1. Devil505

    Suicidal child immigrant prisoners treated in NY hospital

    City hospitals have treated 12 immigrant children ... - NY Daily News 5 hours ago - City hospitals have treated 12 immigrant children who were taken from parents, including a suicidal. Cayuga Center in East...
  2. T

    Trump said American detainees were treated “excellent” by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

    I don't know, perhaps the president and I have different ideas of what excellent treatment would entail. Quick to lavish praise on "Little Rocket Man", our president called the treatment of American prisoners in North Korea excellent. Let's break that down a bit. A despotic dictatorship...
  3. DemoWhip

    She didn’t get treated at the ER. But she got a $5,751 bill anyway.

    She didn’t get treated at the ER. But she got a $5,751 bill anyway. Vox’s emergency room database shows that patients can face steep bills even when they decline treatment. By Sarah Kliff ==================================================== This report should be most important to...
  4. KnotaFrayed

    Just a reminder about never knowing when you might meet that person you treated.....

    Like crap, again. Kim Davis may possibly lose her job in another way she may never have imagined, but should have known about, being a "Christian". "Kim Davis Once Denied Him A Marriage License. Now Kentucky Man Seeks Her Job"...
  5. J

    Can anyone from the right tell us a case where Trump is being treated unfairly.

    Like in any degree of what Clinton or Obama received. Here's you chance, You poor "Trump is getting treated unfairly by the media" people. The way they talk this should be comments after comments with each having a lists that are longer then your arm.
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Sec. Svc treated by Clinton like friends, Bush with respect, Obama as family, TRUMP..

    LIKE SERVANTS!! I don't question any part of this. I've read many accounts over the years of how each Pres. treated these guys. It doesn't go that far back but my neighbor a couple of doors down protected Ford and they were friends till the end. (His wife was on Betty's staff--which is how...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    OReilly top selling book on FAMILY VALUES,'women shouldn't be treated as SEX OBJECTS'

    Yep, according to the reviews, that's what the slime ball told his readers. Gee, I'll bet he'll sell even more! Grope as I do, not as I say? Bill O’Reilly’s Family Values Book Tops Charts, as He Faces Abuse Claims By ALEXANDRA ALTER APRIL 7, 2017 Books by Bill O’Reilly, including his...
  8. GordonGecko

    Trump says Flynn treated "unfairly" by Media

    Trump: Flynn treated badly by 'fake media' | TheHill So why did you FIRE him, Mr. President....a guy you claim was treated unfairly??? Rubbing salt in the wound?
  9. Puzzling Evidence

    A Black Man Wore Different Kinds Of Clothing To See If People Treated Him Differently

    What’s up, y’all? I’m Pedro. I’m 24 years old, and like most black men my age I have to be extremely careful with what I choose to wear. Every day, we are essentially dressing for survival. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced a collection of microaggressions — from employees following...
  10. BDBoop

    Poor Jan Brewer, being treated like a bigot

    Hey, if the pointy hood fits. Jan Brewer goes berserk on CNN: "I'm fed up with being treated like a bigot for backing Trump"
  11. BDBoop

    United Nations examines how women are treated in the USA

    And are understandably stunned. United Nations News Centre - Women in US lagging behind in human rights, UN experts report after 'myth-shattering' visit They noted that the women in the US do not take their “rightful place as citizens of the world’s leading economy,” as they face barriers in...
  12. TennesseeRain

    "When AIDS Was Funny" shows how the White House treated the epidemic like a joke

    The Reagan administration's historically apathetic response to the HIV/AIDS crisis is the subject of a harrowing documentary short. In honor of World AIDS Day, Vanity Fair debuted "When AIDS Was Funny," a new documentary short by filmmaker Scott Calonico that shows how the administration...
  13. M

    Religious Fundamentalism could be treated as a mental illness.

    Kathleen Taylor, Neuroscientist, Says Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Treated As A Mental Illness An Oxford University researcher and author specializing in neuroscience has suggested that one day religious fundamentalism may be treated as a curable mental illness...
  14. bajisima

    Charleston killer treated to Burger King?

    Apparently, 21 year old killer Dylann Roof was hungry after police apprehended him, so they brought him a burger and fries..Standard procedure? "In Shelby, the FBI handled Roof’s initial questioning, Ledford said. Shelby police’s lone conversation with the mass-murder suspect was about food...
  15. Friday13

    Lubitz Treated for 'Suicidal Tendencies' Before Pilot License

    Who thought it would be a good thing to give this guy a Pilot License? Germanwings Co-Pilot Had Been Treated for ?Suicidal Tendencies,? Authorities Say
  16. Red Eft

    'Treated like cattle': Yazidi women sold, raped, enslaved by ISIS

    Erbil, Iraq (CNN) -- Jana was a 19-year-old in her final year of high school, with dreams of becoming a doctor. Then, ISIS came to her village last August, and her world collapsed. She described to me in chilling detail, how the jihadis first demanded that members of her Yazidi religious...
  17. meridian5455

    Pelosi: We never treated Bush the way Republicans treat Obama . The effects of dementia are terrible as is plainly evident with Ms. Nancy.
  18. aboutenough

    A comparison of how the NFL treated Christian Tim Tebow vs. openly gay Michael Sam

    As an avid football fanatic (go Patriots!), I was really surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans didn’t care about the love life of the players. The entire...
  19. Rev. Hellh0und

    What are your thoughts on how Obama treated Van Jones?

    What are your thoughts on how Obama treated Van Jones? What specifically did you take issue with? Did you support his firing?
  20. bajisima

    Boston bomber says he is being treated "harshly"

    Boston bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev and his attorneys are saying he is being treated harshly. They claim he is in isolation and is only let outside for small amounts of time. Good grief..maybe he should have thought about that before. Lawyers of Boston bombing suspect want prison restrictions...