1. Eve1

    Ok even the tin foil hat cases are starting to lose faith in Trump

    I like to go into #trumpregrets and look at new posts of people that now regret voting for Trump. Today, I thought a particular poster was trying to be funny while communicating that he now regretted voting for Trump. #trumpregrets lets you click the poster tweet and go into their personal...
  2. PACE

    New tin foil hat material available and new optics!

    A New Material Promises NSA-Proof Wallpaper - Defense One Pretty cool huh??? But then there's this: https://www.corning.com/in/en/products/display-glass/products/corning-willow-glass.html Imagine, anything you want to see the way your brain wants to see it, just "bend the glass"...
  3. Liberal Doses

    Cardboard, sharpie and a stick. Tin cups and pencils optional.

    The economy is going down the drain. We are now approaching 25 million unemployed. More foreclosures on the way. Yet programs under Obama still exist to help people buy homes they cannot afford. The creation of a second housing crash like the first one manufactured by Franken-Dodd. the new...
  4. C

    Tin foil - it really does work!

    Anybody out there worried about what information others can find out about them by reading the chips embedded in their passports or credit cards? Well, there's a simple solution - wrapping them in foil really does work. According to this chap, "a single layer of aluminum foil of only 27 microns...
  5. B

    Kucinich borrows Ron Paul supporters tin foil

    UFOs and Alien Life - The Fix Apparently he and Shirley mcClane go UFO hunting together...:laughing: