1. BoiseBo

    What Trey Gowdy totally gets wrong about the Mueller investigation

    Howdy Gowdy is a funny guy. One minute he tells Trump to stop acting guilty if he isn't guilty, and the next he's calling the Special Council investigation a witch hunt and demanding that Mueller "finish the hell up". I won't miss the creepy lil dude. Wish he'd take Nunes and Jordan with him...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    FAV high profile internet WINGER was a totally fabricated RUSSIAN troll--JENNA ABRAMS

    Clever huh? Very WASPY sounding name. Replete with a photo. (Wonder who the woman is in that photo and whether she has surfaced?) So Trump may be right after all. A 400lb. fat guy sitting on his bed--in RUSSIA might be the culprit. I'm kidding--this is a REAL RUSSIAN agency that put this...
  3. BigLeRoy

    I Am Going To Say Something Totally Sexist.

    Are you ready? Here it is: Hurricanes should be named ONLY after women. Hurricane Bertha, Hurricane Gertrude, Hurricane Ethel, Hurricane Gladys: Those all SOUND like great and terrible hurricanes. In SHARP contrast, Hurricane Jeff, Hurricane Rick, Hurricane Billy-Bob, Hurricane Homer...
  4. ptif219

    Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Climat

    It appears all warming is caused by data manipulation Study Targets Adjusted Climate Data | The Daily Caller
  5. GordonGecko

    Leaks coming out of the White House are totally bananas- Basically, Cillizza comes up with two theories on why the leaks are happening- 1. White House people are leaking them so that they...
  6. Ginger

    Trump totally punks the Media

    WASHINGTON — The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions if President Obama was born in the United States. Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of...
  7. Goofball

    Lefty Hero Nate Silver totally botches Republican race prediction

    Dude got it so wrong. NATE SILVER: We got Trump wrong - Business Insider
  8. the watchman

    Trump Unleashes Brutally Sexist And Totally Incoherent Attack On Clinton.

    Toward the end of a news conference that capped off Donald Trump’s dominant Tuesday night, the self-proclaimed presumptive Republican presidential nominee uncorked a sexist and self-contradictory argument against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Asked by a reporter about an earlier...
  9. meridian5455

    Here's a new spin from team Hillary: Emails were top secret, but totally ‘innocuous

    Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon share a new theory on the top secret emails found on her private server. They’re “top secret,” but “innocuous” so it’s no big deal. Officials: New Top Secret Clinton Emails 'Innocuous' - NBC News So, who are the “officials” that decided the emails...
  10. justagurlinseattle

    Open Borders... TOTALLY OPEN...

    I just read an interesting article regarding Open Borders. a FEW of you would be shocked by what I think of this... But, I will wait til a few of you comment... :) I will say this... Part of what he says is TRUE. in that some people are born into countries that have no upward...
  11. Cicero

    Meet Paul Ryan, Media Darling. He’s Sensible, Serious, and Totally Made-Up.

    Meet Paul Ryan, Media Darling. He’s Sensible, Serious, and Totally Made-Up. By Eric AltermanTwitter YESTERDAY 9:45 AM The beatification of right-wing Republican Paul Ryan has become an almost annual ritual among the punditocracy. This bizarre tradition began when Ryan released his first...
  12. OldGaffer

    Jindal's 'Ask Bobby' Hashtag Totally Backfires On Him

    Believe Again ‎@BelieveAgainGOP Have questions for Bobby Jindal? Tweet us with #AskBobby and he might answer it at our town hall event tonight. 12:20 PM - 30 Jun 2015 31 31 Retweets 21 21 favorites He got some good questions:) Jindal's 'Ask Bobby'...
  13. meridian5455

    Nancy Pelosi totally ruins National Donut Day with Obamacare cheerleading

    Americans can’t even fully enjoy National Donut Day without having it injected with Obamacare propaganda. On #NationalDonutDay, we celebrate the #ACA closing the so-called ‘donut hole’ in prescription drug coverage for America’s seniors! — Nancy Pelosi (NancyPelosi) June 5, 2015...
  14. Blueneck

    This picture totally needs a caption

    Daryl and Bubba were bursting with testosterone when they entered Chipotle and realized that for once, all the hot chicks were staring at them.
  15. meridian5455

    WH: Obama will totally be an asset for Democrats this year. Democrats are trapped. If they follow the advice of those who say Democrats should double down and launch a full-throated defense of Obamacare, they lose independents. If they follow the advice of those who say Democrats should attack Obamacare, they...
  16. meridian5455

    Pelosi: the Founding Fathers Would Totally Support Obamacare

    America’s Founding Fathers fiercely held to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—values which Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed align seamlessly with Obamacare. Pelosi explained why the law is “very sound policy” during a press conference Friday: To go to back to our founders once again...
  17. michaelr

    Read the Memo Explaining Why the U.S. Can Totally Kill Its Own Citizens Without Trial

    Memo explains why the U.S. can kill its own citizens without trial. Two things to think about while reading this act of treason. One; Without trial only means one thing, 'by accusation alone'. Two; There is no rational reason to think that they wont do that here in our country. In fact, this...
  18. nonsqtr

    David Cameron is totally losing it

    Really? Srsly? :f_yikes: This in a country where American tourists are getting beaten up for drinking beer in "Sharia zones"?
  19. yuri zhivago

    totally agree