1. birdzeyez

    Researcher who helped kick Infowars's Alex Jones off Spotify received death threats

    Just to disabuse people of the notion that righties are the ever-innocent victims of the ever-evil lefties. Both sides are aggressors and victims.
  2. RNG

    Largest threats to America

    Zxios has been doing a series of "Deep Dives", in depth investigations on various topics and the current one is on the most serious, and the ones deserving more attention. The list consists of: 1) A hurricane-force cyberattack 2) The threat at home 3) Pakistan: The threat of a nuclear-armed...
  3. bajisima

    States slow to prepare for hacking threats

    Well this is comforting.. U.S. intelligence officials and security experts have spent years urging states to shore up their elections’ digital defenses, and the latest indictments from special counsel Robert Mueller drew fresh attention to Russia’s cyberattacks on the 2016 presidential...
  4. Frecks1710

    More Isis threats

    Now they are threatening to send dirty bombs worldwide with drones. Very scary. Hoping it can be detected and stopped.
  5. The Man

    Russia, US exchange threats on Syria

    Russian military threatens action against the US in Syria
  6. PACE

    US Mayors boycotting meeting w/ Trump due DOJ threats over sanctuary cities

    The mayor's have complied with DOJs request up to this point Landreau isn't going to be a photo OP for Trump. When you decide to be mature and serious about homeland security let them know...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Man arrested! "FAKE NEWS, I'm coming to gun you down," calls CNN 22 X with threats

    I mean I'm just guessing he's a TRUMP SUPPORTER!! What do you think? Man arrested after threatening to kill CNN employees BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN - 01/22/18 09:38 PM EST © Getty Images A Michigan man was arrested after threatening to shoot and kill CNN employees, WGCL-TV reported Monday...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Christian machine turns one of their own, get death threats & HER books burned...

    Christian machine turns on one of their own, gets death threats & HER books burned... Gee, an evangelical who was sickened by the pussy grabber. How dare the 'bitch', huh? Burning BOOKS has always been an anathema to me. I don't just get it. I guess maybe if you are freezing to death...
  9. ptif219

    Trump Admin To Remove Climate Change From List Of National Security Threats

    Trump is getting rid of another Obama political policy that does nothing for national security. Trump is showing he is about truth and facts not politics
  10. the watchman

    State Dept. warned White House about possible increased threats aff anti-Muslim tweet

    Washington (CNN)After President Donald Trump retweeted anti-Muslims videos on Wednesday, multiple State Department officials said the department communicated to the White House that there was concern that protests could happen at US embassies. Officials feared that the tweets, which appeared to...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    Unhinged Sean Hannity fans send death threats to Media Matters

    Come on people!! He's a PUBLIC figure. Employed by a NEWS (so called) entity. This is not cool. I've seen him just a few times the past few months an he really has been wound TIGHT, often with a seething look. Now I'm understanding it... The last week was spent with law enforcement at the...
  12. PACE

    Don Lemon files complaint with NYPD for death threats from racist.

    CNN host Don Lemon files police report over white nationalist Twitter death threat | TheHill
  13. PACE

    Conspiracy theorists send death threats to Vegas survivors

    Why aren't these people in institutions?
  14. the watchman

    Frederica Wilson getting threats over blasting Trump’s call to soldier's widow can we please just all agree that threats are never appropriate?
  15. the watchman

    FCC commissioner on Trump's media threats: 'History won't be kind to silence'

    A top Federal Communications Commission official is putting pressure on her colleagues to end their silence amid President Trump's threats against TV networks that are critical of his administration. Democratic commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, who was first appointed by President Obama and...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    & the THREATS begin: BANNON--it's the end of EVERYTHING if Trump supports gun control

    The blood isn't even dried on the streets of Vegas. The first shot across TRUMP'S bow from his buddy, a "good man" and ultimate ex-WH INSIDER and BREITBART head. AXIOS Jonathan Swan 5 hrs ago Bannon warns: "end of everything" if Trump supports gun controls President Trump may say he's...
  17. MaryAnne

    Cowardly Republicans Issue Threats.

    Not enough they have failed 60 times,they vow to destroy. How do such evil men still get elected? After Canceled Vote, 4 Senate Republicans Issue Chilling Threat To Destroy Healthcare
  18. Madeline

    Kurds Anticipate Western Support As Erodgan Increases Threats Fuck Erogan. That Stalin-esque shitbag should not BE a US ally. I want the US to support...
  19. PACE

    Mati Hari, backs down on her threats

    Dana Loesch: NRA ad condemns, doesn't condone violence | Fox News What a coward.......
  20. the watchman

    DeAndre Harris, brutally beaten in Charlottesville, is still getting threats......

    “They took something away from him that he is never going to get back,” mom Felicia Harris told the Daily News. “And that's to feel comfortable wherever he goes. “Deandre never had any fear about ever going anywhere or walking around. That personality that he has? Everybody loves Deandre ...