1. cpicturetaker12

    RUBIO 'snowflakes out' on townhall meetings, 'people will scream at me'...

    YOU BET WE WILL you chickenshit wimp. Look at his words. 5 or 600 liberals organized to yell at him? 500 OR 600 FLORIDIANS aren't allowed to yell at him? You can't find a PERSON to answer his phones anymore. I've tried. Remember he didn't want THIS job, then decided to run again. YOU RAN...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    CHICKENSHIT Gohmert cancels townhall mtg. Is schooled in courage by Gabby Giffords

    Yepper, did you hear? He used GABBY as an excuse NOT TO GO SEE HIS CONSTITUENTS. He might get shot. Ms. Giffords has some words for ol chickenshit Louie! SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! Have some courage’: Gabby Giffords nails Gohmert for blaming canceled town hall on her shooting ERIN CORBETT 23...
  3. the watchman

    Bernie at a Townhall Live Right Now on MSNBC.

    Bernie ((video)) Wisconsin Townhall must see. MSNBC has a live feed you have to sign in. msnbc TV ? msnbc Live Stream and Latest Shows this is what Democrats need to do. Too bad, they didn't get that message until it was too late.
  4. Tedminator

    Libertarian Townhall on CNN tonight

    This should be interesting.
  5. BYG Jacob

    GOP Townhall tonight deja vu!

    Tonight on MSNBC
  6. BYG Jacob

    Dem townhall

    MSNBC with Chuck Todd right now
  7. BYG Jacob

    Democratic townhall

    8 P.M EST on CNN hosted by Chris Cuomo and at the university of South Carolina.
  8. T

    Attacks on Syria and Bashar Assad rejected by McCain townhall audiences

    When John McCain held a townhall meeting in Prescott during his recent visit to Arizona the senator had planned to talk about immigration as well as other subjects of interest including Obamacare. Instead all he got was an earful as the attendees were almost entirely against intervention of any...
  9. bajisima

    McCain gets an earful at a Townhall meeting

    John McCain took some heat at a townhall meeting last night as the participants angrily demanded he change his mind on a strike against Syria. It seems as if Americans are not in favor of this at all. McCain gets an earful from voters on Syria | Politics - KOAT Home
  10. B

    Quite possibly the first international TOWN-HALL meeting, ever - in 1967

    Ronald Reagan, Robert F. Kennedy and a student from Britain who tries to rake both over the coals. This is a fascinating experience: Wow.
  11. B

    Yes, the Right is still very butt-hurt over the 2012 election..

    ...indeed, indeed. 7 months after the election, stuff like this is still being printed in TOWNHALL: Obama Cheated, That?s How - John Ransom - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary - Page 1 "Conservatives who have been wondering how Obama survived the 2012 election...
  12. MajikMyst

    Woman arrested for asking question at a GOP Townhall Well.. When the GOP don't want to tell the truth or answer the questions.. What do you do?? Violate the constitution of course!! Oh.. And spray mace in her face for no reason.. Typical!!
  13. D

    Just Returned from Townhall Meeting on Healthcare

    I just returned from my Congressman's townhall meeting on healthcare and it was so boringly civil... Only three or four crackpots from both sides tried to spice things up, but the audience really didn't want to hear it. I guess I gotta move to Missouri or something. Why do these guys waste...
  14. 2

    Obama's First Townhall Meeting

    Obama had his first townhall meeting in Indiana today. Tickets were first come first served. No one was screened. Critical questions were accepted by the President. Hmmm, sounds like change to me.
  15. Q

    Ron Paul Townhall Meeting! Must See!!!!

    YouTube - Ron Paul Town Hall, pt. 1 YouTube - Ron Paul Town Hall, pt. 2 :waving: