1. T

    Rand Paul to ask Trump to revoke Brennan security clearance

    Impressive. A senator seeking to punish, in some regards, for political purposes? Punishing the critics of the president, critics who perhaps actually know what the fuck they are talking about? Because other than being critical of the president, I am not sure this action is warranted. It seem...
  2. L

    Trump says he's thinking about pulling ICE from California

    Trump says he's thinking about pulling ICE from California By Kevin Liptak and Tal Kopan, CNN Update Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump declared on Thursday he was considering withdrawing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from California as punishment for what he claimed was a...
  3. T

    Trump says he's thinking about pulling ICE from California

    Consider this for a moment. The president states he is considering an act that would, as he states, cause a great increase in crime. What sort of spoiled, petulant, childish, and petty person would do what they think would cause crime to rise? Trump...
  4. Devil505

    What governs Robert Mueller's thinking about D. Trump?

    Here's my guess: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. KnotaFrayed

    For those that do not do a lot of thinking about anyone, but themselves......

    ....and for people that take things for granted...... Granted to themselves......
  6. Spookycolt

    Thinking of picking up sign language.

    I would like to learn this, no reason really, I just think it would be a nice skill to have. Does anyone here know it and I would like to ask if its difficult or similar to learning another language. I haven't even begun to look into it yet.
  7. Goofball

    Statue Poll: Majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments

  8. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Trump must be thinking "what do I have to do to get impeached?"

    All these completely insane things he says and does, its almost like he's trying to be fired, like he was trying to not win the election. And his supporters amazingly still support him. And the coward republicans still do nothing. Remember that next election he can't quit, that's for losers...
  9. HayJenn

    Tillerson thinking about resigning soon??

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expressing growing frustration with the Trump administration and may be considering resigning from his role, according to a report from CNN Monday morning. Though the former CEO of ExxonMobil Corp. has said that he would stay on as the top U.S. diplomat...
  10. Devil505

    I'm thinking the Dems have another devastating Trump video up their sleeve.

    When to explode it is the only question.
  11. GordonGecko

    New poll......Republicans already thinking "Pence 2020"

    I guess everybody knows they aren't thinking "Yes, re-electing him Vice-President"? :D Poll: Pence leads 2020 GOP presidential field | TheHill Besides the obvious implication, that they've already given up on Trump, it shows a hope that perhaps Pence can be the "heir apparent" to...
  12. Devil505

    Demented GOP Thinking

    The GOP is now arguing: that because sleazy Donald Trump has figured out a way to cheat our tax system,abuse our bankruptcy laws (to cheat contractors out of the money he owes them), cheat his employees out of their wages and cost us all more money to cover the taxes he doesn't pay....he's a...
  13. GordonGecko

    Thinking of adding this to my Signature line...Trump on Clinton 2008-

    "She'd make a good President." Trump on Clinton in 2008: ?She?d make a good president? - MarketWatch There's ONE thing Trump's been consistent on... Donald Trump's Keys to Consistency | :)
  14. S

    Guns, Terrorism, and Rational Thinking

    Trevor Noah hit a home run, tonight. Trevor Addresses the Orlando Shooting-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Video Clip | Comedy Central
  15. sweettee

    Goddess help us: Chump is thinking about vetting The Tundra Twit

    Last week in a sit down interview with Fox News, Trump noted that former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and current Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin were both being considered. Just days later, Ben Carson, who previously was leading the search for Trump's running mate, leaked the fact that former half-term...
  16. KnotaFrayed

    Amazing to ponder and think about and what some are thinking about, in spite.....

    of all the attention drawn elsewhere...... Amazing insight into where and what we appear to have come to....He is not alone in what he observed.... So sad in many ways..... The Sermon on Sadness That Became a Viral Hit | Performance | OZY
  17. Amelia

    Post here if you're thinking about voting 3rd party or write-in

    Most importantly vote! My husband thinks a third-party vote or a write-in is throwing away your vote. I have to respect that. But I feel good about my decision to be part of a group who, if our group is big enough, can let the establishment see that they're missing out on people who care...
  18. Devil505

    I'm thinking that after Super Tuesday D. Trump will no longer need my help

    Frankenstein created his monster and had to deal with the repercussions...... and now Karl Rove has created his "Trump Monster." I think between it and the memory of the GW Bush monster......they may well kill the GOP.
  19. MaryAnne

    What Were You Thinking?

    How others see us,and it is not pretty. After midterm sweep, Canadian asks: 'What were you thinking, America?' -
  20. L

    Britain won’t recover while its economy is dominated by magical thinking

    For the Azande people of Upper Nile, witchcraft was everywhere. So said the Englishman Edward Evans-Pritchard, who lived among them in the 1920s. “If blight seizes the ground-nut crop it is witchcraft; if the bush is vainly scoured for game it is witchcraft,” wrote the anthropologist in his...