1. excalibur

    Revoking Brennan’s Security Clearance: The Right Thing, Even if for the Wrong Reaso

    There is so much evil about Brennan. The left's new hero, good grief, wake up folks. Revoking Brennan’s Security Clearance: The Right Thing, Even if for the Wrong Reason ... Quite apart from the ongoing investigations, there is considerable evidence that intelligence was rampantly...
  2. Eve1

    What is the Charleston thing? Failed Trump deals in the area

    Trump has had business ties to the Charleston area in the past, but reportedly unloaded his only reported local investment earlier this year, according to P&C. The Trump name also loomed large in failed redevelopment plans for the former Naval Hospital in North Charleston, which has seen...
  3. Chief

    Fox: Obama is bad for doing something. But Trump is good if he does that same thing When Obama does it: "President Obama likes talking to dictators!" "He would meet some of these madmen without preconditions" "I think that's a mistake" "Obama is bowing and scraping...
  4. KnotaFrayed

    Are we looking at the potential for another Oklahoma City sort of thing?

    "Marine Veteran Trains White Supremacists in Military Tactics" "A leader of an emerging white-supremacist group is a Marine veteran who uses his military experience to train other extremist recruits in military tactics, leaked messages show." "Erik Sailors is the head of a Texas chapter of...
  5. RNG

    1 big thing: Trump officially resurrects ZTE

    This has been talked about, mainly because of the Republican President's nocturnal emissions. But now it's a done deal. This is from the Axios PM Newsletter so I can't link it, but links embedded in the story are below...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    UNDER OATH Jerry Jones, Trump said the anthem thing is a winning, strong issue for ME

    JESUS, this is one sick motherfker! Everything is win or lose and everyone and everything is a PAWN with TRUMP, the flag and the anthem are NO EXCEPTION. So where's this case going? Just among the NFL owners or is there different track of 'collusion' or even BLACKMAIL by Trump using the...
  7. BigLeRoy

    The Only Thing More Terrifying Than Foreigners Is Math!!

    This story is an oldie (sort of) but goodie! Cracks me up every time I think about it! Shows how utterly paranoid America has become:
  8. Eve1

    Trump and Cosby have one thing in common=they claim innocence=say they are victims

    Wife: Cosby convicted by 'mob justice, not real justice' Bill Cosby's wife called Thursday for a criminal investigation into the suburban Philadelphia prosecutor behind his sexual assault conviction, saying the case that could put the 80-year-old comedian in prison for the rest of his life...
  9. J

    There is only one thing that has to be followed in this countries economy.

    That one thing is wage growth, not economic growth, wage growth, not GDP, wage growth and in no way am I referring to the top few percentage points of our population .This part of our economy, if watched seriously ,for any length of time will find out a few things , one that Reagan's trickle...
  10. Davocrat

    Reports: Trump raised 'golden showers thing' with Comey

    Wow. Anybody who complains about Obama being a worse representative of the USA is either an idiot or an immense cynic. Sorry. ----------------------- Washington (CNN)Former FBI Director James Comey wrote in his unreleased book that President Donald Trump discussed looking into one of the...
  11. L

    Package Bombs Are Killing People in Texas but Donald Trump Hasn’t Said a Thing. There

    Shaun King Mar. 15 I’VE WRITTEN THIS story before – many times, in fact. It’s a story of white privilege and black pain. It’s a story of Islamophobia and bigotry. It’s a story about the United States of America. On Monday, bombs went off in Austin, Texas. That’s a big deal, right...
  12. Sparta

    No such thing as "assault rifle"

    I keep seeing this term thrown around & I think it's time for some common ground. Assault is a verb. Rifle is a noun. The way some people put these words together there is no end to the implied danger of the assault pot hole, the assault dog, the assault eggs Benedict. If you're fond of...
  13. Eve1

    Schiff isn't changing a thing to his memo

    Trump released the entirity of the Nunes memo against the DOJ and FBI's wishes. So basically Schiff listened to the concerns of the DOJ and the FBI and said NOPE, the entire Nunes memo went out so the cat's out of the bag, the AMERICAN PEOPLE (the world really) are going to get the truth. Stay...
  14. Leo2

    Inequality can be a good thing?

    This article seems to promote that idea, by means of statements such as this - A provocative statement, but is it perhaps one which merits examination? Is societal and financial inequality the engine of development, as the article seems to...
  15. R

    The Thing is no one Knew they were Russian

    The Twitter and Facebook ads. How could they?
  16. the watchman

    did trump set this whole thing up so he could save the day at the last minute?

    heard that on Velshi and Ruhle. Stephanie Ruhle predicted that Trump staged this whole thing. Based on the reaction of the market which was unfazed and Trump's past behavior. And that he was going to step in at the last minute and save the day. I thought it was far fetched. Then, what do you...
  17. Devil505

    Is acquiring money the most important thing in life?

    To the GOP it obviously is.? How important was money to you before you were born? How important will money be to you after you die? We all need a certain amount of it to live comfortably but I don't understand people who devote their lives to its acquisition beyond any possible use for them and...
  18. R

    Why isn't starving children a good thing if one is an atheist?

    From a materialist POV, humans are just one of many forms of animal and sentient life, and aren't any more "sacred" than any other. The reality is that when children in Africa starve, it is actually a good thing for other forms of life which benefit from it (such as animals, or microscopic...
  19. kmiller1610

    The worst thing Trump has done that has nothing to do with something he said-tweeted

    Most sane people ignore what Trump says and tweets. But let's face it, he loves the reactions and the confrontations. And I don't see this form of fake news ending any time soon. Please answer the OP question if you can come up with something as offensive as Trump's social media provocations.
  20. KnotaFrayed

    Trump and his base want to make the knee thing about respecting the military.....

    This is how much the stay-at-home (insecure about himself, so he has to attack real patriots) "patriot" "respects" the military and those who served..... These are the flags Trump respects.....and he says its not about race...... "The South will...