1. GordonGecko

    CNN announces the "Adults Table" and "Kiddie Table" schedule for thier GOP Debate-

    The 'Happy Hour' debate is back Less than 3 weeks away, the only big questions are- 1. Will CNN fold under pressure from the Fiorina camp to let her other words, change the rules for her special. 2. Will Trump attack the moderators...or Jeb more....or about the same. 3. More...
  2. C

    Texas Cuts Funding For Their Counties, When They Don't Like What They Say

    So, how do you deal with counties in your state, letting you, and the public, know that their air is becoming less clean? Well, in Texas anyway, that answer is easy - you cut them off at the knees! source So, apparently, in Texaxs you had better love the Frakking, or we are gonna send a...
  3. A

    Thier Good Kids

    Stumbled upon this funny clip. No offense to Bowden or FSU.