twitter testing 280 characters

    It has just been announced that Twitter is experimenting with doubling the allowed number of characters. The BBC ran a story on it this morning listing some of the very witty comments about it that were, what else, tweeted. My knock would be that now Dot.Don will be able to ramble on and on...
  4. bajisima

    Middle school suicides double as testing intensifies?

    Interesting piece, suspect though its hard to make an exact correlation. The suicide rate among 10- to 14-year-olds doubled between 2007 and 2014 – the same period in which states have increasingly adopted Common Core standards and new, more rigorous high stakes tests. For the first time...
  5. T

    Beagles used in corporate safety testing.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVU4uea36iA Beagles The Whole Truth Apparently Beagles because of their gentle nature made then ideal for product testing. The disgusting part starts 3 minutes in. Some of this practice has gone away.
  6. the watchman

    Iran Launches a Missile, Testing Trump’s Vows of Strict Enforcement.

    WASHINGTON — Iran conducted its first missile test since President Trump took office, American and Israeli officials said Monday, posing an early test of whether the Trump administration will make good on its promises to strictly enforce all aspects of the Iranian nuclear deal and a side...
  7. boontito

    Donald Trump Calls For Drug Testing Prior To Next Debate

    Donald Trump calls for drug test ahead of next debate - CNNPolitics.com Donald Trump suggested Saturday that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has been "getting pumped up" with performance-enhancing drugs and challenged Clinton to take a drug test before the final debate next week. Trump...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    MI, Snyder--folks test positive for lead--NOT testing positive for HIS drug testing

    My dumbass REP. GOV. SCOTT did this about 3 years ago. Tested WELFARE RECIPIENTS for drugs. Their rate was less than 1/2 that of the general population. Waste of fucking money and they stopped it. So MI's governor who allotted $300K (about 1/10 the price to KEEP LEAD OUT OF THE WATER FOR A...
  9. Wonderer

    Self-Learning Robot Escapes Testing Ground (and goes missing for 45 minutes)

    It seems like almost everyday now we hear some strange story about a robot, from the Microsoft Twitterbot going full Nazi in 24 hours to Google’s AI digesting romance novels and regurgitating them as postmodern poetry. We are witnessing the overlapping pubescent evolutions of both algorithmic...
  10. M

    Testing the waters

    Things I could support: Universal healthcare free education alternative energy Now I am not onboard with any of these yet. I haven't heard a plan that I could get behind. I will acknowledge, though, the party that seems to care about/want these things are the Democrats. So why will I vote...
  11. jacobfitcher

    Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms

    It turns out that anti-LGBT activists are right that men are taking advantage of a transgender-inclusive policy at Target to go into women’s restrooms — and those men are anti-LGBT activists. In an interview this morning with “Breitbart News Daily,” the American Family Association's director...
  12. meridian5455

    McDonalds has started testing Macaroni & Cheese at some US locations.

    McDonald's just can't help itself when it comes to launching new menu items: Select locations of the Golden Arches are now serving mac and cheese. The childhood favorite can currently be had as a Happy Meal entree or ordered a la carte for $1.75 at select locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area...
  13. NightSwimmer

    Recommend a Testing Protocol

    Presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have recently proposed that only Christian refugees should be allowed to enter the United States. Leaving aside the questions of ethics and morality surrounding such a religious test, I am curious as to how this policy could be effectively...
  14. Monk-Eye

    Creepy Religious Fanatic Sharia Infatuated Virginity Testing

    " Creepy Religious Fanatic Sharia Infatuated Virginity Testing " Virginity Tests For Indonesia Female Military Applicants - The Hans India Would one say " way beyond do not ask do not tell " ?
  15. BDBoop

    WI State Ass. passes junk food, drug testing bills

    Wisconsin Assembly passes junk food, drug testing bills | FOX 11 Online | WLUK-TV Do what you have to do, but you're wasting taxpayer money (not that y'all give a shit). Not likely to get federal waiver, and that $55 million is going to piss off a LOT of stores. Wonder if they'll stop taking...
  16. bajisima

    Genetic testing moves into the world of employee health

    Interesting yet terrifying at the same time.. "Big companies are considering blending genetic testing with coaching on nutrition and exercise to help workers lose weight and improve their health before serious conditions like diabetes or heart disease develop. It’s a step beyond the typical...
  17. bajisima

    High cost of medical testing

    Neat article in the NYTimes showing the varied and expensive cost of medical testing in the US. One gentleman needed an EKG and the costs ranged from $1500-$5500 within a 15 minute drive. In Philadelphia the costs varied more from $700-$12,000 for the same test!! "Testing has become to the...
  18. Use Caution

    CDC ALERT! If you flew from Cleveland to Dallas, we want your EBOLA for testing?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this morning that Amber Joy Vinson, the second Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Dallas to contract Ebola, traveled by air on Monday — “the day before she reported her symptoms,” as the CDC puts it. Related Second health care worker tests...
  19. W

    Drug testing and gun control

    From an "Individual Right to Due Process" / "Innocent-Until-Proven-Guilty" perspective, can it be logically consistent to argue for blanket gun control while arguing against blanket drug testing for government employees and welfare recipients?
  20. TennesseeRain

    Biden, Holder promote rape kit testing

    Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder will push Congress to fund a budget proposal intended to clear the backlog of unanalyzed rape kits in the United States. The money is included in the $3.9 trillion spending plan for the 2015 budget year that Obama unveiled on Tuesday. He...