1. Djinn

    Pence Can't Touch This

    Stop. Hammertime. Again - it's not "fake news" - just funny, though doesn't qualify as news. Read the story here.
  2. L

    Senator Warren: Obama Out of Touch
  3. BAZINGA DrumpF

    POTUS Toxic Touch!? Theresa May in trouble over Trump's UK state visit invite! GEE!

    Theresa May in trouble over Trump's UK state visit invite. The anti-Trump protests outside Downing Street were lively and vocal. The chants ranged from the expletive-ridden to the direct: "No State Visit!" was a popular one. The demonstration was part of a fierce backlash in the UK to the...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Kissing, touch, oral sex: FOX pervasive sexual harrassment goes beyond AISLES

    No surprise. This kind of behavior is rarely confined to one bad apple. Particulary since it's very use of 'newsmodels' is its DRAW. And since the TOP banana is a PIG. The 'boys club'. 4 years ago ROLLING STONE did an article called "FOX FEAR FACTORY" and the organization AISLES made in his...
  5. BDBoop

    Fox News: President Obama Again Proves He’s Out Of Touch By Stating Facts While Black

    Fox News: President Obama Again Proves He's Out Of Touch By Stating Facts, Being Black | Wonkette Legal Analyst Guy Johnson is willing to concede, quite generously, that racism is a thing that exists. He has seen it his own self, used against other black politicians who are not Barack Obama. He...
  6. meridian5455

    Out of touch alert: Sanders thinks this is the foundation of the middle class

    The minimum wage was originally described as “socialist.” Today it is seen as the foundation of the middle class - Bernie Sanders Didn't the foundation of the middle class used to be home ownership?
  7. excalibur

    Syed Farook Was In Touch With Extremists

    News from The Associated Press
  8. M

    "tiny, tasteful touch of abortion!”

    Apparently this dude even embarrassed himself too much so he deleted the video .... All I can ask is WTF ?
  9. BoiseBo

    The question from Tuesday night Republicans dared not touch

    Republicans & their failed trickle down tax cuts for the rich. No thanks ... nobody's buying. ;-) The Killer Question Republicans Couldn't Answer Tuesday Night
  10. MaryAnne

    Tornado Touch done

    Just a few miles from me in an exclusive Shopping Center. Two people hurt. Cars tossed and buildings damaged. Nothing like those in Texas or Oklahoma. It is terrible for those folks.
  11. Spookycolt

    More proof that Hillary Clinton is an elitist 1 percenter and out of touch

    This woman makes Romney look like Mother Theresa. She is definitely going to have to face up to her elitist attitude if she want's any shot at winning the presidency. Maybe she is living it up now because she was do broke when her and the adulterer left the WH. Hillary Clinton...
  12. R can I get in touch with someone sellin fake ID's????

    My Parents are going outta town this weekend, and, it would be, like way cool, ifin I could get a Keg for my house partay! I'd be, like, super-popular and stuff...for a weekend.
  13. G

    Can we touch a really touchy subject?

    I am an observer of life and its ironies. This concerns one of the poor girls abused by the beast Ariel Castro. Should I leave it alone, or can I make an observation without a firestorm?
  14. meridian5455

    Why the MyFord Touch control system stinks

    Why the MyFord Touch control system stinks - Yahoo! Autos Too bad that Fords still suck. They have some come out with some nice looking cars. The Taurus is decent and the Mustang looks better than the Camaro.
  15. Spookycolt

    NBC edits Romney rally speech to portray candidate as out of touch.

    Just astounding the lows these people will sink to.
  16. Dittohead not!

    How far out of touch is this guy, anyway?

    Gingrich to Occupy Wall Street: "Go Get a Job Right after You Take a Bath" How far out of touch with the average American is he, anyway? Get a job, right after you take a bath? A lot of the people he's talking to college students and graduates, and they can't get jobs. There are no jobs...
  17. S

    If You Touch My Junk

    "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested". 'If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested' That is what some kid from San Diego told American airlines security personel. Now, I haven't travelled anywhere in a long time, but it seems to me that things are getting pretty excessive...
  18. Inkslinger

    Stocks touch new '09 highs

    Good news... hopefully this is a boost to our economic moral no matter how much the the racists, tea baggers, racist teabaggers, and egg on the face republicans want to spin it. So, to do my part, I'm spreading the word peoples..things are looking up! Stocks touch new '09 highs Wall Street...
  19. W

    Who's out of touch?

    The question arose, "How many houses do U have" ? McCain: "I'm not sure. I'll have to check with my staff". Obama: "True quote". Who's "Out of Touch"? The guy has to revert to, "His staff"? LMAO!!!
  20. M

    Kidnappings in Iraq touch foodservice contract field

    Article here............ I have a very good friend that works as a machinist at Boeing, he just sent this article to me. THEY KIDNAPPED A WORKER FROM THEIR DINNING HALL HERE IN SEATTLE, WA!!!!!!!!!!!!