1. GordonGecko

    National Review reporting that Ted Cruz won't endorse Trump in his speech tonight...

    and that he's already planning his 2020 run. (I assume most here can figure out HOW Ted Cruz could run for the GOP Nomination in 2020? Hint? involves NO incumbent Republican President seeking the Nomination.) Ted Cruz Republican Convention Speech: High Stakes for 2020 | National...
  2. Tedminator

    Libertarian Townhall on CNN tonight

    This should be interesting.
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Remember TONIGHT! HISTORY IS MADE--First woman to ever get the PRES nomination!

    I KNOW, I KNOW!! It won't be official unti tomorrow night. But YOU were here. Might be worth making a little space in your 'permanent memory'. Everyone has a mother, MOST MEN have wives. Statisically half have daughters. Yeah, it's important. My mother is 84. I'd like her to be able to...
  4. the watchman

    Cnn democratic debate tonight : 4/14/2016

    I did a forum search and I couldn't find a thread on this. Please merge if this is duplicate.
  5. R

    Al Jazeera America signs off the air tonight (April 12)

    After 2.5 years, Al Jazeera America has shut down after failing to break through in the American cable news format. I have to admit, some of the programming there was good. I guess probably the name of the station (Al Jazeera America) was not appealing to the average American cable news viewer...
  6. BYG Jacob

    GOP Townhall tonight deja vu!

    Tonight on MSNBC
  7. Amelia

    Tonight's episode in this year's crazy election

    So, I'm filling out my absentee ballot. I'm reading it aloud so I don't make any dumb mistakes, and husband is in the room. This is the guy who has agreed to vote for Bernie in the primary but he says if Clinton wins the nomination, he'll vote for whomever the GOP puts up -- which is most...
  8. G

    Tonight Was the Night the Republican Establishment Gave Up

    The Republican establishment all but capitulated to Donald Trump on Thursday night, treating the party's frontrunner with kid gloves in the most subdued debate yet of the 2016 primary season. Gone were the unsparing attacks on the billionaire real estate tycoon's business record, his...
  9. G

    GOP Republican Debate Thurs 8:00pm ET.

    Another GOP Debate tonight..should be fun. C-ya then. How to watch the Miami Republican debate
  10. BYG Jacob

    Democratic debate in Miami

    9 P.M ET tonight will be moderated by Karen Tumulty, Maria Elena Salinas, and Jorge Ramos. This should be fun
  11. BYG Jacob

    democrat debate tonight: March 6th 2016.

    Democratic debate Started just now
  12. the watchman

    republican debate tonight.

    listening to Trump babbling right now in what was suppose to be his rebuttal to the Romney speech today. At 15 minutes in, I finally gave up listening. He hadn't clarified a single one of his policies up until then, or addressed anything Mitt Romney accused him of. So, now I'm thinking that...
  13. BYG Jacob

    Tonight's Democratic town hall

    Here we go, from Las Vegas.
  14. Sassy

    Tonight's GOP Town Hall

    Here we go.........AGAIN.
  15. BYG Jacob

    Republican town hall tonight

    8 P.M eastern on CNN with Anderson moderating
  16. boontito

    Republican South Carolina Debate Tonight - 2/13/16

    15 minutes until it starts! It's on CBS on your old fashioned teevee (rumor has it that it'll be broadcast in technicolor), or for you modern folks: CBSN - Live Streaming Video News Channel - CBS News
  17. boontito

    Democratic Debate Tonight From Wisconsin - 2/11/16

    Come one... come all... It starts in 25 minutes. On PBS and live streaming on YouTube:
  18. mrmike

    Hillary vs Bernie tonight (debate): Four things to watch for

    Interesting and probably pretty well lined up with the narrative (push) from the candidates tonight. For each of the four items (full version) you'll have to go to the article. I just kept the first sentence from each. Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: 4 Things to Watch for at Tonight's...
  19. boontito

    Democratic Debate Tonight - 2/4/16

    Bernie vs. Hillary at the University of New Hampshire 27 minutes to go... Watch LIVE: MSNBC Democratic Candidates Debate | MSNBC
  20. BYG Jacob

    Democratic town hall 8-11 P.M EST, tonight

    Its on soon