1. F

    Americans Most Pessimistic They've Been Since January

    Americans are the most pessimistic they've been since the beginning of this year, when the US was mired in a deep recession, while confidence in President Obama and Congress is at the lowest level of 2009, according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Of those surveyed by telephone...
  2. Blueneck

    Okay, now they've gone too far

    The Phelps family (AKS Westboro Baptist Chruch) are planning to picket Ron White of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour:
  3. nonsqtr

    they've got us over a barrel!

    Amendment 14 Clause 4: How do you read this? I read: go ahead, spend as much money as you want on jackbooted thugs - it's all good. You can do it on credit and you're guaranteed the taxpayers will pay it back. Am I wrong?