1. Tedminator

    trump lies 5.5 times a day on average

    President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims over 298 days https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/11/14/president-trump-has-made-1628-false-or-misleading-claims-over-298-days/ For some reason, our year-long project analyzing, categorizing and tracking every false...
  2. Chief

    Not civil war, but some real hard times coming, imo

    Should Trump be removed from office, and especially if he's jailed, I suspect that some number, perhaps many, of his hardcore followers will consider it a coup d'états, and I would not at all be surprised if we had another Oklahoma City style bombing. What do you all see coming down the pipes?
  3. Spookycolt

    Obama refers to himself 96 times during short speech to Gates group

    Wow, Trumps got nothing on this ego loving guy. Who in the world gives a speech just talking about how great they are? Obama refers to himself 96 times during short speech to Gates group - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Sarah Palin's case dismissed against the NY Times.

    DUH! The party that screams and screeches about a LITIGIOUS SOCIETY sure do sue a lot! Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Against The New York Times Is Dismissed By SYDNEY EMBERAUG. 29, 2017 Continue reading the main story Photo Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, at an event in Tampa...
  5. Friday13

    7 times tRump tried to call off the dogs on Russia

    The tRump idiocy never stops. 7 times tRump tried to call off the dogs on Russia
  6. cpicturetaker12

    GENERALS hatched travel pact to keep 1 in DC at ALL TIMES to keep tabs on Trump!!

    This story has been rolling around since late afternoon. I didn't see a thread so here it is. Okay for the 'early days'? I wonder when specifically the 'early days' of babysitting ended. A 71 year old man needing a MINDER! 2 GENERALS to do it?? I guess it was just easier for KELLY to just...
  7. Kallie Knoetze

    NY Times reporter accuses white women of racism on city sidewalks

    et al, pretend to be nice, but are actually racists: NY Times reporter accuses white women of racism on city sidewalks | TheHill LOL, liberalism is indeed a mental disease!
  8. Minotaur

    New York Times Future Pulitzer Prize Winner?

    Hard to say how this will go but the smell of Watergate and Nixon is all over this on the surface. The Trump supporter denials are just what happens in early stages. What will determine the value of this and future public sentiment is further investigation. There is no way to guess anything...
  9. RNG

    A sign of the times.

    About a year ago, BBC announced that they were "upgrading" their news site to better accommodate all the mobile users that now access their site. As is typical, for about 2 weeks things were wonky, but no big deal, but I did notice one thing. All of a sudden, basically all sentences were...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    NY TIMES reporter, 'he called me a dog with a PIG face'--yes off course its a woman!

    You know there are men reporters that would give their left or right one to be considered and get a gig with the NY TIMES. This woman did. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she earned her stripes. (She's been there for 25 years and worked as one of its editors). Apparently, TRUMP...
  11. TNVolunteer73

    NY Times, Rice lied to us and retract story Almost 10 months.

    https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/new-york-times-forced-to-retract-longstanding-lie-about-russian-hacking-aa3fedb191ac They had to retract the story because it was false Liberal media lies. Liberal politicans Lie.. Rice Lied.
  12. the watchman

    The New York Times used a full page to print 'Trump's lies' since taking office.

    The New York Times used a full page in the opinion section of Sunday's paper to print what it described as nearly every lie President Donald Trump had publicly told since taking office just over five months ago. The list includes contradictions by Trump on a slew of topics, like the Iraq War...
  13. T

    Trump again attacks New York Times as ‘Fake News Joke!’

    Donald Trump, has tweeted, at the writing of this, three tweets this morning. Every one was a disjointed rant about fake news. Indeed, President Orange Von Analtitus has not tweeted a single thing relevant to his policies (which he has none), the health care bill debacle, nor Syria. Instead...
  14. Spookycolt

    Ten Times Democrats Glorified Violence Against Republicans Since Election Day

    Believe me there are many more examples but this just goes to show the violence that has crept into the democratic party. It seems as if every week there is another case to add to the list. 1. Hillary Clinton’s former running mate Tim Kaine called for Democrats to “fight in the streets...
  15. HayJenn

    That Time When Trump Lied 30 times

    while under oath... It was a mid-December morning in 2007 — the start of an interrogation unlike anything else in the public record of Trump’s life.Trump had brought it on himself. He had sued a reporter, accusing him of being reckless and dishonest in a book that raised questions about...
  16. Madeline

    LA Times Editorial: No Impeachment, Yet

    On impeaching Trump - LA Times Country first, party second. I completely agree with the editors of LA Times (when I am calm and reflective; when outraged I sound like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.) Your thoughts?
  17. DebateDrone

    Fired US Attorney Preet Bharara Says Donald Trump called him 3 times.

    Donald Trump called US Attorney Preet Bharara twice when Trump was a candidate/ P-elect. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/absolutely-evidence-begin-obstruction-justice-case-bharara/story?id=47958033 Bharara said on ABC This Week George Stephanopoulos that he was shocked to receive the calls from...
  18. KnotaFrayed

    Interersting observations, considering the current POTUS....and the times in general

    In my lifetime, I do not remember the Supreme Court being considered to be so partisan, especially openly in public discourse and most especially regarding those who the Constitution points to as the selector of the nominees. It's not a one political side thing, but considering the make up of...
  19. Southern Dad

    Times Square car incident: 1 dead, 23 injured; driver in custody

    Obviously the light sentences that the individual received on his first two DUI's really paid off...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP new OFFICIAL MUNOZ, 5 times accused of sexual assault--5 MEN!

    Well, I'm glad Trump isn't a homophobe right? Or to put it another way, as one sexual grabber to another...? Uh oh, what's MIKE PENCE got to say about this?? Trump administration hires official accused of sexually assaulting five men JUSTIN ELLIOTT, PROPUBLICA 03 MAY 2017 AT 13:51 ET...