1. R

    15 Roy Moore Threads on the Forum in 4 Days

    some just can't get enough
  2. Spookycolt

    Threads we would make if we had the internet in the 80's

    Heavy Metal music is a blight on our society, its influenced by a satanic culture and is convincing children not only to commit violence, reject authority, but to ultimately force them into the choice of suicide. Songs such as Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC or Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne...
  3. Goofball

    8 Trump threads on page one. 2 Hillary threads.

    And one of the Hillary threads was started by one of her lemmings. Some of the high-brow topics on Trump: Letter to Trump from a 3rd grader. Truther snake handling pastor. A Trump model. N.H Veterans co-chair. ...........and an anti-Trump ad. But........Republicans are...
  4. Goofball

    14 Threads on page one about Trump.....and not a single one...

    ....started by a Republican. Seems he is living rent mother fucking free in the board libtard's heads. Now you have 1 started by a Rep.
  5. MaryAnne

    But threads

    This is what you will get. Jon Stewart Slams Republicans For Fearmongering And Voter Suppression To Win Midterms | Crooks and Liars
  6. Cicero

    I'll see your record and raise you! EIGHT, EIGHT Cliven Bundy threads on page one!

    Cliven Bundy Accidentally Explained What’s Wrong With the Republican Party APRIL 24, 2014 Josh Barro On Saturday, Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has risen to prominence because of his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management, held forth about “the Negro,” and how black people may...
  7. Toldyaso

    A NEW RECORD !!! SEVEN Attack "BUNDY" THREADS on PH "Current Events" Page One !!

    Hilarious how the spectre of Americans PUSHING BACK against the Left's "Mommygov" has so terrified the Littel Animal Farm critters, isn'tit? Part of the ANYTHING TO DISTRACT from the latest string of Obama EMBARRASSMENTS, Soros-paid talking points....funny.
  8. Spookycolt

    'Gay Jeans' Reveal Rainbow Threads as They Fade

    Although I am usually against all this gay political nonsense, I have to admit this one is kind of clever. Gay jeans, or in other words, a pun for Gay genes, has been invented to contest many scientists and people who claim that being gay is a choice. Not really a big issue by itself...
  9. bluesman

    Your Thoughts on Threads Titled "Your Thoughts"

    Hey everybody. I don't really have anything that qualifies as an Opening Post so I will just ask "your thoughts" instead. This is a shallow and just shows that I am wanting to start a thread but not much else. "Your thoughts?"
  10. B

    A Question for the CON Mods: Why do you keep deleting threads about GOP Pedophiles?

    Well? Do any of you scripture-spouting hypochristians have the courage to explain why you are protecting pedophiles? Is it because you are one? Statistically it is more likely that you are a pedophile than a non Christian and non Republican.
  11. S

    For The LAST TIME If You Gonna IGNORE Me Then Ignore Me 4Real & Stay Outta My Threads

    Seems we got a handful of STALKERS here who proclaim to be IGNORING ME and troll my threads explaining how they are IGNORING ME Well if you're gonna IGNORE ME then IGNORE ME FOR REAL and stay outta my freaking threads Afterall youre IGNORING ME RIGHT so by all means IGNORE ME and QUIT...
  12. meridian5455

    Forget all the other threads. This is the most important news of the day.

    Monopoly fans, make room for your new house pet. Nearly seven months after winning a worldwide vote, the cat token is finally making its debut in the classic board game. Hasbro has officially begun rolling out the new gamepiece, which will permanently replace the iron token. In addition to being...
  13. lka

    What's with all the race threads lately?

    Seriously? We have a black man as pres. I would like to think Racism in America is pretty close to being over, All that's left over the socialist hate groups.
  14. Devil505

    When do the "Blame Obama for Hurricane Sandy" threads start?

    Come on Righties...we can't wait for the tortured logic to commence! (anyone monitoring Fox News to warn us when the switch from.... "Benghaziing" to "Sandying" will start?)
  15. Seraphima

    Satire: good or bad (a compilation of three threads)

    Too many threads are just being put wherever and not in the correct section. We have a section for videos and photos - threads about videos and photos should go there. We have a section for word games - threads about word games should go there. We have a section for polls and surveys -...
  16. Dr.Knuckles

    Threads that weren't created by Destiny

    This thread is a place where we can view topics or discussions that weren't created by Destiny. Anyone wanting to discuss topics that were not created by Destiny, but was confused about where on the website they could post.. here is the palce to do it. I'm currently asking the mods if we...
  17. B

    Interesting threads about global warming

    At you can read an ongoing interesting thread about UHI (Urban Heat Island) with both sides in the climate debate represented: [link removed]. Frank Lansner is a very active Danish climate skeptic. Bo Vinther is a Danish climate scientist who is not afraid of arguing with the...
  18. USA-1

    Why no threads on Bernanke at Chamber of Commerce in Dallas

    I was wondering why no one here on PP decided to remark on Bernanke's remarks.....oh I'm sorry....Bernard Bernanke is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Left out of the mix, no one really paying attention to the Fed, they're the supposed independent government are that can set interest rates...
  19. kmiller1610

    My favorite anti-Palin threads

    Since Ms. Palin, that very popular idiot, is back in the press, it's time to review what some of us were saying about her last year, so we don't have to repeat ourselves. I figure she's a ripe target, so why not? How is this relevant? Well, the current Palin campaign is all her own and over...
  20. M

    Wht is there swine and dogs on the religion threads?

    It seems kind of funny that these religion threads have 90 percent God haters(yes, atheists are God haters too) What drives these doomed to hell souls to worry about religion? They have Satan on the inside and don't even know it. Why so insecure if I believe in God? You also have an admin who...