1. excalibur

    Denmark banning the burka and threatening to end benefits for migrants whose children

    Realization that it may be too late for the Danes. Close call, they have little time here in which to properly deal with the situation created by idiotic leftist policies. The left ruins everything it touches. It's one of Europe's most proudly liberal nations. So why is Denmark banning the...
  2. DemoWhip

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cart

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cartoon By Bil Browning ==================================================== Well of course Netflix shouldn't listen to those people. Why should they? After all, they've only collected a paltry 26,000...
  3. BDBoop

    Man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Maxine Waters expected to plead guilty

    LA Times Very fine people. I hope it was worth it.
  4. knight

    Teen charged with threatening to kill Sanders, Harris A Maryland man threatened to murder Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris and March for Our Lives protesters because he was frustrated with liberals and wanted to see “people suffer,” according...
  5. DebateDrone

    Who Is Jamie Allman? Conservative TV Host Resigns After Threatening Parkland Survivor

    Another loser bites the dust after threatening Parkland kid. Conservatives have a lack of control.
  6. Sassy

    Threatening free speech

    So often, we talk about free speech and say yes we are free from the government, but socially we have to expect that our free speech can have consequences. HELLO! Trump IS the government! And he is threatening the free speech of NFL players! Why is no one talking about that??????????
  7. DemoWhip

    Man arrested for asking 'threatening' question at GOP senator's town hall

    A totally innocent question explodes into something it is not. Republicans turn into such babies when asked the hard questions. There's nothing to hold this man on. He was merely exercising his First Amendment rights on freedom of speech in asking the Senator a question in an open meeting. The...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Breaking: Ethics probe into SEC ZINKE, Interior for threatening AK Murkowski

    Remember he told her he would strip funds or resources for her state if she didn't vote for TRUMPCARE. Everyone at the time thought was a direct THREAT and was textbook. It was so overt, it kinda shocked a lot a people. I don't know what is criminal threat and what is POLITICS but people were...
  9. DemoWhip

    5 ways Donald Trump is threatening LGBTQ equality and the American way of life

    All of those things listed are not good for the country. Trump needs to be setting a better example for others across the world to see, as well as our own folks right here in America! ---------------------------------------- 5 ways Donald Trump is threatening LGBTQ equality and the...
  10. jacobfitcher

    State lawmaker unloads on Trump for threatening Texas senator

    A Pennsylvania state senator used particularly colorful language to describe his feelings about Donald Trump after he threatened a Texas state senator. Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) took to social media to ask President Trump to “come after” him instead, calling the President of the...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    & Here we GO! MELANIA is threatening to SUE over discussion of possible AUTISM of KID

    There is ZERO repeat ZERO chance that anyone who is discussing Barron's POSSIBLE autism can be SUED. This dumb MOTHER should know that--she had to study for her citizenship. Her dumbass husband should know it but that would NEVER stop him for SUING against MY or anyone else's FIRST AMEND...
  12. excalibur

    Crazed Progs Threatening Electors

    Yes, the crazed left at work. Michigan electors cite threats over Trump vote
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Albuq NM GOP sent threatening MAILERS, your neighbors will know if you vote DEMOCRAT

    Actually they won't UNLESS THE GOP CAN HACK VOTING MACHINES. I know how every person on my street is REGISTERED. I can tell IF they voted. I am a precinct captain. I do NOT know how they vote. And will never be given that info and don't want it. Just more REPUBLICAN LIARS LIARS PANTS ON...
  14. PACE

    DC cop removed from duty for threatening the Obamas

    in particular, Michelle: PIECE OF SHIT!
  15. bajisima

    Threatening robo calls evacuates thousands of students

    Thousands of students in several dozen schools across the United States and Great Britain were evacuated Monday after what appeared to be coordinated recorded threats of violence were called in, according to news reports and law enforcement officials who spoke to NBC News. Local news reports...
  16. G

    Threatening letter sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric

    NEW YORK -- The Secret Service, FBI and New York Police Department are investigating what sources tell CBS News is a threatening piece of mail sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump. The mail, sent to Eric Trump at his posh Manhattan residence at 100 Central Park South, also known as Trump...
  17. G

    Trump is accused of financially threatening woman during secret deposition

    Donald Trump, embroiled in a long-running legal battle with former students of his defunct Trump University, has been accused in recently filed court papers of threatening to financially ruin the woman who is a lead plaintiff in the suit. Trump’s comments, according to the filings, came in a...
  18. PACE

    Trump threatening to bolt the GOP again,

    butt hurt about the boos Saturday night and also threatening AGAIN to sue Cruz, if "he doesn't apologize"....... RNC says the pledge that Trump signed, says the candidates will run as GOPPERs and support the GOPPER candidate. My take; there is now more oxygen in the clown car and the...
  19. mrmike

    Person arrested at U of Illinois Chicago shooter threat

    A student no less... Breitbart reports this update: Student Arrested Over Threat to Kill ‘White Devils’ at University of Chicago A University of Illinois at Chicago student has been arrested and will face charges for an online threat to kill at least 16 “white devils” in revenge for the...
  20. GordonGecko

    Oh, goody...John Boehner's threatening to "sue" the President...again...over Iran

    We all remember how well Boehner's "lawsuits" have worked out in the past.....nothing ever comes from them, but they keep the yapping dogs on the Right quiet for a while when Tangerine Tan throws them a fake bone. The Latest Plan To Stop Obama's Iran Deal: Sue Him!