1. BoiseBo

    Foreigners unsure why anyone would WANT to travel to US at this point

    Looks about right :1thumbup:
  2. bajisima

    Supreme Court rules travel ban is constitutional

    Upholds Pres Trumps travel ban.
  3. bajisima

    Supreme Court appears to back Trump on travel ban

    Looks likely it will be another 5-4 decision.. Conservative justices and swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy appeared to side with the Trump administration Wednesday as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on President Donald Trump's travel ban. Coming out of oral arguments, the justices...
  4. boontito

    For The Record: Ronda Rousey Is Not Able To Time Travel

    I know it's long been debated, but it's clear now that Ronda Rousey doesn't have the ability to go back in time. At about the :30 mark.
  5. DemoWhip

    Appeals court declares Trump travel ban unconstitutional

    Appeals court declares Trump travel ban unconstitutional By Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer ==================================================== That is a prudent ruing. One cannot assume or presume that just because a person is a member of a religion we may not like that...
  6. the watchman

    President Trump's travel costs now total over $13 million

    The total cost of President Donald Trump's travel expenses — including trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and Bedminster, N.J. golf club — has now surpassed $13.5 million, according to a report by Judical Watch. Through Freedom of Information Act requests, the conservative watchdog...
  7. Friday13

    Appeals court rules against latest travel ban

    Another court says no to tRump's Muslim ban... Appeals court rules against latest travel ban Appeals court rules Trump "exceeded authority" with travel ban
  8. excalibur

    Mueller deputy praised DOJ official after she defied Trump travel ban order: 'I am s

    The bias is so thick. Weissmann has a nasty history as well. Mueller deputy praised DOJ official after she defied Trump travel ban order: 'I am so proud' Mueller deputy praised DOJ official after she defied Trump travel ban order: 'I am so proud' | Fox News
  9. excalibur

    Supreme Court allows President Trump's travel ban to go fully into effect

    BREAKING news.
  10. T

    Watchdog says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke failed to properly document travel

    One would think that given the issues this administration has had with secretaries using private jets for frivolous travel, being more transparent woudl have been a priority, or at least keeping some sort of travel records. However, Zinke, whose qualifications for his job seem to be Trump's...
  11. Spookycolt

    Supreme Court Wipes Out Travel Ban Appeal

    Well it looks like Trump is going to get his travel ban after all. The Court just wiped their docket of these cases while waiting for one to come to them on appeal to make their final decision. And from their past rulings I think we all know they are going to side with Trump. Another...
  12. PACE

    Congress refuses to pay for Dana Rohrabacher's travel over Russia fears

    Well, well, well, have you use your own money, comrade..... Remember when Kevin McCarthy said this? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in 2016: 'There?s two people I think...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    REP congr'man slapped with TRAVEL restrictions as he's been compromised by RUSSIA!

    You just can't make this shit up!! PUTIN'S FAVORITE CONGRESSMAN has been taken notice of!! So now he can't travel to where and can't have US taxpayers pay his way, why? Don't you think his ass should be up on charges if enough notice has been taken that he can't do his congressional duties...
  14. DemoWhip

    Hawaii judge extends prohibition on Trump's travel ban

    Hawaii judge extends prohibition on Trump's travel ban - ABC News By The Associated Press ==================================================== When Trump wants to prohibit people from entering into the United States simply based on his weak preconceived ideas that they may be bad...
  15. DemoWhip

    Judge in Hawaii blocks latest version of Trump's travel ban

    Judge in Hawaii blocks latest version of Trump's travel ban - ABC News ​By The Associated Press ==================================================== When a policy is just plain bad Trump just can't win. This is just such a policy that is seen as being blatantly out of whack.
  16. HayJenn

    Tom Price and His Million Dollar Travel Expenses

    (CNN)On Thursday night, Politico published a story with this eye-popping headline: "Price took military jets to Europe, Asia for over $500K." That's Tom Price, the head of the Health and Human Services Department. And, when you add up all of the more than two dozen private and chartered jets...
  17. the watchman

    Health Care Price’s private-jet travel breaks precedent

    In a sharp departure from his predecessors, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price last week took private jets on five separate flights for official business, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars more than commercial travel. The secretary’s five flights, which were scheduled...
  18. HayJenn

    Court rejects Trump attempt to include extended family in travel ban

    An appeals court on Thursday rejected the Trump administration’s attempt to deny grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins of Americans an exemption from President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously declined to...
  19. PACE

    Parents travel from India to beat disobedient wife

    Parents travel from India to help son beat wife, say deputies | Tampa Bay Times You want to deport someone? deport these people.
  20. T

    Treasury secretary’s wife boasts of travel on government plane, touts Hermes and Vale

    The shameless oligarchy of the Trump presidency? Where spouses boast of the spoils? Jesus Christ, how pretentious can one possibly be? Cue right wing trolling with comments about Michelle Obama...