1. bajisima

    First transgender nominee for governor wins primary

    Christine Hallquist, who is running as a progressive Democrat in Vermont, made history on Tuesday as she became the first transgender gubernatorial candidate nominated by a major political party. Advancing a progressive platform focused on economic and social justice, including a $15 minimum...
  2. C

    Nitpicking: The Difference Between Transgender and "Transgendered"

    All grammatical arguments aside, there is one really good reason to use the words "transgender" or "trans" over the word "transgendered". Trans people are asking you not to use that word, and it costs exactly $0 not to be a jerk about it. BUT IN CASE THAT ISN'T ENOUGH Please, please, please...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Up to 80K TRANSGENDER Americans could be blocked from voting--MOSTLY in RED STATES

    Gee, why doesn't the LIST of states surprise me?? Tens of thousands of transgender Americans may be barred from voting in the midterms — and it may keep Congress red ] NOOR AL-SIBAI 10 AUG 2018 AT 20:54 ET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - AUGUST 21, 2017: Transgender pride flag...
  4. aboutenough

    Woman who sued Planet Fitness over ‘transgender’ man in locker room wins appeal

    LANSING, Michigan, August 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Stripped of her Planet Fitness membership three years ago for complaining about a man who thinks he’s a woman in the women’s locker rooms, a Michigan woman is still seeking justice. But she’s a lot closer due to a victory in the Michigan Court...
  5. The Man

    First transgender in Miss Universe

    More: Who Is Angela Ponce? Model Will Be First Trans Woman to Compete in Miss Universe I remember the Jenna Talackova case: Jenna Talackova: Transgender beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe Canada pageant | Daily Mail Online Miss Universe Changes Rules to Include Transgender Women...
  6. bajisima

    Transgender track athlete wins CT state championship, debate ensues

    Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood dominated the competition at Connecticut’s girls track and field state championships earlier this week. Miller took 1st place in both the 100 and 200 meter dash, while Yearwood finished second in the 100. According to News 8 in Hartford, CT, both Miller and...
  7. Macduff

    Transgender Files $50K Complaint After Muslim Woman Refuses to Wax Genitals Bake that cake.
  8. DemoWhip

    Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex

    Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex By Alex Bollinger ==================================================== This revolutionary study is one that clearly shows that transgendered individuals are not "faking it" or are just wanting to change...
  9. DemoWhip

    Health care is new front for transgender rights under Trump

    Health care is new front for transgender rights under Trump By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press ==================================================== It's been said before but it bears repeating. The Trump Administration is targeting hard-working, well trained, dedicated...
  10. The Man

    Transgender actor murdered

    Yevgeny Sapaev was a modestly well known actor in Russia, his biggest role was as a Red Army soldier in a famous movie back in 2010 Later though, his career ended very fast, prompted not by issues with alcohol or a lack of talent; but because... he decided to change his gender, which he...
  11. Friday13

    Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military

    Trump...Make America Hate Again. Sounds like he's trying to lay responsibility for this on Mattis low can he go? Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military
  12. aboutenough

    Trump Is About to Protect Doctors Who Won't Perform Abortions or Treat Transgender

    President Donald Trump’s administration is set to wade into its next health care policy controversy—new federal guidelines that would add protections for doctors and health care workers who have moral or religious objections to certain procedures, such as performing abortions and treating...
  13. C

    Your Periodic Reminder: Transgender is an Adjective

    I know some of you don't mean to offend, but I've started this a dozen different ways over the last three years, so I think I'm just going to have to bump this thread every few months. If you're still confused, try replacing the word "transgender" with "tall" and see if your sentence still...
  14. C

    Texas Transgender Boy Wins State Girls' Championship Title

    For the second year in a row, ending his season 32-0. Thoughts? Transgender Texas wrestler Mack Beggs wins second high school title
  15. bajisima

    Planned Parenthood to offer transgender hormone therapy drugs to minors

    Quite controversial, what are your thoughts? Planned Parenthood is hoping to make life a little bit easier for the transgender community. They are now offering transgender hormone replacement therapy for those under the age of 18. "We had a lot of parents actually reach out to us wanting...
  16. The Man

    Women's Hockey League player comes out as transgender

    Canadian Women's Hockey League player comes out as transgender Jessica Platt Harrison Browne I think that's great. It does confuse me though, why a person who identifies as male, should keep on playing in a female hockey league... :smiley-shrug: But, what the hell do I know.
  17. DemoWhip

    DC appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban

    DC appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban - ABC News By The Associated Press ==================================================== When what D'Trump does is wrong the courts will call him out on it and rule the other way. It is unconscionable to want to do away with...
  18. Amelia

    Trump administration reportedly prohibits CDC from using words: transgender fetus etc

    Trump administration reportedly prohibits CDC from using words like 'transgender,' 'fetus' What are they supposed to say instead of "fetus"?
  19. DemoWhip

    Transgender people can enlist in military Jan 1

    Pentagon to allow transgender people to enlist in military - ABC News By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press ==================================================== It is most refreshing to see that cooler heads have prevailed on this important issue at the Pentagon level! D'Trump simply...
  20. HayJenn

    Court: Military must take transgender service members

    A federal court on Monday issued a clarification that the U.S. military must take transgender service members by Jan. 1, after partially blocking President Trump's transgender policy in an earlier ruling. Last month, a judge on the U.S. District Court ruled that the president's order to ban...