1. bajisima

    Tom Steyer's plan to redefine the democrats

    Will "lock him up" or "impeach him" be a successful strategy for the democrats? Yay or nay? Tom Steyer has set plans to spend at least $110 million in 2018, making the billionaire investor the largest single source of campaign cash on the left and placing him on a path to create a parallel...
  2. John T Ford

    Tom Fitton: Maxine Waters Should be Investigated

    Judicial Watch sent a hand-delivered letter Monday to the chairman and co-chairman of the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation into whether Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., violated House ethics rules by encouraging violence against Trump administration Cabinet members...
  3. Minotaur

    Tom Arnold tweets pic with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes'

    Nevermind that it is Tom Arnold and try to focus on the two links. One verifies the other that Cohen retweeted it. This is interesting but go to both links. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Tom Arnold tweets pic with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes'
  4. DemoWhip

    Virginia Republican Tom Garrett announces he is not running for reelection

    Virginia Republican Tom Garrett announces he is not running for reelection By Mark Sumner ==================================================== Looks like it all caught up with this fellow. Better he leave Congress, imho, than continue to make life hard on those who have to work with...
  5. John T Ford

    Tom Styer's anti-Trump/GOP Mother's Day ad

    Liberal activist and President Trump critic Tom Steyer is getting slammed for a “bizarre” Mother’s Day ad, put out by his political advocacy group NextGen America, that attacks the president and other Republicans. Bizarre anti-Trump Mother's Day ad launched by liberal activist Tom Steyer |...
  6. Goofball

    NBC's Tom Brokaw accused of Sexual harassment.

    That NBC is a class act. Tom Brokaw Accused of Sexual Harassment in Video ? Variety
  7. MaryAnne

    Tom Friedman On Trump

    This is affecting all of us now.
  8. boontito

    Dang it... they've gone and made me side with Tom Brady!

    Good for Tom. Modern society demands that its entertainers be shocking to draw attention to themselves and their shows so that ratings go up. But when people cross a line, call them out for it. From a football perspective, I hate, hate, hate Tom Brady. From a dad or human being perspective...
  9. PACE

    Tom Cotton starts sending cease and desist letters to constitutents

    A prominent Republican senator just started sending cease-and-desist letters to constituents Snowflake.
  10. MaryAnne

    Tom Steyer

    Will not run for office,but!!
  11. PACE

    Tom Hanks probably wouldn't attend a screening of "The Post" at the white house

    First Amendment seems to matter, doesn't it???? Not to mention his disparagment of a sitting judge for his ethnic background, Trying to jail protesters at his...
  12. Spookycolt

    Tom Sizemore Was Removed From Movie Set for Allegedly Violating 11-Year Old Girl

    This was one of my favorite actors until his addiction to drugs cost him his career and put him in the poorhouse but now it turns out he was also a predator. Yet one more case being brought forward in the Hollywood fallout, hopefully all of these men (and women) are exposed for what they...
  13. thrilling

    Tom Friedman: trump is a chump.

    Thomas Friedman: 'Trump is a chump' | MSNBC 8 minutes pretty much sums things up.
  14. Lunchboxxy

    Tom Petty

    TMZ reporting on Twitter that he had no brain activity and was taken off life support [/FONT][/COLOR]TMZ This fucking day man
  15. HayJenn

    Tom Price and His Million Dollar Travel Expenses

    (CNN)On Thursday night, Politico published a story with this eye-popping headline: "Price took military jets to Europe, Asia for over $500K." That's Tom Price, the head of the Health and Human Services Department. And, when you add up all of the more than two dozen private and chartered jets...
  16. Minotaur

    Hillary Clinton’s book is No. 1 on Amazon, outselling Tom Brady and Stephen King

    I just bought it and can't wait to read it. Out of a little less than two thousand reviews she has earned 5 stars. Guess what, it appears she does not spend the entire book blaming everyone. She does list things she feels she did wrong as well, Finally apparently it is just a wonderful look...
  17. the watchman

    After Sen. Tim Scott meets with Trump, White House calls him 'Tom Scott' .....

    Freudian slip? Nah. It was just what appears to be an honest mistake. Didn't stop social media from going viral over it though. After Sen. Tim Scott meets with Trump, White House calls him 'Tom Scott' in photo caption | Palmetto Politics |
  18. PACE

    Tom Brokaw responds to the man child's attack on the media
  19. Eve1

    Health Secretary Tom Price making BS argument

    I am just watching Tom Price on CNN right now talking with Tapper on State of the Union this morning. As I am listening to Tom Price, this guy is talking in circles. Asked how tax cuts to Medicaid wouldn't hurt children his answer is that the State would be in control on how to use them. Wtf...
  20. the watchman

    Watch Crowd Boo New DNC Chair Tom Perez at DNC 'Unity Tour'. here's my question. Since when are these the type of people the Democrats reach out to? They are rude and obnoxious and don't appear willing to listen to reason. Word is Perez uses a lot of profanity at these rallies. Maybe he should use it...